A Lady's duty - Book One of the Lorien Princess Trilogy (Legolas Love Story/ Lotr)

Authiel is the daughter of Celeborn and Galadriel, princess and heir to the throne of Lorien. In order to prove herself to her people and her parents, she goes to Rivendell in order to attend a secret council. But, when her duty and her destiny become entwined, she finds herself in a company of an elf, two men, a dwarf, a wizard and four hobbits. What will happen when she discovers something about herself - a mystery buried in time and darkness - and what will happen when the dark lord learns of her power in this tale? Will she survive?

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12. Chapter Eleven - Anger and Magic

Snow fell around me and I was thankful that my hands were not frozen from the cold for then I would not be able to cling to the rutted out rock that I had slammed into during my fall. Above me I could hear the Fellowship as they helped one another out of the snow. The sounds of the Hobbits as they huddled beside whoever was closest to them, shivering, reached my ears.

“We must get off the mountain!” Boromir urgently cried.

“Help!” I whispered, shock stopping me from speaking any louder.

“Are we all accounted for?” Gandalf’s voice asked calmly, completely ignoring what Boromir had said.

“Yes, I think … no, wait … where’s Authiel?” Aragorn stated.

“Where is she?” Frodo cried.

“Down here!” I whispered.

“She must be still under the snow!” I heard Legolas say, his voice calm mask disintegrating somewhat.

“If she is she’s dead!” Boromir harshly added.

“Legolas!” I whispered helplessly.   

“Lass?” Gimli called.

My fingers began to slip and I did everything I could to stop myself from plummeting to my doom.

“I am down HERE!” ‘Here came out in a shout as the shock dissolved away.

“Authiel?” Pippin’s innocent voice called.


I heard the sounds of shuffling footsteps from above me and powdery snow hailed down on me. A growled quietly as I attempted to shake and blow it from my face, an attempt which completely failed. Looking up, I saw a mass of blond hair dangling down to me.

“So, Authiel, how are you?” Legolas asked.

“Oh wonderful actually. I do so love dangling over the edge of a snow capped cliff where I could fall to my untimely demise.”

“Sarcasm is a horrific trait in a woman.”

“Help me!” I whimpered.

“Why would I do that?” He evilly grinned.

My fingers suddenly slipped and I struggled to stop myself from falling to my death. Legolas’ grin quickly faded when he saw the true terror that was pulsating in my eyes.

“Stay there. I will get you!”

“Actually I was thinking that I would just let go and fall to my demise!”

“Authiel!” He warned. 

“Be careful,” I whispered.

He nodded and then slowly inched himself forwards. He lent towards me and wrapped one of his muscular arms around my waist.

“Put your arm around my neck!”

I did as I was told and slowly he shuffled his way back to the path above.

                Once both my feet were securely on the ground, I looked up into Legolas’ sparkling blue eyes and whispered,

“Thank you!”

“You’re welcome!”

I removed my hand from around his neck but his hands were still firmly planted on my waist.

“Ni noeth tanya ni nae nae n’net llie!” He admitted in a whisper. 

[I thought that I was going to lose you!]

“Al-si, nars oio thel-tanya mart.”

[Not now, nor ever will that happen.]

I did my best to hide my blush by placing a kiss on his cheek, allowing some of my curls to cover my face. He slowly released me and I turned away to Athae, who had Pelior huddled under one of her saddle blankets. Both of them had scared looks etched into their eyes.

“Ni naa braind, mellon nín, est!” I assured them.

[I am fine, my friends, relax!]

“Make for the Gap of Rohan and take the west road to my city!” Boromir continued urgently, glaring at me as he spoke for interrupting his o’ so precious ‘speech’.

“The Gap of Rohan takes us to close to Isengard!” Aragorn angrily retorted.

“We cannot pass over a Mountain. Let us go under. Let us go through the Mines of Moria!”

Gandalf closed his frost bitten eyes and sighed, competing in a mental battle with himself. Finally he spoke,

“Let the Ring-bearer decide.”

I looked at the small boy whose eyes were wide with shock as the weight of such a burdened his shoulders.

“We cannot stay here!” Boromir cried with Merry and Pippin shivering in his arms, “This will be the death of the Hobbits!”

“Frodo!” I encouraged.

