Get Lucky

Niall just one of those sweet nice guys that everyone wants to be friends with. Cute, nice, popular.

Except one thing he's in the most popular band in the world. One Direction. His world turns upside down.

Will he get Lucky?

1. One


-Niall's POV*


"Guys, I am going to Nandos" I say walking out the door. I'm walking out of the hotel trying my best not to get caught by fans since a lot of them were staying here.

I almost make it out until I get caught by a whole mob of girls coming my direction as I try to turn the other way but, the catch up to me.


"HI Niall!" A girl shouts. "Hey" I sigh giving her a smile. 

"Psst Psst" I hear a whisper from around the corner.


"Girls, I have to go" I say following the noise as I look around to listen for it again something pulls me by my jacket into a alley near the hotel.


"Shhh" The other girls run past screaming as they thought they saw me walking again.


I look over to see a girl in shorts and tank top with a jacket standing behind me with dark brown hair with a hint of red on top with pretty hazel eyes.

"Thanks, how'd you know they were going to do that?" I ask. "I was walking from the hotel and they thought I was Eleanor, which is weird" She laughs.

"What's your name?" I ask making conversation. "Its um just call me Kelsey" Kelsey says.

"I like that, um do you want to join me for some food, you did just save me from being mobbed" I grin. "I could eat" 



"Two coke -a cola's?" "yes, please" she grins looking at the menu. 


"Two cokes" I tell the server. "So, um Kels, what are you doing here in London?" I ask. "For fun"


"Ahh, are you a Di- "Directioner? yes I am. Why aren't I freaking out right now? because I am not going to freak out and scream that has to be annoying



"It is but, I do like that a lot, its nice being with a girl who won't scream" I grin leaning back in my chair falling backwards.


-My POV-

"Niall" I yell going over to him helping him up off the floor but, can't seem to stop looking at each other smiling. I loose my balance and fall over again making me fall next to Niall with both of us burst into laughter. 




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