That one thing, stole my heart

For the competition "inspired my a song"
"Babe the first time I looked at you, my heart is beating like crazy. They way you just move, make my heart stop for a second." He looks at my eyes for an answer.
"And you just acted cool all the way, didn't you?" I ask raising an eyebrow.
"You always make me.." I interrupt him by that one thing ღ


1. Prologue

They way he looks at my eyes, making me crazy. But no-uh-no, let hear what he have got.

"Babe, wouldn't you see how I need you? Seeing you with another guy, makes my heart frozen, and I mean..I mean..I can't breathe that moment!" He seems serious, but I won't give it easily.

"so u think I am gonna go out simply like that with u?" I asked, tapping my foot with the ground.


he looks deeply serious."can't you see? Iam climbing the barriers between my heart and yours, just to feel you in my hands, but you don't notice it!" He was now more screaming. "Why don't we sit and talk" I asked, just to make it down."no!" As he grabs my hand, and pull me closer to him

."do you remember when I was dying to know your name? Or even when I always try to make you fall in my arm? Ia always been tired of thinking to you, I just want to hold you, and say I love you more than anything." I smile, as I hugged him."so what shall I say?" He takes my hand, and offers my a seat. We sat down and ordered some food. " I just want to tell you everything in my heart. I wanna tell you how I have been in love with you, how I desperately want you in my arms, so would give me ur time?"

I nod gently, as I hear, hear the lovely stream of words running through me.

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