A Lady's duty - Book One of the Lorien Princess Trilogy (Legolas Love Story/ Lotr)

Authiel is the daughter of Celeborn and Galadriel, princess and heir to the throne of Lorien. In order to prove herself to her people and her parents, she goes to Rivendell in order to attend a secret council. But, when her duty and her destiny become entwined, she finds herself in a company of an elf, two men, a dwarf, a wizard and four hobbits. What will happen when she discovers something about herself - a mystery buried in time and darkness - and what will happen when the dark lord learns of her power in this tale? Will she survive?

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18. Chapter Seventeen - Truth

“Haldir, I said, turning to face the Marsh Warden, “Take these Gentlemen to the  bathhouses, make sure they have a set of some freshly clean clothing and then find them somewhere to stay for the evening; I think the Oak will do!”

“Of course!”

“Thank you,” I said with a smile.

“Aren’t you coming with us?” Pippin asked, sadly looking up at me.

“My Mother and Father wish to speak to me, and I too am going to take this as an opportunity to bath. I will be along shortly.”

I smile played across my lips as I looked affectionately at the sweet Hobbit. I bowed my head to my companions before I turned and began to gracefully ascend the stairs. My shoulder dipped slightly and I felt a pair of sharp talons grip my clothing tightly. From the corner of my eye, I saw an abundance of redy-brown feathers and Pelior’s piercing black eyes were staring at me . With my opposite hand I gently stroked the top of her head. She loudly chirped in my ear and my sorrow seemed to vanish as she quietly sang to me.

“I am glad to see you made it here safe and sound, Mellon nin.”

[My friend]

She continued to chirp down my ear and I could not stop myself from giggling at the sound. Due to this, I had not realised that I was stood before the entrance to the Lord and Lady’s chambers.

                Hastily, I tried my best to fix the crumpled clothing that hung over my tired body with dirt and dried blood covering it. I knew my face was probably smeared with blood and my hair more than likely looked like a traveling rats nest; but there was nought that I could do at this present time. I knocked, three times, on the door before I carefully pushed it open.

Celeborn and Galadriel were both sat in a secluded area in a large throne like chair which was able to fit them both smugly in its keep whilst they basked in the moonlight.

“You wished to see me,” I called to them; breaking the silence of the room.

Galadriel looked over at me and smiled kindly in my direction. Gracefully, she tapped the seat to her side before beckoning me over. With a smile, I approached them. Pelior jumped from my shoulder and onto my waiting hand as I slipped into my seat with my legs curled into my chest. Gently, I tickled her in the gap between her beak and chin, just after the conjoining gap of the beak, as Celeborn cleared his throat.

“You have been through much in these past few months since you left our keep. I know that you do not wish for us to talk to you about such things but we must know the truth.”

“I have seen glimpses from the memories of your companions but I must know it as you do,” Galadriel continued, “Your memory is complete. Everything that you see you remember. Even I do not have such a gift as that. Please use this gift for us and explain the details of your journey up to the present.”

A sigh slipped from my lips and I ran my fingers through my hair in defeat.

“As you wish, but I find it more of a curse than a gift.”

“I know,” Galadriel replied, understanding the pain that riddled through me with every breath  and every beat of my ever caring heart, “But we should use it to our advantage.”

Reluctantly, I nodded my head. I took a deep breath and them began to recount my tale.

“It began once we departed from Imladris …”

[Rivendell …]

                An hour and a half later, I was finally able to relax. I fell back into my seat and let out a sigh of relief. As usual, Celeborn and Galadriel were excellent listeners. Not once did they interrupt me or make some complaint towards our actions.

In fact, they sat in complete silence.

When I was finished, my cheeks were slightly damp and water dripped from their resting place on my delicate eyelashes. They said nothing for some time, and it was Pelior who dared to break the silence by singing once more. Galadriel smiled at her sweet actions before she said in her airy voice,

“This has been hard for you, I know. So we shall not ask any more for you at this hour. Go and change. Relax. I shall visit you soon.”

“Very well!”

I rose from my seat, with Pelior still on my hand, and quickly curtsied to them before I took my leave.

                Gracefully I walked out and practically glided across the room as I made my way to my chamber. I took several minutes but soon I was in my room for the first time in several months. It was wonderful to be back.

Several rooms were connected by large open archways. The first was a quant entrance hall with an area that could hold a range of coats of different sizes, several different weapons and at least one thousand pairs of shoes. The next room led an extremely large open plan sitting room with a fireplace that spread proudly across the whole of the largest wall. Several other archways led off from that  room. One led to a wet room. Another led to a large library. A third led to a dressing room. The forth was a large walk-in wardrobe. Another was a soothing spa that naturally filtered fresh water into a pure spring. The sixth led to my beautiful bedroom with the largest bed that I had ever seen. The final led to a balcony which spread across the final edge of the huge tree which my room was built in to, looking across the mass of my kingdom.

