He's the one (a Larry fanfic)

Louis and Harry have been to gather for 3 years now and Harry thinks that Louis is the one and Louis doesn't think that he thinks there's no spark anymore an he's planing to break up with Harry soon but will Harry find out an beet him to it? Or will Louis change his mind?


2. Films at home

Harry's POV I woke up by Louis' side and I smiled and kisses his forehead then he woke up "good morning babe" I said to him as I gently pecked his lips his lips were so soft I could just kiss them all day, "morning babe" he said as he kissed my cheek and sat up rubbing his eyes "I'm gonna shower babe" I said as I winked at him, he nodded and I grabbed a t-shirt and jeans then walked in the bathroom and showered.   *10 minutes later*   I got out of the shower, dried off, and put on my close I had picked out for the day. I walked out of the bathroom and saw Louis wasn't there so I walked downstairs and saw him fixing pancakes "you want any babe?" He said as soon as he noticed I was in the room "sure babe, I would like four pancakes please" I said politely as he nodded and continued fixing the pancakes.   Louis's POV I fixed us pancake feeling terrible for leading him on like this, I finished the pancakes and handed Harry his "thank you babe" he said as he kisses my cheek, I sat down next to him and are my pancakes. When we were finished I did the dishes and put them up, I began to hum 'look after you by the fray' but I stopped when I sat back down next to Harry "how'd you sleep louboo?" He said with a cheeky grin "I slept fine, what about you?" I said smiling a little "I slept wonderful, what you want to do Lou?" He asked me curiously "um..... I don't know" I said as I shrugged "we could watch a good film" he suggested "yah that would be great.   Harry's POV  I sat down next to Lou after I put the movie in and hit play he was so cute, I put my arm around him and watched the movie. I heard snoring, it was Louis he had fallen asleep so I tucked him in and I laid on the floor and gently/slowly fell asleep thinking about where I'd take Louis tomorrow.
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