He looked at me, panic riddled in his large eyes, and I gave him a reassuring smile. Then, he looked into Gandalf’s eyes and said,

“We will go through the mines!”

Slowly Gandalf nodded his head,

“So be it!”

                By the time we had reached the western base of the Misty Mountains, it was dusk.

“Gandalf, I suggest we rest for a few hours. Gather our strength and fry off before we dwell in those dark places under the Mountains!” I called to him from my placed atop Athae.

“I think you are right Authiel!”

Frodo was sat with me, his hand subconsciously running over the ring. I tapped him on the shoulder and whispered,

“Let it go sweetheart. It is not healthy to cling to it all day.”

“S-sorry. I-I just can’t help it …” He whispered.

“I know, Isildur was the same. Frodo you must promise me something.”


“When the time comes, do not let it consume you. Think not of the Ring but of your  Life, your Friends, your Family. It will make you strong. I do not want you to turn as Isildur did.

Promise me that, please.”

“I promise!”

“Thank you!” I grinned, kiss his head.

He grinned at me and then jumped off of Athae’s back before running back over to his friends.

“Periannath!” I whispered, shaking my head with a smirk on my face.


Just as I grabbed the reigns, I felt a sharp, burning pain riddle under my hand. A pain filled hiss escaped my lips.

“You okay lass?” Gimli asked.

“I am fine!” I assured him.

He nodded and then sat himself by Sam, who was busy building a fire, before pulling out his pipe.

“Ant tua?” A familiar voice asked.

[Need help?]

I looked away from Gimli to see Legolas standing near me, desperately trying to hide his concern that was obviously spilling from his face.

“Na mani?”

[With what?]

He nodded from Athae to me to the ground, before looking back to me.


[Would you?]

“Llie sint ni!”

[You know I would!]

I grinned at him as I gracefully swung one of my legs so that both of them were facing Legolas. Slowly, he placed either hand on my waist. I then placed both my hands on his shoulder blades, wincing slightly from the pain, and he helped me to the ground.

“Hannon le!” I whispered.

[Thank you!]

                Before I could walk away from him, he caught my arm and turned me back around to face him.

“You’re hurt?!”

“It is probably nothing!”

“Let me see!”

“I said that it is probably nothing!”

“And I told you to let me see it!”

“I have not even looked myself yet!”

“Then we shall look together!”

“Legolas that is not …”

“We SHALL look together!”

Rolling my eyes I made my way to the freshly made fire with a concerned looking Legolas on my heels like a little lap dog or a hungry child.

“Boys,” I called to the Hobbits, “I think you will finally get to see some of my magic at work!”

The  Hobbits grinned to one another with wide eyes that were filled with excitement before running over  to me and dropping at my feet in a huddle.

Slowly I peeled off the leather gloves that covered my hands and grimaced at that repulsive sight that greeted me. My palms were bloody from the oozing cuts that covered them and at least three fingers were broken with two that were badly bruised.

“That is no pretty sight!” Sam exclaimed, staring at my wounds; transfixed.

“ No, no it is not. But what more can you expect. After all, I was pus … I did practically roll down the side of that cliff. I would get a few wounds from something like that. To be honest I am surprised that I did not suffer greater injuries that the ones on my hands, it probably had something to do with the snow.”

“Did you just say …” Merry asked.

“No!” I interrupted.

“I swear you …” Frodo added.

“No, no I really did not!”

“It sounded like …” Pippin began.

“No …”

“ … you said …” Same continued.

“Stop plea …”

“Pushed!” They chorused.

I cringed at that word and looked away from them, deep into the fire; praying that they would just drop the subject. Of course I had no such luck. 

“You were pushed?” Pippin questioned. 



“Yes …” I sighed.

“By who?”

“I do not know,” I lied.

The lie was probably blatantly obvious, but I doubt the young minds of the Hobbits noticed. It was Legolas who noticed, and Gandalf, for they both were looking at me obviously waiting for an answer. I forgot about them though, instead I concentrated on the idea that was forming in my head. It might have been HIM. Though I doubt he meant it; but we have not really been seeing eye to eye of late, and he was the only one to wear such gloves.

                Turning my attention back to my wounds, I whistled to Pelior but found that she was already there, floating just in my line of sight; knowing exactly what I want for my staff was in her sharp claws.

“Hannon le!” I grinned as I took it from her.

[Thank you!]

