Run For Your Money

Genevieve Valentius Is like any normal teenager; high school drama, boys and searching for the love of her life. But she doesn't realize that she already found him, on the day that she was born. She meets Baldassare, who leads her out of her comfort zone, pushing her to her limits, showing her who she really is. But the question is, will she open herself up enough to realize what has been right in front of her since birth?


11. Confessions

 1... 2... 3

"Genvieve Nike Valentinus. I could only imagine kissing you. I will always want to kiss you but I am not going to unless you want me to. And I didn't want you to feel pressured into anything you dont have to do."

"What are you saying Bass?"

I laugh and stand in front of her "Evie, I like you.  Honestly I can't believe that I have talked to you as much as I have. You are so funny and sweet and I am just a jerk who used to laugh with all the other guys at people in the halls. I ask myself why and how a person as good as you would ever agree to meet me at a party or even respond to my dumb jokes in the halls. I- I wish I could be good like you and over the last couple of days, I felt like I have become a better person. You, you Evie, you are amazing and I am hypnotized by your smile and your laugh and on the first day of school, I seriously thought you were a goddess. Tonight, you looked like you shouldn't be at a party with me. I here I am in  a pair of shorts and you are there standing next to me, making everyone else look pathetic. Now I am bantering on and on and you must think I am crazy. I'm sorry, Evie. I must have ruined your night. I will take you back to the party if you want. or take you home." I look away afraid of what is gong to happen. Is she going to hit me? Yell?


I look to her.

"If I didn't want you to kiss me, I would tell you."


"Baldassare Casimir Fiammetta, kiss me."

I look at her in confusion.

"Bass, kiss me. Right now."

I take her hand, which is still laced in mine and place it on her shoulder. 

I have to do this perfectly.

I take one hand and place it on the small of her back and pull her in and the other hand comes up and takes her face. I stroke her cheek with my thumb and her hand comes up and covers mine. I start to lean in and she meets me halfway. Our lips meet and I feel my everything race. Her lips are soft and sweet, like strawberries and honey. I start gently but when she deepens the kiss I respond by parting her lips with my tongue. We begin to explore and her hands are feeding through my hair. God, she is amazing. I begin to let up, to be a gentleman, but she pulls my head back down and continues to kiss. I have never had such a passionate and meaningful kiss. Ever. I feel my Love Line start to heat up, a lot.

We finally break but our faces are touching.

"You, Genvieve, never cease to amaze me."

She smiles and says "Well your not so bad yourself."

I laugh and I can't help but stare at her.

"What?" she asks.

"I have never had something as amazing as that before."

"I find that hard to believe" she tells me.

"Really. I haven't. You are the first girl that I have ever kissed that passionately."

"Oh. Wow. I see."

Hold up. "Wait have you had a prior relationship?"

"Uh yeah. Did you really think I haven't dated before?"

"Well sorta..." I have the feeling that I might get hit. But she just looks at me.

"Bass," she lets go of my hand, "I did have a prior relationship. Last year. With a guy from the next county over. His name was Carson. He was a football player there and our families know each other. We would hang out and one day he asked me out. I said yes because I thought I liked him. He made me feel great. We laughed and had a blast together. One day, in March, I went to go see him and his mom said he went to his friends house. I knew his friend well so I went over there.As I walked in, I saw him on the couch getting it on with both a girl. I was horrified. All he did was smirk ans say 'youre nothing special' and I ran out crying. I thought about all the time I had spent with him. Bass, I lost 'IT' to him." She started to tear up.

I take back her hand and pull her in. I don't understand how this could happen to such a great girl. "Evie. I'm sorry. I really am."

"Thanks Bass."

"Evie. I really want to get to know you. And if that kiss didn't prove how much I like you, then I will prove it to you, until you believe me. I want to go out again, and I want you to trust that I would never do anything even remarkably close to what he did to you. Will you go out with me again?"

She gives me a nod and I lead her off to my car. We drive in silence until we get to my house.

"Your a good guy, Bass. Thank you. But I am going to give you a run for your money if anything for 'this' continues." She starts to get out and I race around to meet her. I open the rest of her door for her and she gives another smile. I take her hand and we walk to the front door. I stop when we get to the back door.

"Good night, Bass."

"Good night, Evie." I don't kiss her, or hug her. I just let her hand go. I hope this is what I was supposed to do.


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