Truth or Dare

"We cannot keep doing this"I said ,trying to stop the tears brimming in my eyes."Why not?"He said with a hoarse voice ,taking away the final drop of confidence I had left in me."Because you and me together"I started ."are bad news for everyone,including us".With that I left him,left him forever.But who was I kidding,he always gets what he wants,and currently he wants me.


3. Again

Niall's POV

I don't understand.Big mac might have other customers ,but a girl ,no more than 19.Her car shows she is no one ordinary.I started walking towards the end of the valley and called out for Big Mac when I reached the small door.

"Ah Niall ,where have you been?"he asked with a crooked smile.

"I had some work.Can I ask you a question?"I said without thinking.

"Go on"he said and reached out for the purple packet in his back pocket.

"I saw this girl while coming here"I said while passing him some cash and taking the bag."Do you know her?"

"Yes I do,but I do not pass information about other customers"he said

I turned around and said"Thank you Big Mac ,see you some other time"

"Yeah"he said ,manner less fellow

I reached my car and started heading towards my house.Louis might be asleep by now and the boys may have left.Many thoughts were running in my mind and I wanted them to stop.But I had to reach home first.So I stepped on the accelator and turned the radio on to stop the outside world.



Ruth's POV

The questioning I asked myself over and over again was that what was Niall Horan doing here?Yes, I know him, i'm a teenager,and I knew that he's also In drugs,but he gets them from the same dealer I do.Wow,looks like I spend too much.I finally reached home and parked my car.It was 4:00 am right now.I went into my room and stooped myself from falling on the bed.I quickly got changed and took a bath,and then fell on the bed.I was tired so I quickly took a pill and fell into a sweet sleep.



Authors note

I know guys,super short chapter but I will try to update everyday from now on .so you guys will get small (maybe) daily updates. Don't forget to like ,comment and favourite.Your reviews are highly appreciated .

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