A Lady's duty - Book One of the Lorien Princess Trilogy (Legolas Love Story/ Lotr)

Authiel is the daughter of Celeborn and Galadriel, princess and heir to the throne of Lorien. In order to prove herself to her people and her parents, she goes to Rivendell in order to attend a secret council. But, when her duty and her destiny become entwined, she finds herself in a company of an elf, two men, a dwarf, a wizard and four hobbits. What will happen when she discovers something about herself - a mystery buried in time and darkness - and what will happen when the dark lord learns of her power in this tale? Will she survive?

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20. Chapter Nineteen - Farewell to Lorien

The morning mist lay heavy along the river which stood at our feet. Bare-branched trees arched through the fog, stray beams of light fell onto the cold-blue waters. An elegant ship was floating on the river, carved to the likeness of a swan, and Galadriel silently stood upon it; dressed completely in white.

We were stood in a line facing another group, completely made up of Elves, and I was stood in the centre facing Celeborn. He fastened a cloak around my neck with the clasp made up of a green, silver-veined leaf brooch.

“Never before have we clad strangers in the garb of our own people. May these cloaks shield you from unfriendly eyes,” Celeborn explained.

Around us, the Elves prepared our boats so that they were ready for our departure. Legolas helped by placing the parcels full of Lembas bread that the Galadhrim had provided for us into the different boats.

Celeborn took my arm and led me partly away from the group. As I walked past Legolas, he looked up and stared me in the eye long enough for him to send me a cheeky wink.

“Your feelings for the Prince?” Celeborn asked when we were some distance from the group and he noticed the flush colour to my cheeks.

“They grow each day. The longer we are apart, the more I want him by my side. As they say, absence makes the heart grow fonder.”

He smiled kindly at my words and looked at me with sparkling eyes,

“I felt the same way about your Naneth. The first time I laid eyes upon her, I knew that we were meant to be together.”

He paused as his eyes ran over my body and he looked at me, not amused,

“Then again, I am surprised that that anyone of your companions can keep their eyes off of you, considering your attire.”

                My blush resurfaced at his words and I shyly dropped my gaze allowing it to wander across my appearance. A black, underbust corset defined my breasts which were slightly hidden beneath the white, short sleeved top that clung to my bare flesh. The leather corset was adorned with harness quality straps and brass buckles. It was fitted to a short, black skirt which showed a large amount of flesh due to the length and the long slit that ran up my right thigh. In order to keep my dignity, a pair of leather short hid anything that could falter my purity.

On my feet sat my usual boots and my multiple weapons adorned my body; some hidden, others visible.

“It does its job when I am in battle. Distracts my enemies.”


“Did you need something Adar, or can I go back to my  companions?” I asked.

“I still need to talk to you. You Naneth and I have a gift for you.”

“But, the gifting ceremony is will be soon, why not wait till then?”

“It is … unwise …”

“I see …”

“You have been told the truth about the Forth Ring, have you not?”

I nodded my head, not wanting to interrupt him.

“It seems that once you are able to control your powers, you will be the mistress of all the Elven Rings. So, this is our gift to you.”

Slowly, he extended his hand to me and uncurled his fingers from around his clasped palm. In the centre sat a ring unlike any which I had seen in my life. Although it was the same colour as several rings which I had seen in my life, a white gold, it had a large amount of jewels glittering lightly under the surface. I was unlike anything that I had ever seen. On the inside of the band, swirling writing was visible in crystallised gems,

Three Rings for the Elven-Kings under the Sky,

Seven for the Dwarf-Lords in their halls of stone,

Nine for the Mortal Men doomed to die,

One for the Dark Lord on his dark thrown

In the land of Mordor where shadows lie.

“This is all three Rings as one.”

“How is that possible?” I gasped, “Mithrandir had one of the Rings when he … he died.”

“No, he did not. Before you departed from Imladris, he gave it to Elrond for safekeeping. He brought it with him when he visited us a few months ago.”

Carefully, he slid it onto my index finger and said,

“The Ring is yours now, and when the Valar decide you are ready for you complete gifts then you will be able to use it.”

With a smile, I placed a tender kiss upon his cheek and moved back to the Fellowship who were standing back in a line once more.

                Galadriel had stepped out of her swan-like boat and was stood at the opposite end of the line, in front of Legolas.

“My gift for you, Legolas. Is a bow of the Galadhrim, worthy of the skills of our woodland kin.”

