Gemma Raiders is a girl who doesn't want to fall in love any time soon. When her brother introduces her to his girlfriend Megan, Gemma gets a weird feeling in her heart. Not too long after, Gemma and Megan get feelings for each other and secretly date... But nothing ever lasts forever...


1. Characters

Name: Gemma Elizabeth Raiders

Features: Light brown hair and grey eyes.

Description: Gemma is 17 years old and she doesn't want to fall in love any time soon. She had a lot of relationships and they didn't last a long time. She wants to take a break and be single for a while. She works at McDonald's and she lives with her brother in a nice apartment in New York. 


Name: Megan Sophia Ray

Features: Dyed blonde hair, naturally brown and blue eyes.

Description: Megan is bisexual who is 17 years old. She's currently dating Gemma's brother. She had 6 relationships and two of them were girls. Her first girlfriend was named Camille and her second girlfriend was named Jules. Megan lives with her boyfriend and Gemma in the same apartment because their relationship is very serious, they're dating for a year now. 


Name: Nathan William Raiders

Features: Brown hair, most of the time styled in to a quiff and blue eyes. 

Description: Nathan is 19 years old and he's dating Megan at the moment. He and his sister moved to live in New York a year ago, because Nathan goes to university here. He studies law. He had two girlfriends before, Samantha and Jessica. 


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