As soon as the door  has swung shut behind me and Pelior had soared out of the window. I walked through my chambers whilst removing my dirty clothing as I went. Leaving a pile of strewn clothing throughout my chambers. The only thing that I did not though to the town in distaste were Ori’s mittens which I carefully placed on the dresser with tentative emotions. I stepped into the boiling spring that was shimmering away in one of the conjoined rooms.

Slowly, I lowered myself into the soothing water and instantly a great wave of sorrow left me. The more I disappeared under the water, the more I was able to relax. Since the water was always flowing, the muck and grime that slipped from my skin with ease flowed to the earth below. Taking a gulp of air, I submerged myself completely in the water and roughly scrubbed my scalp in order to id my hair from the horrors of Moria. When I remerged, gasping for air, I poured a mixture of scented oil into my palm and carefully smothered it over my damp hair. Once I had massaged my scale so much that the oil was completely lathered, I dropped my head back into the water and gently rubbed the suds out of my hair. Then, I spread some more across pruning skin. After I had allowed it to settle for a few minutes, I carefully scrapped it off with a piece of slate. Soon my skin was freshly exfoliated and scented like a midsummer eve. Gracefully, I climbed out of the water and my skin prickled form the cold air that slammed into my naked fresh. Quickly, I pulled a fluffy towel around me, covering my bare chest. I made my way out of the room and sat on the edge of my finely decorated bed. I took the hand towel which had been folded on my bed (waiting for me) and slowly curled it around my dripping hair. After that, I dabbed my skin dry with care before I slipped on my under garments. Once my underskirts were tightly clinging to my now dry skin, I slowly began to towel dry my hair as I quietly hummed under  my breath.

                A light knock sounded on my door, and for a minute I was shocked that there was someone who wished to have me in their company; especially at this time in the evening. I was so shocked that I did not realise that I had not replied.

“Come in!” I called.

Quietly, the door opened and Galadriel strode into the room; something hidden behind her back.

“I see you are refreshed,” She said as she sat beside me.

“Yes, it is nice to be among my people once more. I feel that I can finally relax; I am not constantly on the edge at all times.”

“I am glad , but there is something which I must tell you.”

“Then speak away!”

“You can continue to dress whilst I speak if you wish!”

“Of course.”

I shifted my weight slightly and continued to dab my hair dry; taking tentative care with each individual curl.

“There are some things which we have not told you, some things which we have purposely hidden from you,” Galadriel began, “We have lied to you about certain things, kept the truth hidden from you for many years. This will be hard for you to hear, but you must hear it.

For many years we have kept this secret to keep you safe from the harm which many would wish upon you.

Your Father and I met in the summer of the 52nd year of the First Age. A few years later, we were wed. Yet for a time we felt that we were cursed; no matter how long hard we tried, I was unable to conceive. However, after one hundred and fifty years a miracle occurred. On the midsummer eve of that year, I gave birth to a pure child who radiated unnatural beauty and awesome power. She was prophesied to be the future ruler of all our kin and to hold powers that the Valar would personally gift her; but only when she is ready. She would be a great warrior who would have many famous allies at her side in many battles.

I gave her  a name which meant Battle Maiden. I named her Authiel.”

A gasp slipped from my lips as I stared at the fair lady in disbelief.

“But Naneth, that is impossible. Celebrían was born first, not I; we are separated by five hundred years.”

Lightly, Galadriel laughed. She smiled fondly at me and said,

“Yes, you may have been parted by five hundred years but you were born first. She knew this. We told her the truth long ago so that she would not turn bitter when it was announced that it would be you, not she, who ruled in our stead.”

“The why not tell me?”

“To protect you!”

Curiously, I looked at her whilst I allowed my hands to heat up and slowly dry my tresses; an eyebrow raised to her.

“I doubt that you will remember the events which I am about to speak to you of, even though you were present at the time. It began with the forging of the Great Rings. Three were given to the Elves, immortal, wisest and fairest of all beings. But, originally four were meant to have been crafted for our kin. However, things swiftly changed.

You were in the room with us during the forging. You wished to be able to witness it first hand; not hear it in the altered tales that would follow shortly afterwards.

Do you remember this?”

“Yes … and no. It is strange. Normally, I would remember everything that I would remember everything that I witness but I can find little recollection of these events. Yet as you speak, it is all coming back to me; as if there was an invisible barrier in place that could only be broken by your words. How is that possible?”

Galadriel kindly smiled at me before she continued; ignoring my question.

“Each Ring, when forged, was given to the one who would bear it. Yet, just as the molten metal was about to be poured into the final mould, as it dangled in mid-air. The lights dimmed and the fire was blown out by a gigantic gust of sudden wind.”

Shocked, I dropped my slightly heated hands and turned to face her. I crossed and leant forward slightly, feeling like an excited child as my eyes widened in wonder.

“The molten metal hovered in mid-air and we watched as the wind captured it in its grasp. Hastily it formed a miniature tornado. A wide birth was made as we pressed ourselves against the walls of the chamber to avoid the worst of the danger.

We were unable to do anything as it neared you and I watched as this whirl wind of air and molten liquid swept towards you. It collided with your chest; between your breasts.”

A gasp slipped from my lips and I looked at her with widened eyes.

“My scar!” I muttered.

