WAIT. What am i thinking?

Obsession Buzz - a four-piece band set out to make it big, unaware that one unexpected trip out horse-riding would lead to meeting one of the worlds upcoming biggest boy bands of all time - One Direction, giving them a platform to take off from for both their careers and relationships.

An interpretation for a One Direction FanFic that spiraled into many different FanFic's within one. ENJOY.

P.S - I wrote this a couple of years ago so all description of events and what the boys look like will be dated. Also the OB characters are based on real people too.

Feel free to comment and tell me what you think (I won't be offended if you tell me it's rubbush!) ;) xx - Rach


8. Have you seen those pic's of Niall dressed as a girl?

Louis POV

The band and I were hanging out in our recording studio about 3 weeks after the beach, Harry was getting more impatient by the day about not seeing Eva. Sure, they talked on the phone a lot, but apparently that's not enough for the Super-Styles. Niall was talking with Liam about some less popular bands that Evan suggested to him and he checked out while Zayn, Harry and I talked about the prank they did at the beach.

“By the way Zayn, was you even listening to a word AJ was saying all night? Mr. Vain!” I asked him this as whenever I looked over during the outing he was obviously looking at himself in her sunglasses.

“Yeah! Of course, im not that vain Louis!” He chuckled leaning back in the sofa. I rolled my eyes while Harry scoffed at him.

“Sure you did. What did you two talk about then?”

“Uh, well, we talked about...her house!” Harry and I burst out laughing drawing Liam's and Niall's attentions to our conversation.

“SURE! Her 'HOUSE'! Good one Zayn. Good one.” Niall let out a chuckle while Liam blinked not getting what we were talking about.

“We did! She was talking about how there is secret passage ways through her walls all around the house, like Harry Potter style! Hidden by paintings and stuff, they were made 'cause her great-grandfather was in the Mafia or something stupid like that.”

All of us broke into a fit of giggles as Zayn tried to convince us that he actually listened to a girl, He seemed pretty sincere though so I decided to question him further.

“Alright then Zayn, if there is 'secret passage ways' through her house, where is the entrance?” Zayn frowned slightly looking deep in thought, Harry grinned.

“Dude don't burst a vain will yah” Zayn just rolled his eyes.

“I swear im not lying! There's an entrance through a plant next to the door! I'm sure of it. Oi! Stop laughing Niall!”

“Sorry! I was just thinking that it would make an epic prank if we could get into it, Eva told me that their really not morning people!” Niall continued to laugh as I smirked to myself.

“Heh, that WOULD be epic. Wha ja say guys? Show 'em how REAL pranksters do it?” Niall immediately shook his head.

“Oh no! Not again! I am NOT dressing up like a girl again! ESPECIALLY underwear!” Zayn spat up some water that he was drinking while Harry and Liam burst out laughing.

“YOU DID WHAT?!” We all looked over to Zayn and Niall face palmed whispering to me.

“You haven't shown him the pictures?!” I grinned remembering the prank we did on Zayn while he was asleep which included Niall dressing up and kissing Zayn on the cheek while Liam, Harry and I took pictures.

“Not exactly! I thought he wouldn't mind not seeing that!” Liam pulled a face glancing at Zayn who was questioning Harry about our whispering conversation

“Doesn't he HAVE internet!?”

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