Run For Your Money

Genevieve Valentius Is like any normal teenager; high school drama, boys and searching for the love of her life. But she doesn't realize that she already found him, on the day that she was born. She meets Baldassare, who leads her out of her comfort zone, pushing her to her limits, showing her who she really is. But the question is, will she open herself up enough to realize what has been right in front of her since birth?


8. Date?

The next day, I am in physics and today is the day that we get our partners. I hope I get Viktor but knowing how much we talked, we won't be together.

Mrs.Bronchowski walks in,looking extremely aggravated at the world, as usual. I cross my fingers as she starts calling out the names to the lab partners.

"Viktor Yaroslav, Nate Peterson. Alexander Lark, Molly Carson. Carmelo Sanchez, Genvieve Valentinus. Baldassare Flamennta, Luke McLaughlin..." She continues on like this until all 26 of us have our partners. I am not to thrilled with my partner. She can go die in a hole for all i care. But I sit contently next to Carmelo and not let her 'charm' get to me. Out of the corner of my eye, I see Viktor looking at me. I can see him obnoxiously pointing at Bass who is staring intensely at his notes. I chuckle and go back to my own set of notes. Carmen is giving me a death glare and i smile because of how much it is annoying her.

After class ends, i grab Viktor and I yank him out the door and thoroughly discuss with him that he can't do that in the middle of the class. 

"Sweetie, as much as I love you, you can't do that! It is weird and people are going to start to question what is happening" I told him.

"Well that is too bad because sooner or later, IT is going to happen. Whether you like it on not." responded Viktor.

"Viktor! It is not going to happen. Ever."

"If you seriously think that you are crazy."

"Then I guess I am!"

We laugh and walk out the doors. But before we can get there, Bass comes over and starts to talk.

"Hey Evie. Viktor. Evie can i steal you away for not but a moment?"

I looked at him and was in shock. no one had ever been so 'old school'. I liked it.

"Sure" I said, "Whats up?"

"I... I was just wondering... Are you going to Carmelo's party tonight?"

"Uh. I wasn't planning on it. But I don't know. Maybe."

"Oh. Okay." Bass looked a little down.


"Nothing... Just wondering"

If I had any sanity I would never have said this but "Do you wanna meet up there then?"

He looked up in shock and sorta smiled. "Oh. Cool. Great!"

I smile and wave and turn to walk away.

"I'll see you there, Evie"

For some reason, this weird feeling appears in my stomach and I smile to myself.




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