That one thing, stole my heart

For the competition "inspired my a song"
"Babe the first time I looked at you, my heart is beating like crazy. They way you just move, make my heart stop for a second." He looks at my eyes for an answer.
"And you just acted cool all the way, didn't you?" I ask raising an eyebrow.
"You always make me.." I interrupt him by that one thing ღ


2. That one thing, stole my heart

"When I saw you the first time, thought you are just a show-off girl" I gasp, and scowl at him."hey,let me continue..well the way you seem strong, they way you moved your hair, the feeling I got when I wanted to know your was everything that made me interested at you." He stops, while eating, and looked at me. I smile gently, and waited for his lovely words. Harry styles, I never thought you will go that far.

 "But to be honest, know of this made me really, I mean it, really in love withya like now. I just got to see something so special about ya..."he stops. He might be thinking of the right word. "Look Harry, I know this is awkward, but what was that thing that made you obsessed with me?"

he just seem In thoughts."you may hate me for this, but I always try to make you fall right in my arms,.." "No wonder I was falling like crazy this years!" I exclaimed. He blushed as he continues."I just can't get what it is..seriously I can't understand.."

 "We'll Harry, I think I will need to go if you won't continue." I said that on purpose. So he would saw all he want to say. I was there listening as the beneficial rain falls to a plant. 

"No please! I can't really get what special about you, but you got that one thing! That one thing that makes me feel insecure, and frozen and everything! I love that one thing of yours!"

"I accept"

he smiles, as he gently tug one of my har, but to behind my ear, as he kisses me gently."you got that one thing" he wispher at my ears. 

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