Truth or Dare

"We cannot keep doing this"I said ,trying to stop the tears brimming in my eyes."Why not?"He said with a hoarse voice ,taking away the final drop of confidence I had left in me."Because you and me together"I started ."are bad news for everyone,including us".With that I left him,left him forever.But who was I kidding,he always gets what he wants,and currently he wants me.


4. "Hey"

Ruth's POV

This is it.The silence is eating me .I can't take it anymore.I need to feel alive.I need some loud music .I need a club.Since the time I woke up to now at 9 at night.The only thing I heard was my own breathing.Going to some club was good choice but I knew some place way better.I quickly changed into shorts and tank top and ran towards my Ferrari .I started the car and started heading towards the far most side of London.

"Hey,Ruth your alive?"Sean screamed at me through the phone

"Shut up ,Sean and get me a place at tonight's race"

"Ferrari or Lamborghini ?"he quiestioned


"Alright see you then,you already have five grands on you"

It took me fifteen more minutes to reach the place.It was a car race.I didn't need the money,I just needed to compete and win,which I always do.As soon as the doors of he 'track' opened.All eyes were on my car.As usual.I parked the car and got out .

"Step aside people"Sean appeared from the crowd.

"How much?"I asked

"Fifty"he said while gathering more money.

"Nice,I'll go and get a drink "I said and left for the bar

I ordered a drink and turned around to see Sean struggling with the money .This always happened .They all knew I always win,and Sean got extremely lucky that day.I grabbed my drink and kept looking at my car and the mess of people around it.

"Hey"someone said from the side

"Hey"I said without looking away.

"Are you also betting on that Ferrari ?"

"It's my car."I turned around to see a pair of blue eyes,the same eyes I had seen yesterday.




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