Truth or Dare

"We cannot keep doing this"I said ,trying to stop the tears brimming in my eyes."Why not?"He said with a hoarse voice ,taking away the final drop of confidence I had left in me."Because you and me together"I started ."are bad news for everyone,including us".With that I left him,left him forever.But who was I kidding,he always gets what he wants,and currently he wants me.


1. Out , like always

''Just fucking stop,Niall''Louis barked at me.''This is just gonna kill you''

The news of my last nights partying was on the celebrity news as usual and Louis was screaming at me ,as usual


Teenage heartthrob ,Niall horan was captured yet again partying last night.Yes,we are talking about The 'Niall Horan' who was a;ways recognized as the'innocent one' amongst the others.Looks like the fame is getting.......


''Hey,Louis i was listening to that.'' i said as Louis turned the television off.He gave me a mean glare and started walking the room,first mumbling but than speaking''I was supposed to help you get rid of this addiction. That's why you are living with me,but no matter how hard i try you wont listen to me''he roared at me.He kept shouting at me while i sat on the sofa seat listening with a small smile.I was used to all of this.I wonder why Louis still hasn't gotten used to it.

He finally stopped and sat next to me.''Why Niall?" He asked .I just shrugged.He didnt argue as the door bell interrupted him.He quickly went to open it and in came all the boys with there girlfriend.''Oh,i forgot to tell you Niall ,we are having company''

They all said their hi's which I answered with a mumble.No one came for a hug as they knew they weren't getting one.I wasn't in the best of moods after falling from my high cloud ,which is almost every night at this time.

"What are we doing?"Harry asked while sitting down.Louis jumped and said "Truth and dare"

Truth and dare,the reason behind my first all night long party,the reason behind my first drug,the reason behind my life style which normal people recall as ruined.

I stepped out of my thought by some one calling my name."Niall ,Niall"Liam called"it's your turn mate"

"I really don't fell like it so...."I said while heading towards the door.

"Where are you going?"was the last thing I heard as I stepped out of the door.

"Out"I mumbled "as always".With that I started heading towards the next VIP club.


Ruth's POV

"Miss Mackenzie ,your father is on the phone"my maid called out from the other side of the door."Coming"I said as I threw the cigarette in the ashtray and heading out.i think dad has    called on the phone in the living room.Oh great,the leaving room is a long hallway,a flight of stairs and a library away.Believe me ,living in a mansion is not easy.With that I started limping through the hall way with my thoughts keeping me company.I wonder which city in the world my parents are?.Last time i called dad was in Australia and mom in Canada.Finally, reaching there in which seemed like forever ,I picked up the phone and fell on the couch

"Hello ,daddy"I said in a bored expression

"Hmm,I wonder what made my daughter so bored?"my dad said,and as always made me smile

"Dad ,answer my question first,who gave you the idea of making the library in such a weird place?"I said and started again"It talks so long to come to the leaving room from my room."

"It's was your mom's idea,sweet cheeks "dad said

"Mom and you are barely here to use the library "I said in a matter of factly tone

"We will talk about this when I get there,Ruth "he said with a little strict tone.

"You mean on Christmas ,which is only seven months away?"I asked sarcastically

"Honey,there's nothing I can do ,you know that ,right"he said

"Alright dad tell me all about what's going"

 I had spent most of my life with my dad.Even in my childhood my mom was so busy with her business that it was my dad who read me bed time stories.He always found time for me,unlike my mother.He would even take me meetings so that I wouldn't have to be alone in the house because my mom only used this place for sleeping .I even remember a big table with people around it ,listening to my dad while I played with my soft toy on the floor.I had even became friends with a few people as i was there almost every time.He didn't trust any one when it came to me,so he never got a baby sitter .At that time I had him every night,but when his business got big he had to go on trips,along with my mom.I was always alone with the servants and the house was silent most of the times.A friend once took me to a party and showed me the world of happiness.It was weird at first but now I almost live on ecstasy .


"Alright honey,I have to go now, your mom says hi"my dad said

"Tell her i said fuck you"yes I hated my mother

"She says hi back"My dad yelled ,probably to my mom

"Dad why won't you tell her the actual thing I said?"

"Because that would make her upset ,Hun "dad said

"Dad,we hate her to the same limits "i reminded my dad.Yes ,we both hate her

"Talk to you later,love you"He said ,hanging up

"Love you"I mumbled 

With that I started going towards my room again,but this time actually running towards the comfort of my room. I ran in and fell on my bed.After spending god knows how many minutes laying there motionless ,I moved and grabbed the bag of heaven,my heaven and took out a pill.I set it in my mouth and fell on my bed again,drifting to a magical sleep



Authors note

Hello everyone,your author here.I was just wondering what you think about this story.Its not a exciting chapter I know,it's just the introduction to the characters .

Tell me what you think in the comments,should I continue?

And thank you for reading ,don't forget to like and favorite 



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