Truth or Dare

"We cannot keep doing this"I said ,trying to stop the tears brimming in my eyes."Why not?"He said with a hoarse voice ,taking away the final drop of confidence I had left in me."Because you and me together"I started ."are bad news for everyone,including us".With that I left him,left him forever.But who was I kidding,he always gets what he wants,and currently he wants me.


7. "A deal?"

Ruth's POV

"Seriously!"I said wide eyed.

"You look happy"he chuckled and got on the swing next to me.

"Are you stalking me?"I asked 

"I live here." He stated "Are you stalking me?"

"Why would I ?" I chuckled

"You know,I'm a celebrity and all"

"I have met people way more famous than you"I said.

"Probably"he mumbled .

We sat there in silence for the next few minutes,slightly swinging.Until finally I asked the question that has been bugging me all this time.

"What do you want from me?"I asked.

"You"he shrugged a bit.

"Me?" I questioned and looked at him.

"You" He said and nodded.

"That's stupid"I said with a small smile.

"I want to know you."He said looking at me.

"Your the only  daughter of the worlds biggest business man,you have everything you want,but still"

"What makes you think I have everything?"I asked in a serious tone.

"What?"He looked at me shocked.

"I can say the same thing about you,you are in the worlds biggest boy band,you have everything but still " I said mimicking his voice on the last verse.

We sat there in silence,trying to think about our lives.People would say we are stupid to do drugs on such small issues,but they don't see the problems the way we do.They never will.

"Let's make a deal?"he said

"A deal?"I asked as he nodded.

"I'm listening"I said and encouraged him to talk.






Authors note

Hey guys ,this chapter is mostly dialogues,well all dialogues but its an important part in the next chapter.Tell me what you think. Don't forget to like,comment and favourite 

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