Carefully, I took the crystal out and practically threw the staff at Legolas, who did not really catch it instead he just not so elegantly wrapped his arms around it. I placed the stone between my palms so that they were cupping it.

“Nesta-sin amin!” I whispered.

[Heal these damaged libs for me!]

A bright white light began to seep through my fingers and a soft heat clamped around my wounds. The heat began to build up so that it was eventually it was a sheering hot pain that coursed through my veins and I could feel the tears beginning to prickle behind my glassy eyes. But as suddenly as the heat had arrived, it ended with a violent ‘crack’ as my broken fingers snapped back into place.

“Valar, umbar faica!” I hissed.

[Valar, fate is cruel!]

The Hobbits were grinning at me from ear to ear as they stared at my now fixed fingers which I was flexing and curling in the air in front of their eyes. Whilst Legolas was silently shaking with laughter.

“What?” I asked with a glare.


“Me? Only a few seconds ago you thought I was going to die and now you are laughing! It should be I who is laughing!”

“I did not think you were going to die, I was merely worried, and of course I am going to laugh; that was typically you.”


“Any chance that you get you show off!”

“Me? Show off! You must be joking!”

“And why is that?”

“I am talking to the biggest show of that this world has ever known!”

“That is not true!”

“It actually is.”

“Prove it then.  Show me how I am a show off. Go on!”

“You, the precious Prince of Mirkwood, go skipping into battle, flipping your hair at any female that walks, before charging head on to the nearest thing with a sword. Single-handedly you would try and take down a Mûmakil, fitted with its own bloodthirsty army, equipped with only  your bow, a hand full of arrows and a pocket knife if I allowed it.

Instead of mounting a horse like a normal soul, you let it run so that you can gather momentum and then you can ‘swing’ yourself onto it.

You do not walk, you strut!

Need I continue?”

“And you are so perfect?”



“I am myself, and myself means perfection!”


“Oh really, do explain!”

“You go against most beliefs of what a woman should or should not do, even if I do not believe in such a thing, by going and fighting in various different wars. Why exactly do you do that?”

“Have you forgotten the literal meaning of my name?”

He paused, his mouth open as he mumbled,

“Battle Maiden,”

Before he closed it. Then reopened it, and closed it again. Finally he spoke,

“Okay, I will give you that one!”

A grin flew across my face as I flicked my hair triumphantly over my shoulder.

“You’re still a show off!”

“Am I? Please do enlighten me!”

“You go around acting all brave and supreme yet you forget that some of our number, myself included, have known you a long time. I know you are acting one way when you are really feeling differently …”

“It is my duty to fight, to defend my people, as it is yours to defend your people.”

“That may be true, but that does not mean going and doing rash things. As the Princess you should be caring for your people, not going around quenching your thirst for revenge!”

“How dare you say that!” I spat, “You know nothing of the ever occurring pain that I feel daily, the pain of knowing that I could have done something to save them from such a fate that they befell. Yet I could do nought for if I did than I would have been killed, I was forced to watch things that would make even a Nazgûl shiver! Never say that I am just ‘quenching’ my so-called thirst for well-deserved revenge; the anger that I feel cannot be released in one single instant, yes the one who committed the indecency has long been dead but I will not rest till all Orcs lie dead in the place that they once stood and their foul blood to smeared over the stolen land that they call their own!

You should know that! If you do not then …… then …….” I paused trying to think of something to say. Legolas was looking at me expectantly, his eyebrows raised; anticipating the worst. Unfortunately for me, nothing came. An almighty grin grew across his face, releasing that he was triumphant. I snatched my staff from his hands and snapped,

“Eea, a mitta lambetya cendelessë orocova!”

[Go French-kiss an Orc!]

                Before standing up and storming over to Aragorn was sat, a pipe in the corner of his mouth, my skirts hitched up slightly to stop myself from clumsily tripping up and making a fool of myself after a moment that brought all of our companies gaze onto me. I dropped down beside him on the large boulder, scowling as I forced the crystal back into place.

Suddenly Aragorn began loudly laughing in an uncontrollable manner. I glared at him from the corner of my eye but he did not get my rather subtle hint to silence his self. So I resulted to a more productive method; I harshly clipped him over the ear.

His laughter cessed as suddenly as it started.

“What was that for?” He demanded, rubbing his ear with a pained expression filling his face.