I watched as he stretched the bow string, testing it. Awe filling his eyes. Galadriel smiled at him before turning to Merry and Pippin,

“These are the Daggers of the Noldorin. They have already seen service in war. Do not fear, young Peregrin Took. You will find your courage.

“And for you, Samwise Gamgee: Elven rope, made of hithlain.”

“Thank you, my Lady,” He said, but I caught him glancing at the Blades that Merry and Pippin were examining. Hopefully, he looked up and said, “Have your run out of those nice, shiny daggers?”

I quietly giggled at his words whilst Galadriel, a kind smile on her fair face, turned to the next member of the Fellowship in the line. Gimli diverted his gaze downwards as she spoke, her golden hair shining beneath the poignant blues, whites and greens of the forest.

“And what gift would a Dwarf ask of the Elves?”

“Nothing,” He grumbled.

Just as I was about to scold him, a sudden change came over him and he looked up.

“Except to look upon the Lady of the Galadhrim one last time, for she is more fair than all the jewels beneath the earth.”

Galadriel softly laughed at his words and smiled at the Dwarf who turned away, embarrassed. Then stopped. He faced her again and mumbled,

“Actually, there was one thing – ah, arg, that’s quite impossible … Stupid to ask …”

He beckoned her to is height and whispered something into her ear. She smiled kindly at him before she placed something into his hand.

“What gift can I  bestow upon you, Lellig?”

“There is nothing that you can give me, Naneth. You have given me far too much.”

“I think that there is one thing which I can give you which you will be grateful for.”

“What would that be?”


My hand clamped over my mouth and my eyes widened at her words.

“Are you serious?”

“Yes, we have spoken and it has been decided that this is the best time!”

A quiet squeal escaped from my lips and it took all my power to not starting jumping and spinning around with joy.

“Thank you, Naneth!” I whispered as I embraced her.

“You should thank your Adar, and his as well.”

“He agreed?”

“Indeed he did,” Galadriel laughed at the look on my face, “I think you should complete the trade now, in front of your people, or people may think that you have eloped.”

“What do you mean by the trade?” Pippin asked.

“It is the name of the process when two Elves give one another their Love Ring.”

“What’s a love ring?”

“This,” I told him as I extended my right hand, revealing the Ring on my Ring finger, “Is an Elven Love Ring. At birth, an Elf is given their Ring and when they wish to wed the one who ones their heart completely, then they trade their Love Rings to signify the completion of the first stage. The second stage can only take place when the Ellon has proven that he loves his Elleth with all his soul; by protecting her through thick and thin. The second stage is the marriage and the third stage …” I paused, carefully choosing my words, “The third stage is when they become one.”

Confusion filled his face for a few minutes before he understood and he began to blush uncontrollably, I smiled at his innocence before I looked back to Galadriel.

“I think it is time to complete the trade.”


“Step forward … Legolas!”

A gasp rippled around the group. Besides the other Elves, Aragorn and Frodo were the only people who were unfazed by the announcement.

“You’re joking?” Boromir snapped, looking at me with disgust ringing in his eyes, venom in words, “You and the little Prince?”

I rolled my eyes and went to reply to his useless comment, but before I could even utter a word someone else was speaking in my place,

“It was actually quite obvious,” Frodo said, “You could see it in their looks, words, actions. Anyone who can’t see it is obviously blind!”

I looked down at him curiously and he smiled up at me before saying,

“Bilbo told me!”

“Of course he did,” I replied, shaking my head slightly as I smiled at my old friend’s actions.

                By this point, Legolas was stood in front of me with an outstretched hand. I gingerly took it and he carefully pulled me out of the line, so that I was facing him.

I looked up at him as he covered my hands with his. Nervously, I smiled up at him and stared into his beautiful blue eyes.

In unison, we took the other’s Ring off of their finger and as one we spoke lovingly into ach others eyes.

“One Ring to show our Love,

One Ring to bind us,

One Ring to seal our Love,

And forever to entwine us.”

On the final line, we slipped the Ring which we had taken from the other onto our Ring finger on our left Ring finger. I went to move away once the Trade was complete but Legolas tenderly placed his hand on my waist. He smiled down at me. Slowly he leant towards me and soon our lips were brushing against each other, softly and with deep, unspoken, love.

