A Lady's duty - Book One of the Lorien Princess Trilogy (Legolas Love Story/ Lotr)

Authiel is the daughter of Celeborn and Galadriel, princess and heir to the throne of Lorien. In order to prove herself to her people and her parents, she goes to Rivendell in order to attend a secret council. But, when her duty and her destiny become entwined, she finds herself in a company of an elf, two men, a dwarf, a wizard and four hobbits. What will happen when she discovers something about herself - a mystery buried in time and darkness - and what will happen when the dark lord learns of her power in this tale? Will she survive?

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6. Chapter Five - Rivendale

It took us a few hours to reach the path of Caradhras, and a little more than a day to reach Rivendell; thanks to the wonderful speed of Athae. Once I was safely inside the city walls, I threw back my hood and removed the silk scarf. Just as I was dismounting for Athae’s back, a young elven maiden rushed over to me.

“My Lady, it is wonderful for you to be here in our beautiful city once more. My Lord Elrond will be ever so happy that you have arrived safe and it will be wonderful for my Lords Elrond, Elladan and Elrohir, and my Lady Arwen will be so pleased to see you.”

“Why thank you. I do love it here in Rivendell. It is ever so refreshing to be in a place with fresh faces to look at, instead of all those I regularly see back home.”

She curtsied to me as I spoke and I grinned at her,

“The maids are taking your belongings to your chamber; if you would follow me I shall escort you there.”

“If you would.”

“Very well, follow me my Lady!”

She began to walk off at a sudden pace and it took all my strength to keep up with her. After a few minutes of striding, we reached an empty corridor with only a single door on the right wall.

“This way my Lady!” The elven lady said as she ushered me through the door.

Much to my surprise, all my belongings were already in my chamber. But then again I should not have been surprised for maids know their way around the place where they work better than any other person so they obviously know quicker routes than most.  The chamber was beautiful. Several rooms connected by large open archways. The first room contained several coat hooks which I hung my cloak on. This led to an open sitting room. Four other archways then led off of the room. One went to a beautiful bedroom, another a dressing room; equipped with a large changing screen. The third room led to a large pool filled with slightly shimmering water. The final one led to a balcony with a gorgeous view of the waterfall.

“I shall take my leave. Good day, ma’am.”

Looking over my shoulder, I realised that she had quickly exited the room whilst she dimmed into the tiniest of curtsies. She didn’t even give me a chance to thank her before she had hurried away. Shrugging my shoulders, I looked at the majestic waterfall. It was only then that I realised that Pelior was still sat upon my shoulder. She flew off of it. Circled the room several times and then flew off of it.

                I was weary from the journey but I did not wish to rest. Instead I stripped down to my under garments and entered the pool chamber. Once I was completely naked, I slipped into the water. Instantly warmth flooded through me and I sank deeper into the liquid; leaving only my head dry. After lying there for a few minutes I sat up and spread some scented oil onto my bare flesh. Then, I took the flat slab of slate and scrapped the substance off of my skin; the dirt and grime that had splattered it from my journey was washed away. After that, I completely disappeared under the water and allowed my hair to get soaked. I squirted a different oil into my hands, lathered it up and smeared it through my hair. Once I had washed it out, I climbed out and patted my skin dry with a soft fluffy towel. Wrapping it around me, I let my hair trickle water down my back. As I sat down on one of the comfy chairs I brushed my hair whilst muttering a spell under my breath. Within a few minutes my hair was completely dry. I stood up.

Once I had slipped on a pair of fresh undergarments, I approached the wardrobe and I was thrilled to see that all my clothes were already inside it. With great care I picked out a dress and slipped it on. I then placed my circlet upon my head and picked up my staff.

                I studied my reflection in the mirror. The dress truly was beautiful. It was a long gown, in two shades of green, with no sleeves. There was a beautifully decorated bodice with small emeralds stitched into it. The silk dress was topped with a light green chiffon material, and the whole thing was tied at the back with some more silk material. I slipped into a pair of plain satin shoes.

With a nod, I let out a whistle and Pelior soared over to my shoulder. Then I turned and left the room.

                Confidently I strode through Rivendell and smiled at all that I walked past; they were all rather busy as they prepared for the meeting. Just as I was about to settle down in a wooden bench near one of the majestic waterfall, when a young girl ran up to me; sweat coating my brow.

“M-my Lady …. My Lord E-Elrond wish-wishes to see you,” She managed between large gulps of air.

“Take me to him please!” I announced.

“O-Of course my Lady!”

“Thank you.”

                She let out an exhausted sigh, hitched up her skirts slightly and ran back the way that she had come. I strode after her as thoughts flew through my head.

What does Elrond need me for? I have not seen him since I arrived.

It took us a few minutes but eventually we reached a large double door that was slightly a jar.

“In their ma’am!” The girl announced, but she hurried off before I even had the chance to thank her; it seemed that all women in Rivendell were like that, disappearing before people could thank them.

Even though I did not know what I was expecting, I pushed my way through the partly open door and I found myself momentarily blinded by a white light.

An elf with long brown hair, pale skin and a silver circlet upon his head. This was Elrond the Lord of Rivendell, the last homely house east of the sea. When I say elf I should say half-elf for that he is what he is, the brother to the first King of Númenor. Elrond was sat at the bedside of a patient. In his hands was a large crystal and he chanted under his breath.

