Truth or Dare

"We cannot keep doing this"I said ,trying to stop the tears brimming in my eyes."Why not?"He said with a hoarse voice ,taking away the final drop of confidence I had left in me."Because you and me together"I started ."are bad news for everyone,including us".With that I left him,left him forever.But who was I kidding,he always gets what he wants,and currently he wants me.


2. Big Mac

Niall's POV

Sweaty bodies,dancing lights ,music blowing the roof off and my favorite,infinite pills of heaven.They say everyone has a different heaven,and when all the different heavens are combined you find your self in paradise.Thats what club paradise is about,combine all heavens.This isn't some cheap club,only people like me ,rich and addicted are allowed here.At some point we all get tired of the rich lifestyle  ,we need a new environment ,where we don't have to do things others tell us to,where we do what we want.


While all the other dancing bodies only see bright lights,I see a mixture of everything.I look at that person drinking and smile that his mind is freeing himself for his body.I see the guy at the corner ,sitting and drowning in a place we addicts call 'beer land',I know he is upset over something,you can see it in his face,might be some girl,might be some family problem or maybe it's his own self.The brain is the cause of all this ,it's upon you if you want to free your body from it,even for one night,or get trapped in the cage of over thinking .

The pills here weren't of the quality I am used to,these dissolve to fast,don't have a long lasting affect.When you use these cheap ones,you are in your senses ,but what's the benefit of that,a person swallows a pill when he wants to forget things.They are useless.I tried again and finally on my  third try,stood up .Yes,I was having trouble walking ,but I was in my senses.I knew where I was going,big Mac ,the best supplier in London .He doesn't live in a rat hole ,I always find him in the clean and lightened alley because this guy is recognized here. He's an expensive but a quality drug giver and doesn't give it to just anyone.I think I'm the only one who can afford this guy.His demands are high.The place you live,monthly income ,he has to know everything ,and make sure your standereds are high enough ,then he gives you a small purple bag



I slipped in the driver seat and started heading towards big macs  .There was nothing on my mind now other than the thought of feeling the pill melt in my mouth and fall into a world of fantasy,where everything is alright



Ruth's POV

I hadn't fallen asleep.I was just enjoying the clouds and heavens .But,all of a suddenI fell,mainly because the pill had already dissolved in my mouth.I quickly reached for another pill but there were no left.Looks like I have to go to big mac now ,what time is it? 2:30.I can go tomorrow but,no I cant fall asleep without a pill in my mouth.I left my room and ran towards the car.No one is in the house at this time.Other than the security guard at the door.I reached the garage and stood on the last stair.Which car should i take? I always hated this situation.The Ferrari is a good choice .The Lamborghini is better ,no the Chevrolet is the best.I always stand here and try to choose.Whenever dad took me to the showroom ,he was like "Take  the one you want,sweet cheeks". That's  why I have three cars to my self.Finally giving up and sitting in the Ferrari ,I headed towards big Mac's .His business starts at midnight,weird .I sped off to my destination and stopped only in front of his alley.It was lighted as always .No one could guess such a big drug dealer works here.I got out and headed towards the end of the alley.

"Big Mac "I called as I reached the end

"Look who's here,long time no see"big Mac smiled as he stepped out from a door .

"I have been busy"I said nicely .This place goes by one rule,if you want to live ,talk nicely to Big Mac .

"So the usual?"he asked

"Yes"I took out a crisp 200 and gave it to him as he passed me the little plastic bag

"See you later Ruth"he said as I turned around

"See you later Big Mac "I said and started counting the left out money I had.i was too lost to see someone coming and looks like they were more busy than i was .I bumped into someone and looked up to see a pair of blue eyes.Really ,big Mac has other clients as well.

"Sorry "he said as he starred at me

"It's alright"I said as I started towards my car

As I reached my car's door I turned back to look at him,he was in the same position I left him,starring in my direction.We were both giving each other confused looks. I could have never expected someone else here ,and maybe he was expecting the same thing.I finally broke our starring contest and sat in my car,still confused,and turned it on.And after giving him another look ,I sped off towards my home.



Authors note

Hello everyone ,this chapter is pretty short I know and I will try to make the next one bigger,until  then tell me what you think about the story in the comments and don't forget to like and favorite.









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