“For being insensitive!”

“Oh,” He sighed, accepting defeat.

His face fell as he slowly sucked on his pipe. His gaze fell on the already dying fire.

“Legolas, go get some more wood for the fire. Boromir, go with him!”

The elf nodded his head and walked towards the fire, his eyes trailing over me as he went; obviously seeking forgiveness. The man, however, glared at Aragorn obviously outraged that he had the nerve to order him around. He opened his mouth to make a snide  comment but he faltered when he felt my piercing gaze fall on him. Slowly, he slunk into the forest after Legolas, annoyed that he had to do such a primitive task.

                Sam had set up his frying pans and was beginning to cook some of the rations of food for us. It took several minutes but soon the delirious smells of sizzling food were wafting under our noses. The ‘boys’ had still not returned.

With a sigh, I stood up, grabbed my bow and quiver, and walked to the entrance of the dark wood where Legolas and Boromir had walked through several minutes ago.

“Where are you going Lass?” Gimli called.

Looking over my shoulder, I smiled at him and replied,

“To find the Boys. They have been gone for far too long and I am certain that neither will appreciate being ignored in a situation that involves food.”

“Be careful!” Aragorn warned.

I just smirked and strode into the dark trees, feeling completely at ease.

                For some time I tracked the footprints that they had left embedded into the soft ground, footprints that led surprisingly deep into the forest; deeper than most would usually go to find suitable pieces of firewood. Eventually I found them, I was just about to make myself known when I heard their argument. So, instead, I stayed hidden in the shadows of the tree, one of my legs tucked under me slightly so that it was pressed on the bark making my dress ride up so that a lot of the flesh on my leg and lower thigh was actually visible, and listened.

“ … is mine!” Boromir finished angrily.     

“How can you say that? She is a person. She belongs to no one, especially not you!” Legolas calmly snapped.

“She will be mine. Once this is over I will marry her!”

“She hates you!”

“You think so?”

“I know so!”

“You’re just jealous!”

“What have I to be jealous of Boromir? She hates you with a passion, she allows Pelior to attack you regularly attack you and I have had to stop on several occasions from cursing you into the oblivion.”


A smirk filled my face as I nodded my head slightly at this comment, it took my best effort to surpass the laugh that was trying to creep up my face from the outraged look that was flowing across Boromir’s face. Legolas’ eyes casually drifted over to me and a slight smirk flew on his face when his elven eyes caught a glimpse of me watching them.

“You can’t talk. Constantly you argue; as if you could ever win her heart!”

“At least I do not think her a possession.”

“She will be mine!”

An angry silence followed but it only lasted for a few seconds for Legolas boldly broke it.

“Authiel is not someone you can force yourself on. One day she will be the Queen of all the Elves, never would she love someone who thinks them greater than her; who thinks her a possession!”

“Oh, but you think that she would choice you? You may have the gift of being of the same kin but you forget one thing, all you do is argue!”

“Actually it is called friendly banter!” I finally spoke up.

As if on cue, the moon became visible from behind the dense clouds . It flitted down from through the leaves and I became visible to the two arguing ‘children’; my features practically glowing as they bathed in the moonlight.

Boromir stared at me, both angry and shocked that I had overheard their conversation. Whilst Legolas let the slight grinned that had previously curled the corners of his lips now covered his face from ear to ear.

“And I have known Legolas long enough for such actions to be acceptable. Yet, I heard the exact words that you uttered Boromir; how lovely that you think of Ladies in such a manner.

You are both needed back at the camp,  our food is ready so unless you wish to starve then get walking and ,truthfully, I do not care which option you choose!” I snapped before stalking back in the direction of the camp.

Legolas was chuckling beside me, only loud enough for us two to hear it but still fairly loud. I sent him a silencing glare which did not work particularly well. Yes, he did stop his laughter, but that confident smirk of his still filled his face.

“Stop that!” I hissed.

“Stop what?” He cockily replied.


“Authiel, you are going to have to be more specific than that.”

“Drop that confident smirk, I am still angry with you!”

“Yes Ma’am!”

“And do not call me Ma’am!”

“I am sorry, my Liege!” He answered stooping into a mocking bow.

“Oh, silence!” I said, trying my best to hide my amusement which Legolas knew was there.