“Ah Authiel there you are. Do come in!” Elrond called, putting down the crystal.

I did as I was told and approached the bed. There was a small boy who looked to be around eleven or twelve years old. He had short, tightly packed brown curls atop his head. The thing that shocked me the most was that he was no longer peacefully sleeping. Now he was thrashing about, his eyes wide open revealing a pair of dazzlingly blue irises. His thrashing about resulted in his blanket being thrown off of him, revealing his hairy feet.

“This is …” Elrond began.

“ …. Frodo Baggins!” I finished.

“How did you?”

“Elrond, have you forgotten that I journey with Bilbo and the dwarves to the Lonely Mountain. I knew his father, Drogo Baggins, and I have visited the Shire many a time.”

“Oh, of course. How could I forget?” Elrond stated, defeat ringing through his voice and on his face.

                Kneeling down beside his bedside, I placed my hand upon Frodo’s forehead and I could feel the sickly heat that was being emitted from his feverish skin.

“How did this happen?” I asked in an almost whisper whilst running my fingers through his soft hair.

“He was stabbed with the morgul-blade, property of the Witch-King of Angmar; on Weathertop. If we do not act quickly and carefully then he will be dragged into shadow.”

“Then why have you not helped him yet?”

“Alas, the wound is much to sever for me.”


“You are the most gifted healer in the whole of Middle Earth. Please heal him for me!”

“As you wish!”

                For a few minutes I continued to stroke his hair and mutter soothing words. I, then, took my staff so that it was firmly held in my right hand. The room seemed to silence and all I could feel, and hear, was the pulsating of pure magic that was beginning to charge beneath my skin. I could feel it, the soft prickling of raw energy as it tried to seep through my flesh. As I slowed my breathing down, I blocked out the sounds that surrounded me and I slightly shrugged my shoulders so that Pelior knew to get off of it. Pulling down the blanket that covered Frodo with my free hand, I could not help but stare at the wound, which was visible from his bare chest, it was emitting evil. It looked horrific. Although the wound has been cleaned, the area around it was placed in had a greyish tinge to it whist the wound itself was blacky-grey.

Taking another deep breath, I placed my middle and my index fingers from my left hand onto the wound and then I began to chant,


Avo nef in na râd i tog-na gwâth.

Entul na ammen.

Usin su na en i dely hethil.

Entul na ammen.

Har ammen ero ner.

Entul na ammen.


Llie mellon lli.

Entul na ammen.

Dagor ad sin um.

Entul na ammen.


Aphada-na imraid ad na gal.

Entul na ammen.


Entul na ammen.

Aphada na gal.

Entul na ammen.



Entul na ammen.

Aphada na gal.

Entul na ammen!”



Do not tread on the path that leads to shadow.

Return to us.

Escape from the grip of the deadly blade.

Return to us.

Join us once more.

Return to us.


Your friends miss you.

Return to us.

Fight against this evil.

Return to us.


Follow the path back to the light.

Return to us.


Return to us.

Follow the light.

Return to us.



 Return to us.

Follow the light.

Return to us.]

                There was a large flash of light and I placed a small bottle over the wound. Slowly, it began to fill up with this gloopy mixture that was a similar colour to the wound on young Frodo’s chest. As the bottle slowly filled up, the wound faded in colour.

Quickly I turned the bottle over and squeezed the cork bung into place.

                I rose up, gracefully, and I allowed my gaze to fall onto the now peacefully resting hobbit. A smile danced on my lips as I gently ruffled his hair.

“Losta-mae, Frodo Baggins!” I whispered.

[Sleep well, Frodo Baggins!]

Carefully I bent over Frodo’s pillow and placed a kiss on top of his head. Once I had pulled away, I turned on my heel and left the room in large, regal strides.

                   After I had exited the room, I looked from side to side and chose a single corridor that led to the waterfall. My mind fell to young Frodo Baggins, the hobbit, that I had just left. How could one who looked so young and innocent carry such a heavy burden, especially one as heavy as the ring of power. It just seemed so strange, so wrong, that such things could happen.

My thoughts were suddenly banished from my mind by three tiny figures crashing into me.

“S-sorry!” A startled voice cried.

I looked down at them and grinned. The three tiny figures were hobbits. Each of them were looking worried and a flicker of recognition flew through my mind as I thought of a pair of mischievous hobbits causing mayhem as they went and a young hobbit who was obsessed with gardening.

“No, no do not be. It was my fault. If I had not allowed my mind to wander then I would have seen you coming. Thus meaning that I would have been able to spring out of the way,” I replied.

The young hobbit at the front grinned at me. He had curly blond hair and strong cheek bones.

“Thank you, miss!” He said in a confused manner.

“You are most definitely welcome!”

                Scooting past them, I could over hear snippets of their conversation stuff like.

“Is that? ……. You ask! ……. Fine, I’ll …”

And stuff like that to one another. It seemed that they were trying to usher the one that has spoken to me early to speak. With a defeated cry he called,


“Yes?” I replied looking over my shoulder at them.

“You wouldn’t happen to know where a hobbit is staying. A hobbit is …”

“I know what a hobbit is, my dear Halfling. I have just exited from his chamber. Head down the corridor that I have just walked, he is in the final room. The door is the last one which you can see the whole of this magnificent waterfall.”

“Thank you!” He called to me before running off; their hairy feet slapping the floor as they ran.



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