Truth or Dare

"We cannot keep doing this"I said ,trying to stop the tears brimming in my eyes."Why not?"He said with a hoarse voice ,taking away the final drop of confidence I had left in me."Because you and me together"I started ."are bad news for everyone,including us".With that I left him,left him forever.But who was I kidding,he always gets what he wants,and currently he wants me.


11. Meeting the band mate

I woke up in the morning by myself,which was unusual.I guess I was excited to meet Niall's band mate.I don't know why.Many things have been out of my control since that day when I first saw Niall .

I quickly got dressed and texted Niall asking him when was his band mate coming.And to my surprise, he,who according to Niall was Louis ,was already here.

I ran towards his house and reached their in barely two minutes.I ringed the bell  and there stood a wide eyed Niall.

"What are you doing here?"he asked

"Putting a nice first expression"I said stepping inside

"Niall,who is it?"A voice which I assumed as Louis asked

"Uh,it's ,um"Niall stuttered

"Hi , Louis "I said as I sat on the couch next to him

"Hi there,you must be Niall's friend"he said as he reached for my hand and shook it himself 

"You guessed that right"I smiled

"Guys ,I have to go to the store"Niall's said ,scraping his neck"You guys want anything?"

"Nah,we're good"Louis answered 

Niall nodded and left the house

"Alright,me and Niall are going to have a movie night and I want you to join us"he said looking at me

"Sure,lets get the snacks while getting to know each other better"I said as I got up and walked to the kitchen as Louis followed.



"And he walked there himself"I said in between my laugh .Louis was most definitely the funniest person I have ever seen.

"You know Ruth ,you are a great person"Louis said to me as we jumped on the couch

"I think I'm only socially a nice person,that's why we have became such good friends in the past hours"I said

"You said that right"he said looking at me."Hey you didn't tell me anything about how you And Niall met"

I started rummaging my mind for ideas about how we met.Obviously I couldn't tell him that I first saw him near the biggest drug dealer in london

"I live only two houses away" I started "He came to my house by mistake"

"Oh,coincidence"Louis said




"Guys I'm home"Niall entered the house with a grocery bag full of snacks

We didn't really heard him because of me , again , laughing at Louis's silly jokes

"Looks like you two got along"Niall said as he stepped in the living room

"Niall,I invited her for movie night"Louis shouted

"It's not night,but alright"Niall signed

"I'll get some comfy clothes"He said and went towards his room 



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