Run For Your Money

Genevieve Valentius Is like any normal teenager; high school drama, boys and searching for the love of her life. But she doesn't realize that she already found him, on the day that she was born. She meets Baldassare, who leads her out of her comfort zone, pushing her to her limits, showing her who she really is. But the question is, will she open herself up enough to realize what has been right in front of her since birth?


4. Playing the Game


I feel a tap on my shoulder and turn around. There standing in front of me is non other than Baldassare Flammenta. Man, does he annoy me.

"Hey" he says, all nonchalantly.

"Can I help you with something" i answer, with a hint of cockiness in my voice.

"Nope! Just wanted to tell you that if Viktor hurts Alex, I'm going to have to kill him." He winks.

I sighs. "Really? That's what you had to tell me?"


"Well that was a complete waste of my life!" I turn and starts to walk away and hear him say 'You should cherish those moments!! I groan due to his egotistical approach to everything I walk off to my next class. The day continues to go on like this, classes enplaning their expectations of us and soon the day comes to an end at 2:15. I am at my locker when Viktor comes up to me.

"Hey would you mind watching our game today?" he asks me.

"I didn't know you had a game."

"Yeah, it was last minute and I would love if you came and watched."

"Of course I will! What time is it?

"It is at 4pm."

"By the way I meant to ask you what happened with Alex"

He blushes. "Nothing. He just wanted to know if I wanted to hang out sometime."

"Ooo Viktor's got a boyfriend!!"

"No. I don't even know if he is gay."

I laugh and say "Have you not seen how he dresses? No straight guy wears bright colored skinny jeans."

We laugh. Viktor goes off to the locker rooms and I text Calix.

Me: Hey Viktor wants me to watch his game. You wanna come?

Calix: Sure

Me: Im going to grab a smoothie. The game doesn't start until 3.

Calix: Ok. Can you get me a strawberry banana one?

Me:Yeah. Meet me at the field.

Calix: K

I grab my bag and go out to my Jeep. I turn the key and the engine doesn't turn over. I try again and nothing. Shit. I see everyone getting into their cars and driving off. that's when i hear a tap on my door. I turn and look but before my eyes even see the person I groan, knowing who it is. Baldassare.

I open my door and ask "Can I help you?"

"The question is 'can I help you'" he responds.

Even though I want to slam his head 195,000 times in a door, I tell him the problem.

"You want me to jump start you?"

"Yeah that would be great."

He goes off and gets his car. When he pulls up in his truck, he smiles, a genuine one. I am taken aback. I have never seen him do this. I hear him tell me to try and start it. I turn the key and my baby comes to life. I hop out and walk over to him.

"Thanks Bass. I really appreciate it. I owe you."

"It's no problem at all Evie."

I make a rash decision and go with my gut and hug him. He stands there, frozen. Finally after I back away I say "Well I'll see you later." He waves at me and I drive off.



I just got hugged by Genevieve Valentius! I'm on cloud nine right now and I feel stellar! I watch her as she drives off and I feel my heart doing back flips. I jog off to the locker rooms and get ready for our game.


"WE ARE!!"


A roar of excitement washes over the locker room and we scream at the top of our lungs 'VIPERS'. We run out onto the field and the crowd is alive. I run out to my spot between the pipes and look out into the crowd. The stadium is full and out of the corner of my eye, I see Evie sitting there, sitting with her brother Calix and sipping a smoothie. All of a sudden, my head gets all clouded and I can't concentrate. Shit. Why did she have to come? I mean I want her here but I an way to nervous.  My thoughts are interrupted when I hear the whistle blow. I shake my head and I block out all the cheering and screaming. This is my game and nobody, not even Evie and her perfect blond hair, can take that away from me. I forget about Evie until the whistle blows again signaling halftime. The game is 3-1 and we are winning. We jog over to the bench and listen to coach yell at us.

"Why is Evie here," I ask Alex.

"I'm assuming that Viktor asked her to come. Why do you care?"

"She is messing with my head. I am crazy nervous and that is why that one shot went in."

"Dude. That shot was cheap. The guy took you out. It's not your fault. And how about instead of worrying about Evie and how much she already hates you because we already know that it's not going to change, why don't to play for her. Almost as if you are trying to impress her."

huh. That's a good idea. "Thanks man. And actually, I think she is starting to warm up to me. She hugged me."

Alex laughs and we put our hands in the center of the circle.


We scream and run off to the field. I glance at the stands and easily find Evie. I look at her and smile. she smiles back, which really surprises me.  This is for you, Evie. I whisper a quick prayer and the game begins.

We end up winning 5-1. I didn't let in a single goal in the second half. I felt so happy that I could of screamed. We go into the locker room and celebrate our win, yelling and screaming and having cans of pop explode. I get a tub of water dumped on me for my work in goal. After we settle down and shower, I head out to the field to see my family and friends. My mom congratulates me and gives me a huge hug while my step father gives me a hand shake. Mark is a good guy and my mom likes him so I do. I tell them that I am going to go out with the team for pizza and walk to see Viktor.

"Why didn't you tell me that Evie was going to be here," I ask.

"I didn't know it would bother you.."

"It doesn't.... I just wish I knew..."

"Ok then..."

Viktor walks off to his parents and I feel someone tap my shoulder and I turn around. There stands Evie and Calix. My rights starts to heat up and the only thing I can do is stand there.

"Hey" I say.

"Hi. I just wanted to say that you did a really good job today during the game. And thanks again for the jump start."

I feel my cheeks heat up along with my hand. "Yeah thanks. And it was no problem at all."

"Well I'll see you around."

Viktor comes over and picks you Evie bridal style.

"Hello my love" he says in a British accent.

"Good day to you chap!" responds Evie.

"Now I was wondering if a you lass like yourself would care to join me in some tea and crumpets?"

She laughs. "What kind of crumpets?"

"Only the best for you. Pepperoni!"

"Well I guess I can spare a few moments to share in this evening with you."


"What did I just witness?" I ask and they start cracking up.

Calix turns to me and says "They have been doing that forever. I have no idea why. Just don't ask."

"Got it."

When the laughter dies down, Viktor looks at me and asks "Is it ok if Evie comes to Uncle Jo's with us?"

I look at her and finally mutter "Yeah. Sure."

She looks at me and says "Thanks. Calix you mind driving home? I'll catch a ride home with Viktor."

"Yes!!' he yells.

"Just don't get pulled over. You only have your permit."

"I won't"

"I'll see you at home" she says and gives him a kiss on the top of the head. He doesn't get all grossed out or even make a face when she does it.

"Love you Evie."

"Love you too"

I laugh and she looks at me. "You are like a mom to him."

"Yeah well I also have  5 and 11 year old at home. Plus I'm working until 7 and my husband is in the army. I just don't know what to do anymore!" she responds in a country accent.

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