“Indeed. The magic that lay in the molten metal now lingered in side you. You are the Forth Ring. You control the power of the earth!”

“Is that why the forces of nature speak to me?”

“Yes, you are a Queen in their eyes.”

A smile curled my cheeks and I laughed in relief,

“That explains a lot.”

“Indeed it does!”

Carefully I brushed my now dried hair so that my curls were neatly swirling down my back Once I was sure that it neatly swirled down my back. Once I was sure that it looked acceptable, I rose and moved away from my bed.

“I think  I should  go see to my company, they must  be wondering why I have been absent for so long.”

“That does seem wise, but I would advise you not to go when you are dressed like that!”

I chuckled slightly when I remembered that I was still only in my underskirts.

“Yes, I doubt that such attire would be appropriate.”

“What are you going to wear?”

I paused. Frowning slightly, I admitted,

“I have no idea!”

Slowly, Galadriel rose. She turned her back to me and said,

“Close thine eyes and extend thy arms.”

Without a word of disagreement to her words, staying perfectly still. I stood blindly and listened to her quiet movements, trying to make out what she was doing. I felt my arms dips slightly as something was lain across them, and I felt the soft texture of a piece of delicate fabric tickle my skin.

“Open,” Galadriel whispered from my side.

Quickly, I did as I was told and allowed my eyes to slowly open. In my arms, a beautiful dress lay; far more beautiful than any others that I owned. Galadriel chuckled at my actions and said,

“Go and try it  on!”

With an excited nod of my head, I hurried across the room and swiftly placed the dress on.

“Will you tie it for me?” I called when I realised that I would be unable to reach the tying chords at my back.

“Of course!”

Slowly, I walked from behind the changing screen. I turned my back and allowed her to carefully tighten the dress chords. Once it was done, she asked,

“Will you turn around for me and let me see your beauty?”

Shyly, I nodded and turned to face her; my head bent in embarrassment at her words.

A gasp slipped from her lips and fondly she whispered,

“You look much more beautiful than I did in that gown!”

“This was yours?” I asked, astounded.

“Yes, in the days when I still dwelled in my Father’s castle. It never did look right upon me; I cannot say the same for you though.”

Shyly, I laughed in disbelief.

“If you do not believe me then take a look for yourself.”

                Slowly, I moved in front of the mirror and gasped at the sight that greeted me.

The main part of the gown was a stunning forest green colour that was teamed with a truly beautiful embroidered bodice with a wonderful design of gold, green and black flecks embedded into it. A gold braid decorated the dipping neckline. The sleeves were semi fitted to the top section with a band of golden braids and then further defined by the wide, bell bottom openings that trickled past my fingers.

The front and back revealed the corset lacing ad the golden thongs, that boldly stood out against the green, were tied just beneath my breasts, pushing them up in a defining way and showed off my curves.

I looked beautiful.

Galadriel lifted my hair up slightly, moving it out of the way before she tied a gold necklace with a drooping emerald around my bare neck and my circlet atop my brow.

“Your beauty is unequalled to any I have laid eyes upon in all my long years, Henig. Go now to your companions, I expect that they are missing you and worry for your wellbeing.”

With a curtsy to her, I swiftly turned and left the room; eager to see my company once more.

                Later, on the ground once more, I walked under the misty twilight to the place which I knew to hold my friends. In the trees above me, a group of Elves were singing a lament for Gandalf.

“A Olónin i yaresse

Mentaner i numeherui

Tirien i rómenóri …


Melme nóren sina

Núra ala

Eāro …”


[Olórin who once was

Sent by the Lords of the West

To guard the Lands of the East …


Our love for this land

Is deeper than the depths of the sea …]

“Maiaron i Olosaila,

Manan elye etevane

Nórie  i malanelye?


Lifrin nairelma

Uliume nucuvalme

Navva i nauva.”


[Wisest of all Maiar,

What drove you to leave

That which you loved?


Yet we cast all away

Rather that submit

What should be said.]

As I approached the area which  I knew to hold the Fellowship, I heard Sam reciting,

“The finest rockets ever seen,

They burst in stars of blue and green.

Or after thunder … silver showers …

Come falling like a rain of flowers!”

I smiled softly when I realised that his poem spoke of Gandalf’s famous fireworks.

“Ú - reniathaeh

I amar galen

I reniadin ne mâr, nuithannen.”


[No more will you wander

The green fields of this earth

Your journey has ended in darkness.]

“That was beautiful Sam, you truly have a way with words,” I called as I entered the light of the camp.

All eyes fell on me, and I heard several people gasp at my appearance; causing me to blush deeply.

“Authiel!” Pippin called in joy.

I dropped to my knees just as he, and Merry, charged towards me. I wrapped my arms around them and pulled them into a tight hug as they giggled loudly at my actions.

“Have you been behaving yourselves?” I asked in an almost mocking tone.

“Yes ma’am!” They cheekily replied.

Chuckling, I pulled away and smiled down at them as they re-joined the other Hobbits.

I opened my mouth to speak, but I was cut short. For that was when the loud, menacing growl filled the air.  

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