Run For Your Money

Genevieve Valentius Is like any normal teenager; high school drama, boys and searching for the love of her life. But she doesn't realize that she already found him, on the day that she was born. She meets Baldassare, who leads her out of her comfort zone, pushing her to her limits, showing her who she really is. But the question is, will she open herself up enough to realize what has been right in front of her since birth?


3. Science Is a Bitch


Senior year is going to be epic. I can already tell because I have already been invited to like six parties and its only the first day.  As I walk down the hallways to my locker, saying 'hello' to friends who I haven't seen over summer, I see a goddess ascending the main stairway. Genevieve Valentius. Her arm hooked with non other than Viktor Yaroslav, one of my close friends and is on my soccer team. I watch her for a second but avert my eyes when she glances in my direction. I head towards my locker and then to Physics, all while trying to get HER out of my mind.

When I enter Physics, I notice a couple of guys calling me over to the back of the room. I slap hands and fist bump them, talking about vacation when one of the guys says "oh shit' and looks at the door. I look along with the other guys and almost drop over dead when I realize what he was talking about. Carmelo Sanchez  walks into the room with her posse in tow and a collective groan courses through the room. Carmelo is a straight up Mexican bitch but she throws the most killer parties. Everyone pretends to like her but it is all a lie. She spots us starring and starts to walk up to us.

"Hello boys" she says with a squeaky voice. she touches my arm and has it linger there for like 10 minutes too long. We respond and go back to our conversation. All is going good until Carmelo says "Look what the cat dragged in."

I glance at the door, yet again and my mouth drops open. Standing there is Genevieve with Viktor. Someone must of waved to them because the walk over here. Shit.

"Hey Viktor. How was your summer" I ask casualy.

"Hey Baldie. It was good" I smile because he is the only one who calls me Baldie. Most call me Bass or Baldassare. He continues "You all know Genevieve, right?"

"Yeah" I say, winking.

Evie rolls her eyes at me.

"Unfortunately..." Carmelo mutters.

"Um excuse me but you watch your mouth around my best friend you verga puta chupando. Volver a la casa azada." Viktor replies. Carmelo looks stunned. I look at Evie and she is suppressing laughter. As am I because I knew what he just said because Spanish is extremely close to Italian. The guys are all confused looking.

"What did you say Viktor?" one asks.

"I told her she looks like a duck."

"Oh" they say but don't look convinced. So I whisper in one of there ears and tell them that he called her a whore and to go back to the hoe house. A moment later the corner of the room erupts in laughter and Carmelo walks off, groaning.

"How did you know Spanish" I ask.

"My mother wanted me to learn another language when we moved here 8 years ago other then English, so i took Spanish. I can say pretty much everything"

One of the guys starts to ask "Can you say-" but gets cut short when the teacher walks in.

"I am Mrs.Bronchowski. Please take a seat class, for today will be the only day you have free will. I shall be assessing how you work and tomorrow, you will have a new partner based on your ability."

The classroom is set up like most science rooms are; 26 hormonal teens all in a 30x45 room with 14 slate tables, 13 of which are filled with people and one with papers and a cold teacher who has a horrible taste in clothes. I sit next to Alex, our striker on the team. Evie is a couple tables in front of me. I watch her as she flicks her hair over her shoulder. Holy shit...... why does she have to do that?!? I think to my self. I feel my body heat up, EVERYWHERE.

"Dude!! Are you pitching a pants tent" Alex asks.

Shit. "Umm..." is the only thing I can say.

"Who's it for?"


"Seriously? Do you like Genevieve??"

I feel my cheeks heat up. "No.."

"You like her!! I knew it. At first I thought it was because of Viktor..."

"You thought I was gay??"

"Well.... You and him are close. And you always are always talking to him. So I assumed that you and him were... Beneficial to each other..."

I look at him like he is crazy. "First off Viktor has a major crush on you and second we all know your the gay one at this table!"

His eyes go wide. Now Alex has taste in clothes, which most guys don't have. And he wears suspenders with bright skinny jeans... "Wait...... Viktor Yaroslav has a crush on me?"

"You didn't know?? It has been pretty obvious since like last year.Why do you think he always stands near you when we talk? Or play soccer?"

Alex think about this for a minute and finally says "Do you think he likes my outfit today?"

"That's my boy! Finally embracing the rainbow!! And yes he does. You didn't see him checking you out when he walked in. It was pretty clear that he only has eyes for you."

We laugh. "Thanks man. And I won't tell anyone about Evie. Promise."

Thanks. I don't want to make her not like me anymore than she already does."

"Why does she not like you?"

"I have no idea... I mean I try to flirt with her bu-"

Alex cuts me off. "That's the problem! She probably thinks that you are messing with her; trying to hook up with her and we all know that she is not that kind of girl. And you might want to loose the pocket rocket."

"My what??"

"Your boner!! That is not a good way to impress a girl."

I burst out laughing. The whole class turns to me, even Evie and she looks less than amused.

"Mr. Flammenta," the teacher asks. "Would you care to share what you are laughing about?"

I shake my head no. "Then I suggest you keep the laughing to yourself." We continue talking about the class rules and procedures

Class ends and we all file out, but not before being handed homework.  Viktor and Evie and about 10 feet in front of me when I see Alex chasing after them. He stops and starts talking to Viktor. Viktor turns and tells Evie something, and she nods. Him and Alex walk on, talking about God knows what. I go up to Evie who is walking slowly down the hall and tap her on the shoulder.

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