                Boromir pushed his way between us and stormed towards the camp that had only just come into view. I did my best to hold back a laugh and in the end I had to result in coughing quietly to try and hide the amusement from his childish ways.

In a low voice he hissed to Legolas as he passed,

“She is mine, and no others!”

“No Boromir, I am never yours. For one, how do not know that my heart does not already belong to someone, that is a possibility that never crossed your mind is it not? And how could you ever think that I could ever fall for one such as you?”

“Meaning?” He demanded loudly as he charged into the camp.

“Perhaps I would much rather fall in love with someone of my own choosing, but it would never be some as foul as you. A person who is possessive and angry. A person who would not falter to push me off of a cliff!”

Everyone froze, watching and listening intensely to the unfolding scene, each of them shocked by my sudden outburst and wondering what exactly had happened whilst we were in the dark trees.  Boromir was just staring at me, completely shocked by my words; a dumb look of confusion filling his face.

“Do not look at me in such a dumbstruck manner. I have kept the fact secret for some time, but no longer! Yet how can I after you said such things. Even I had my doubts about what happened. However, I replayed it in my head several times and I know now the more that I do think of it, the more that my worst fears are revealed. I was pushed. Hands that were covered in black dyed hide gloves that are strapped to the red leather padding of chainmail did the job. Only one member of our company wears such gloves, and I am looking at him!”

“What are you trying to say?” Boromir demanded in a barking growl.

“That you, Boromir, you are the reason that I almost died. You are the one who pushed me off of the Mountain!”

A gasp rippled around the camp and I stormed away from him, over to the roaring fire.

“Authiel! … Authiel don’t you dare walk away from me … Get back here woman … I mean it … No Woman of mine can walk away from me!” Boromir yelled after me.

                I faltered in my tracks. My eyes widened as his yell rippled through the air and I slowly turned around. Anger festered inside of me and I sent him a fear crippling glare.

“What did you call me? … your woman … how dare …. Pelior cronh si!” I screamed angrily.

[Attack now!]

She did not need to be told twice. With a loud battle shriek, she angrily flew at him. I watched as she furiously attacked Boromir, peaking at his eyes and scratching at his face, but suddenly everything changed.

                Somehow, I do not know how, Boromir managed to get hold of Pelior. One hand he used to tightly hold her wings and the other he held her neck.

“How dare you!” I screamed, “Pe-channas, let her go!”


A menacing grin grew on Boromir’s face and a somewhat evil glint filled his eyes; his lust for power growing by the second.

“Ta ho!” Legolas whispered, shock riddling in his voice.

[It has claimed him!]

“If you hurt her in any way I swear I will kill you!” I growled.

“What will the little Princess do? Hit me with her little stick?” He taunted.

I curled my fingers inwards, making a tight fist and it took all my strength to not charge at him at that very second.

“Baw Authiel. Law anna-ho in man ho!” Legolas warned.

[No Authiel. Don’t give him the satisfaction which he craves!]

But I ignored him.

“Let her go, you absolute fool. Let her go!”

“Make me!”

“As you wish!”

A battle roar of my own escaped my crimson lips and I lunged at him. He fell back and I straddled, one of the daggers that had previously been hiding in a scabbard that was built into my boots was pressed firmly against his throat.

“Release her or I will cut your throat!”

                Boromir started to blink rapidly and a look of complete confusion washed over his face; but it soon disappeared when he saw the position that we were in. A smirk filled his lips as he raised an eye brow at me,

“I knew you couldn’t keep your hands off of me!” He cockily said.

“Release Pelior or you will find yourself short of a head!” I growled furiously.

Boromir looked down at his hands, complete shocked that she was in his keep. He unfolded his hands and released her. Slowly, she crawled up to my shoulder; using only her beak to lift her up. I sat up straight, still with Boromir beneath me and my dagger loosely in my grip. In a low voice, I whispered,

“Naa llie, mellon nín?”

[Are you alright, my friend?]

Pelior just stared at me with sad eyes and painfully extended her right wing towards me. It looked slightly crooked. A gasp slipped from my lips,

“You complete imbecile! You have broken her wing! How dare you!” I screamed at the top of my lungs before lunging at him again.

I loudly threw very unladylike curses at him in Elvish, Orcish and in the tongues of Men, my anger exploding in fiery snaps as I yelled at him.