After a few minutes, we pulled away and rested my head onto his shoulder once we had stepped back into the line. Whilst we had been completing the Trade Galadriel had taken Aragorn to the side and had privately spoken to him.

The final member to our company to be spoken to was Frodo. Galadriel turned to him and handed him a crystallised vessel shaped like a teardrop. It was filled with a clear liquid and a shining light.

“Farewell, Frodo Baggins, I give you the light of Earendil, our most beloved star. May it be a light for you, in dark places, when all other lights go out.”

She then bent down and placed a delicate kiss upon the top of his head.

                The light of the early morning set the leaves of the trees that were sprinkled across the shore on fire with a blazing yellow. The sunlight streamed through the trees, but beneath their great tree trunks the land was still quite dark; casted in a dark blue.

The others were being loaded into the boats but I still had several goodbyes that I wished to complete before I departed. I had already said my farewells to Celeborn and Galadriel but there were two left who I needed to speak to. One was waiting to the side, a concerned look on his face.

“Is everything alright, Haldir?” I asked.

“Be careful out there.”

“I am always careful!”

“No, no you’re not,” He chuckled.

“Yes I am … Okay, maybe not all the time but most of the time I am!”

He enveloped me into his arms and I buried my head into his shoulder, trying not to let my eyes mist up.

“Don’t die!” He whispered into my hair.

I laughed at his comment but I doubt he heard it, for his shoulder was muffled most of the sound. I peeled myself out of his embrace and kindly looked up at him,

“Do you doubt me that much?” I asked, pouting slightly.

“No, but still stay safe.”

“I will, Gwador, I will!”

[My Brother!]

I stood on the tips of my toes and placed a tender kiss on his cheek before I moved to  where Bay was pouting. Bending down to his height, I scratched him behind the  ear but he quickly shook my hand away.

“What is it, Bay?” I asked.

You’re leaving me, again.

“I have to go!”

Take me with you.

“You know I can’t do that.”


“You will not be able to fit into the boat!”

I’ll swim!

“And then you will have to have another bath.”

I want to go with you!

“Only Pelior is to journey with me, you know that.”

I want to help!

“And you will. Stay here. Protect out people from the evils of this world. When the time comes when I am in need of out help, then I will call you.”


“Yes, I promise!”

He let out an excited yelp and before he jumped up and began licking my face and neck. I laughed at his joyful ways before I carefully pushed him down. I tenderly kissed the top of his head and whispered,

“Namárië. Mellon nin!”

[Farewell, my friend!]

“Ready Auth?” Aragorn called.


Slowly, I rose and made my way to where the rest of the Fellowship were stood. The Hobbits were already sat in their boots, as was Gimli. The others were arguing in hushed tones, trying not to be heard but I could still hear them.

“… She’ll ride with me!” Boromir finished.

“Talking about me, Boys?” I called.

“No!” They quickly replied.

“Deciding which boat I am going to be in?”


“I thought so,” I muttered.

                Striding past them, I approached the boat that already housed a not amused Gimli. I smiled down at him before looking over my shoulder at Legolas. There was no need for me to say anything to him, all I had to do was bat my eyelashes at him and he was by my side in an instant.

“Thank you!” I smiled as he took my hand and helped me into the boat.

Soon I was in the boat and I let out a high pitched whistle as Aragorn and Celeborn privately conversed. A loud cry filled the air. Pelior circled the air above our heads for a few minutes. Suddenly, she dived. Gliding through the air, she past our ears and whipped up the air in a frenzy. When she was done, she dropped onto my shoulder and proudly puffed out her chest.

After several minutes, Boromir, Legolas and Aragorn made their way to the boats. Thankfully, Legolas climbed into mine and Gimli’s boat; allowing me to let out a sigh of relief.

The first paddled splashed into the water. We slowly rowed through the River, past the singing Elves on the shore.

“Ai! laurië lantar lassi súrien,

Yéni úntimë ve rámar aldaron!

yéni ve lintë yuldar avánier

mi oromardi lisse-miruvóreva

Andúnë pella Vardo tellumar

nu luini yassen tintilar i eleni…”


[Alas! Like gold fall the leaves in the wind,

long years numberless as the wings of the trees!

The long years have passed like swift draughts

of the sweet mead in lofty halls beyond the West,

beneath the vaults of Varda wherein the stars

tremble in the song of her voice…]

The sun stretched its rosy fingers over the hills and to my dismay, Caras Galadhon rose far away; into the mists.  

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