Mrs. Horan [sequel to Miss. Cowell.]

* a year later* I still miss him tough. But I moved on, I still cant look my "father" in the eyes. I hate his guts!


1. chapter 1

Jade P.O.V


" Mommy, daddy!!" I coulden't help but to smile. Our two sons jumped on our bed. Yeah, you probably wonder who 'we' are right? Well after the whole Barcelona thing, I moved on if you get what I mean. OKAY, I'M MARRIED!!  " Boys, it's 07:00!" I opened my eyes to see a very smily  Riley and Timmy. I stood up. " Mum, may we have pancakes for breakfeast?" " What? You guys waych way to much american television! You can have French toast and scrambled eggs, I can even show you how to do it."  " Yay!" Timmy screamed. My husband wrapped his arms around me. I explaned the recipe for my two sons. Riley weren't that exited. He is the oldest one, he gets exited and after a few moments it's gone. " What a lovely breakfeast mum." Timmy siad happily. Ethan cleared his throat. (Ethan is my husband) " And daddy" Riley added. " All my lovely guys I have to get to work, getting a new client." " Mum, where do you work?" Timmy asked. My boy is so polite. " I work in a lawyer service, Timmy would you like to come for a day?"  Riley looke insulted. " You can come too Riley."  " No thanks, I want to hang out with Lindsay." "Who is Lindsay?" Ethan looked confused. " Lindsay is Riley's crush." Timmy said exited. " Shut up!" RIley punched his brother in the arm. " Riley!! Now you behave properly!!" Ethan screamed. "Timmy, are you okay?" " Yes, I'm fine mum." " "ARGHH!!" Riley screamed and stood up. "I'm going to my room." " Oh, no you're not! You are going to apologize to your brother." " FINE I'M SORRY TIMMY!" He screamed furiously and walked over to his room " May I leave the table?" " Yes, you may." " Why is Riley like this?" I asked. " Puberty…" " I have to leave now."

*in the ofiice.*

" Jade?" " Niall? What are you doing here?" " I think you are supposed to be my lawyer…  So, you changed your surname?" " Kind of, I'm married." His eyes faded. Mybe I shoulden't have said that. " So you arent a songwriter anymore?" " No, Kinda lost the inspiration after Barcelona…"


Niall P.O.V

What the hell?!?!?!?! She is married?  " Oh, so I thought your dream was to be an architect." " Yeah, it was but I dont want to work with my husband." What, she didn't want to work with her husband wich is the luckiest guy in the f*cking world. " Why?" " Actually I got fired 'cause I didn't work with what I was going to work with so… shall we get started?"



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