“Authiel calm down!” Aragorn ordered.

I ignored him, anger boiling in my veins as I pressed my dagger once more to Boromir’s throat.

“You hurt her! YOU HURT HER!!!” I screamed.

                A pair of familiar arms wrapped around my waist as Legolas lifted me off of the terrified Boromir but not before I complete exploded.

My anger just blew out of me and suddenly everything went manic. The nearby trees jumped into life. Their branches shot out and grabbed Boromir’s wrists and ankles. He was yanked into the air and held in a star position. The fire roared into life and the flames rose high into the air, glowing embers flying around as large balls of flames flew out towards Boromir. The balls of fire were size of my fist and they hurtled themselves dangerously close to my victim with the wind egging them on. I screamed more curses at him as I kicked my legs into the air, throwing a complete fit as I tried to get closer to him and destroy him for doing such a horrible thing to my dear friend.

“Authiel calm down!” Legolas calmly said.

I struggled in his grip but he slowly turned my around, ignoring the angry slaps and punches that I threw at his rock hard chest. He placed his forehead on mine and tried to make me look him in his eyes.

“Tír na nin. Authiel tír na nin!” He ordered calmly.

[Look at me. Authiel look at me!]

Reluctantly, I did as I was told and stared into the sparkling eyes that made my heart skip a beat. In a soothing voice he whispered,

“Bas, nín mîl. Bas. Tyfn thuil. Dî … e-. Dî … e-. Fael bas!”

[Calm down, my love. Calm down. Deep breaths. In … out. In … out. Just calm down!]

Eventually, my anger subsided and the fire cessed its spitting. The trees promptly dropped Boromir to the ground before returning to their previous positions.

“Hannon le!” I whispered, my face turning red from embarrassment.

[Thank you!]

“Llie creos,” He softly replied.

[You’re welcome!”

                I placed a quick peck on his cheek before walking over to the fire. The Hobbits and Gimli were all staring at me. Shyly, I smiled at them before studying Pelior’s broken wing.

“I heard of your powers, Lass, but I didn’t know they were that power!” Gimli stated.  

“Glôin mentioned them then!”

“Aye and how brutal you were in the Battle of Five Armies.”

“Of course he would mention that!” I sighed.

“Bilbo told me about that too!” Frodo piped up.

I smiled at him before concentrating on Pelior’s wing. Tenderly I placed both of my hands either sides of her wing. She let out a pain filled cry and I gave her a sympathetic look.

“This will hurt a little bit!” I whispered.

She nodded her tiny head, a small glint of fear visible in her eyes.

“Nesta-sin amin!” I whispered.

[Heal these wounds for me!”

A loud snap sounded and Pelior cried out in pain as her wing fixed back into place.

“You still do not know how to control your powers completely!” Gandalf pointed out.

“Pure emotions are harder to control.”

Gandalf nodded his head before returning to his pipe.

“Pure emotion?” Pippin asked.

“Emotions cause unexplainable surges in my powers. Pure emotion, such as uncontrollable anger, spikes these surges so much that they consume me. It only usually happens in battles or when I am seeking revenge but if I am annoyed past my normal peak, rage, such as you just witnessed, will take over and very few are able to control me in such situations.”


“Like who?” Sam piped up.

“Excuse me?”

“You said only certain people can control you when you’re like that. Who can?”

“My Mother and Father … some of the Istari … Legolas … Elr …”

“Why Legolas?” Pippin questioned.

“I have known him for a long time and he has been through my worst times for the past few hundred years.”

“And longer!” Legolas chuckled.

“You still haven’t told us how long you have known one another!” Merry noted.

I shared a slight look with Legolas who briefly nodded his head and I said simply,

“I have known him all of his life.”

The Hobbits shared a confused look and began saying,

“How is that …”

But Aragorn interrupted them by saying,

“Gandalf we have lingered her to long. We may have attracted unwanted attention.”

All eyes fell on me and I held my hands up in defence,

“I did warn you!”

Gandalf chuckled under his breath, his bushy eyebrows shaking under his silver brimmed hat as he casually choked on the wisps of smoke. Pelior flapped her wings and flew onto the top of Athae’s head, who looked up at her and let out a puff of air in mock anger. The fire was doused and our belongings were soon packed up.

Just as we were moving off, I heard Pippin say,

“Wait, what about out food?”


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