WAIT. What am i thinking?

Obsession Buzz - a four-piece band set out to make it big, unaware that one unexpected trip out horse-riding would lead to meeting one of the worlds upcoming biggest boy bands of all time - One Direction, giving them a platform to take off from for both their careers and relationships.

An interpretation for a One Direction FanFic that spiraled into many different FanFic's within one. ENJOY.

P.S - I wrote this a couple of years ago so all description of events and what the boys look like will be dated. Also the OB characters are based on real people too.

Feel free to comment and tell me what you think (I won't be offended if you tell me it's rubbush!) ;) xx - Rach


6. Fangirling over One Direction

Eva's POV

I finished texting Harry where we were meeting up for the coffee, totally ignoring AJs' requests on giving her his number. I saw the sign for the shop and quickly made my way over. I opened the door but was pulled back by AJ. AJ stared at a group in the corner of the shop, then whispered to herself. I quickly put a hand on her shoulder to pull her back but if looks could kill, i would be dead. 

I couldnt believe what i was seeing. Everything was perfect from Harrys' curly hair to Nialls accent that i could faintly hear from over the coffee shop music. I had to make sure that what i was seeing was real. I shouted the first thing that came into my head.

" VAS HAPPENIN!" I was quickly met by five sets of familiar eyes. By this time Tyler and Evan had opened both doors and were walking inside. I squeeled at what came next.

"Vas Happenin?" There voices harmonised so well together even, when they were not singing. Tyler, Evan and Eva looked at me suprised, before looking over to the group in the corner. Eva noticed Harry immediatly and rushed over to meet him. I skated after her, on my rollerskates. When i reached the group i stared in shock. 


Eva POV 

"Sorry guys, it probably appears that im the only sane one here." I gestured over to Tyler and Evan who were fighting over by th ewhip cream machine already soaked. 

"Sane rhymes with Vain.... Which rhymes with Zayn.... which ryhmes with Payne" Liam exclaimed, apparently proud of his statement.

They looked over to AJ who was giggling silently to herself, not being able to get a word out, but it was obvious she was lip syncing the word 'pain' to herself. Niall pointed to her and asked. 

"Is she alright" His accent was all it took for AJ to fall to the floor not keeping balance on the rollerblades. Tyler quickly rushed over to pull her to her feet. 

"Pull yourself together woman!" He slapped her across the back of the head. They were so embarassing.

Zayns POV

The girl on rollerskates eventually managed to gain her voice.

"OMG, your....ONE DIRECTION!" 

Eva looked suprised, "These were the guys you were talking about? I thought they were called 3D or something?" 

AJ looked like she was forcing herself to not jump on me. I quickly spoke before she had the chance to.

"So, whats your name girly?"

"Uhm, ehhh, Its...AJ, just AJ...i think" She was hesitant.

"Hem, hem, this is where i take the opportunity to say it is not AJ, it is infact Alice-Jane." Eva's accent was heavy.

"Shurrup, you stupid midget, blonde leprechaun, go back to your pot of gold and beer at the end of the freakin rainbow." She quickly realised her mistake and pracrically jumped on Niall, who had adopted a pained expression on his face.

"Im sorry, your not a leprechaun, your not short, well compared to giant you are but that snot what im trying to say" Niall looked uncomfortably at Eva for much needed help. She got a can of Monster out of her bag and shook it without AJ noticing. The red hed quickly looked over to Eva and rushed past her grabbing it on the way. Everyone  turned around to see where she had gone. We were met by a staring AJ sat curled up in the corner of the coffee shop, drinking the monster and staring at us all. I noticed Harry look at Eva. He smiled at her and clapped his hands once.

"Well, now thats over and done with, d'ya want that coffee?" 

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