WAIT. What am i thinking?

Obsession Buzz - a four-piece band set out to make it big, unaware that one unexpected trip out horse-riding would lead to meeting one of the worlds upcoming biggest boy bands of all time - One Direction, giving them a platform to take off from for both their careers and relationships.

An interpretation for a One Direction FanFic that spiraled into many different FanFic's within one. ENJOY.

P.S - I wrote this a couple of years ago so all description of events and what the boys look like will be dated. Also the OB characters are based on real people too.

Feel free to comment and tell me what you think (I won't be offended if you tell me it's rubbush!) ;) xx - Rach


1. Intro

Well what can I say. If I said my life infront of an average joe I’ll be superman. I mean, who else owns seven mansions in several countries. I don't like to brag, but when your life is like mine, you just godda. My mum, you see, she's a famous actress. That's how I know my mate Eva, because you see, Eva's mum is a fashion designer, and my mum – no matter what – always requests her. If I were to write a long monologue on what I love, the others would kill me, and my dad's in the CIA but that's not important. I didn't used to be like this, obviously. I looked liked I’d just come out of a movie, but ya'know, with the teenager thing, the 80's thing and the whole turning into a rebel – I ended up like this. (much to my parents disappointment!) Let's just say, MineCraft plus Harry Potter plus Phantom of the Opera plus The Lost Boys plus My Laptop (he's called lappy-kun) plus the colour yellow plus motorbikes (Ok, Eva's telling me to keep it short) equals MY LIFE. Well now, you've just had the most imponderable joy of reading my bio, which makes you, like, cool.
The names Evan Wright. Wright not Right, and i'm not related to Mark Wright either - just to get that straight. #NoPunIntended. I like to play drums, guitar and any other instrument i can get my hands on. I'm in a band, with three of my bestest friend ever - that is if your counting that candy floss cone head girl. Enough of that, your probably wondering how all four of us know each other? Well, My parents own a Company that is partnered with the Apple Corp which Eva's Dad part owns. Tyler's parents are models, and they model Eva's Mom's designs. Where does AJ come into this? She doesn't. Just kidding, her Mom is an Actress and also wears designs made by Eva's Mom. That's it basically. I don't really have anything spectacular to say about myself. I've been told that i am Hot, but i've never considered myself as 'Hot'. I'll leave that as an open decision. Oh, Tyler and myself make YouTube video's. They are meant to be funny ones, but sometimes it just ends up being a whole monologue on how much Tyler loves Doctor Who, and why you should never blink. 
I was gonna write a rap for this but in the end i had to leave that idea because of some difficulties in finding words that ryhmed. Anyway, i don't believe anyone has told y0u about AJ's little brother yet have they? LOL. His names Peter and lets just say he likes technology, wears a bowtie, usualy wears a shirt and suspenders and nearly all the time, looks like a mini Matt Smith. (If you don't know who he is, then, uhm, it might be worth Googling him! ;D ) I really don't have anything to say about myself that hasnt already been described. I'm a joker, and like to play pranks on people. For example; a few months ago one of my cousins dared me to wear a speedo and paint my whole body blue and purple. Ofcourse, me being me, meant that i actually did it, and ended up making myself look like a complete fool, but my subscribers on youtube seemed to enjoy it so hey, what can i say? However i can confirm that i will never do it again! You're probably thinking at this moment in time 'What an Idiot', and truth is, i really am an idiot. But i 'aint changing myself for anyone, i honestly don't give a monkey's about what people think about me - or my strange friends!
Basically, i was a natural, normal, typical 17 year old girl. Revision. Eat. More Revision. Eat More. Sleep. That kind of thing. That was untill my parents split, and mom moved across to the U.K. It was a choice to either stay home in Atlanta, where all my friends are, or move with mom to the other side of the world. If i moved, then it would mean being closer to my actual family, seen as we're originally from Ireland. My younger brother, Jacob, was staying with dad. It was the hardest decision of my life, as i didnt want to hurt my parents feeling if i chose to be with the other one. In the end i stayed home, in ATL. Its taken a few years to fix in with the fact that mom and dad are definitely not getting back together, and that i have to take Jacob under my wing, seen as there is no mother figure around to take care of him - even though he is 15 years old. The only time i can escape from the reality of my life, is when i ride my horse, Remus, bareback along the beautiful long stretch sandy beaches. With the wind blowing in my face, It makes me feel free. Its the ONLY time i feel free. I mean i'm not saying my life is bad, because i have everything anyone could wish for - including three idiotic best friends. Everything except a Mom around.


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