A Lady's duty - Book One of the Lorien Princess Trilogy (Legolas Love Story/ Lotr)

Authiel is the daughter of Celeborn and Galadriel, princess and heir to the throne of Lorien. In order to prove herself to her people and her parents, she goes to Rivendell in order to attend a secret council. But, when her duty and her destiny become entwined, she finds herself in a company of an elf, two men, a dwarf, a wizard and four hobbits. What will happen when she discovers something about herself - a mystery buried in time and darkness - and what will happen when the dark lord learns of her power in this tale? Will she survive?

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19. Chapter Eighteen - The Warg

Gimli, who had previously been sleeping, awoke with a shocked snort. He looked around the group with lazy eyes and grumbled slightly at the scared expressions on their faces. That was when he heard the second growl. All sleepiness dropped from his eyes in an instant and they widened with fear.

“I thought you said this place was safe, lassie!” He whispered, fear riddling his words.

Everyone scrambled about, trying to find a weapon to attack the growling beast with. All, that is, expect me. I stayed exactly where I was. Sat on the ground with my skirts circling me and a slight curl to the corner of my lips whilst I looked ahead.

                Out of the shadows of the everlasting forest, a beast with short, dark brown fur stepped slowly towards us. It stood at about five feet from the ground to the shoulder and seven feet in length from snout to hide. Its head had a short muzzle full of large fangs, small eyes were set to the side and ears at the back of the skull. The muscular forelegs appeared shorter than they actually were due to the coarse fur that densely covered its body.

This creature was a famous wolf-like beast; a Gundabad Warg.

The Warg slowly stalked forwards. Its sharp eyes resting on me and only me. It completely ignored the others who were shouting menacing threats at it. It seemed that it only had eyes for me. If the others had spread their attention more wisely, they would have seen the grin that plastered my rosy cheeks.

                Suddenly, the Warg leapt forwards. Its eyes fixed on mine as it dodged the people who were trying to attack it. In a single leap, the beast had me pinned against the floor; its huge paws resting either side of my chest as it stared deep into my eyes, growling. It snarled at me and revealed its large, yellowing fangs that stood at different angles.

I knew what was about to come, but the Fellowship did not.

For them, the unexpected happened. Suddenly, the Warg was no longer growling. Instead, its tail was wagging furiously from side to side as its cat-like tongue scrapped roughly against my cheeks whilst it licked my face. I was soon  giggling uncontrollably as I attempted to push him off of me.

“Bay!” I screamed among giggles, “Get off, Bay! I mean it! Beinion {bay-nee-on} get off!”

Finally he did as I ordered and he allowed me to sit up; but not before he promptly lay across my outstretched legs, forbidding me from moving. I softly laughed at his actions and carefully entwined my fingers in his thick fur whilst my other hand petted him atop his head.

“Why is there a Warg in your lap?” Boromir demanded, spitting his words out in disgust at the creature in my lap.

I ignored him, something which I was becoming a regular custom of late, and looked down at Bay.

“Have you been, Bay? Have you been behaving yourself?”

He looked up at me and his voice filled my head.

Alright, I suppose. And as good as I can be when I’m alone all the time.

“You are not alone all the time!”

I am!

“No you are not!”


“You are not!”

But I …

“Do not start a sentence with ‘but’!”

Sorry …

“As you should be!”

I paused as a smell filled my nose. A pungent odour was wafted towards me by the slight breeze from Bay’s fur.

“Have you been in the River again?”

Maybe …

“Bay!” I sighed.

Sorry …

“As you should be. That means that I am going to have to make time in my extremely busy schedule to give you a bath; and I am already far too busy as it is. It is a daunting task that will rid me of several hours that I will need to be able to help my kin prepare for my departure that will inevitably occur in the next few days. Actually, I might have Arania do the task for me.”

No, anything but that. She is mean. She pulls at my fur!

“Well, that is what you deserve. You know the consequences if you break the rules and you deliberately did what you should not. You chose to go into the River and such actions need to suffer a consequence of the correct degree. A bath from Arania is exactly what you deserve.”

But …

“No buts, Bay!”

Authiel please!

“There is nothing that I can do, Bay. You had the choice of your actions and you made an illegal chose. You know that!”

You are horrible.

“I am not, I am only doing what is best for you!”

But …

“I will not discuss this further!”


“You heard my words, Bay. I will not discuss this further with you. Tomorrow you shall bathe and that is that!”

I hate you

I rolled my eyes at his grumbling tone as he dropped his head back on his paws and refused to look up at me.

“Love you too!”

He let out a huff of angered air and then growl quietly to himself as he continued to ignore me.

“Good boy!” I whispered as I grinned at his petty ways before placing a kiss upon his head.

“What just happened?” Pippin asked, sounding more confused than normal.



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