Mrs. Horan [sequel to Miss. Cowell.]

* a year later* I still miss him tough. But I moved on, I still cant look my "father" in the eyes. I hate his guts!


4. chapter 4

Jade P.O.V


" Guys, your father really loves you and I think you should stay with tonight." "Fine."  " Jade, you can stay with us tonight if you want." Niall offered. " That would be nice but no thanks." " how do you know eachother?" Riley asked. " An old, close, friend." Ethan had a sleeping Timmy on his arm. Riley held his brothers hand. " Why didn't you tell them?" my father asked. " My past shoulden't affect them." " Jade, do me a favor and stay with us." I'm not so sure what to say. Do you think I should stay?" Niall, I can't." He cut me off. " Do I really have to kidnap you?" We laughed. " I guess so." I gave my father a hug. " Come here Jade."  I walked over to Niall. " Bye, Simon" He said. Oh shit, I have to call Nicole and say that I cant go play with er band. " niall can I  borrow your phone?" " Sure." He handed me his phone. "Nicole…" She cut me off. " Are you fucking kidding me? You got shot?" " Yeah, how did you know?" " You're all over the news! So I guess you can't come to practise tomorrow huh?" " I'm so so so so so so so sorry. But I have to go now…" I gave Niall his phone. We walked out the hospital doors. There were paps all over the place. " Niall, I though you datet Amy Green not Simon Cowells daughter again." " We aren't dating, he is just helping me." I showed them my arm. We got to his car. I sat in the back. Those words rushed trough my mind." Are you okay Jade?"  " I'm tired." I lied, I'm probably the worst lier in the history of lying. " Are you sure?" "Yea, only a little tired." I hate lying. After two minutes I pretended to fall asleep in the back of his car. I heard his phone ringing. " Hey love. I can't speak right now." He put her on speaker phone. " Are you fucking cheating on me?!" His girlfriend screamed in his phone. I want to kill dat bitch! How she treats Niall, she dosen't deserve him. " Amy, I'm not cheating on you…" " Then who the hell is Jade Hawke?" " She is just a friend I'm helping." " What do you mean by 'helping'?" " Someone shot her and I helped like a normal person." " I better not see you with her again!" She hung up. " Niall you can let me off here." He jumped in the front seat. " I thought you were sleeping..." " Kinda woke up…" He pulled over. " Are you sure?" " I'm sure." Even tough ((( Okay, Amy Green is his girlfriend in this story, but I actually like her.))) I'm not so sure. He gave me an unwanted hug. " Ouch." " Oh my god" I'm so sorry…" " It's okay…"  I looked for my phone. (It's two A.M.) I sat down on a bench. I dialed Amy's number. *the number you have dialed has been changed.* My phone rang. "Hello" " I am so fucking mad at you!" " What the hell did I do?" " Sorry, It is Amy I just thought you and Niall was dating." " Wait, so Niall is your mystery man?!"  " No, it's kinda like a 'fake' relationship  but he told me yesterday that he actually has feelings for me." Those words left marks. " Congrats." " So you are the girl I dont like?"  " Hey! I thought you were my friend!" " I know you want me to pick you up and stuff but I can't 'cause I'm staying at my father's place..." "kay, but you promise we have to kiss and throw pillows at eachother another time?" " OFC" I went in to this crappy motel. " Jade, I have to go now." " Amy, vær så snill! Ikke gå!!!"( Amy please Dont go!(I actually speak norwegian but not the other languages in this story. exept english)) " Listen! We have a babe from a different country!"" I'm not from a different country! I'm english!" I said in the 'britishest' accent I could make. " I'd like a room for one day please." Here you go, you'll pay tomorrow." " Okay." The door was'nt locked. I got scared. so I placed a chair and the bed in front of the door. *Pip* *pip* "Oh, is it 07:30 now?"  I slammed my alarm clock.  I stood up wearing the same clothes as yesterday. Wow I felt pretty.(((Jade looks like Ariana Grande(Just imagine Ariana Grande with blonde hair.)))) I ordered a taxi and paid for the terrible place.


*After court*

" Boys I'm sorry you coulden't stay with me..." " It's okay, Jade I really liked having you as my stepmother." I gave Riley and Timmy a hug. I looked up at Ethan. I hugged him. Time to go to 'work'



Niall P.O.V


Amy said she was going with me to the appointment 'cause she dosen't trust me. Dat' bitch.   " Mr. Horan?" I stood up. " I'll be your new lawyer." " What hapened to Mrs. Hawke." " She quit." I saw Jade run out." I'll be right back" I ran after her. " Jade, Jade..." She stopped. " Why did you run?" " I don't have time for this Niall! I have to go." Amy came after me. " Jadey!" " I have to go let go of me." She ran. Amy and I ran after her. There was paps and fans who ran after us. She ran in to the police station. We ran in the doors after her. " What are you  doing here?" " Miss. Cowell." " Thats me" She mouthet "get out" We walked out." Niall, why did you chase Simon Cowells daughter?" " beacause she is my friend." Paul reached us. " Don't ask." Amy grabbed my arm. " What the hell was she doing in the police station?" " I don't know I'm not Jade. Amy, this isn't working, I'm sorry." " So you are breaking up with me?" I nodded. She walked past me. " Niall, I think you should tell Jade you still have feelings for her."" How did you know Paul?" " I've been in love before, I can tell when others are in love to."  "Can we leave now?" " Sure"

*At home* 


" Zayn, can I talk to you?" " Of course." I took him to the kitchen." " I don't know what to do. I really love Jade, but I haven't talked to her since yesterday." " Like 24 hours ago?" " But she quit." " Quit what?" " Being my lawyer. That means I can't see her anymore." *knock* *knock* " I'll get it." I opened the door to see Jade. " What are you doing here?" " I'm Louis' bodyguard." " Sweet. I got Jade." " Did you do this on purpose?" " No, I wanted to be a cop, but they said I would be better as a bodyguard. And then they said I was Louis' bodyguard."

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