will love last

oliva met niall as a kid and they were best friends right before niall left he confessed his love for her and she did the same but when they meet up again will the love they had for eachother last


2. Liam

i walked to math class with Mrs.husenberry it was her last day so she was gonna be nice.When i got there i bumped into someone "oh sorry love" the boy said I looked up at him and right away i knew who he was....................Liam payne "its ok hey your liam payne from one direction right" i asked "ya" he said."Are you all here"I asked "yup" he said "Niall draged us here we half to do school for two years and niall choose here he said he had someone to talk to"he said "OMG" I said "Niallers here AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH i miss him so much"I screamed "Wait are you oliva" He asked "Ya" i said "well your who hes here to see" he said.

Liams POV

  Oliva seems very nice and she is very pretty i understand why Niall is in love with her i cant wait to tell him i sawl her.After math i had P.E i had it with Louis i was gonna tell him about Oliva on my way there i bumped into a girl with long dark brown hair and blue eyes."Oh sorry" i said "Its o............OMG your Liam Payne Thee Liam Payne OMG"she said haha i laughed "are you a fan" i asked "hell ya who isent" she said "im Mikayla" she said "well you know who i am" I said "yup she sad and i walked to gym.

Mikaylas POV

 After what just happened prossesed throue my head i said wait if thats liam that means nialls here I got to tell oliva.I ran to my music class witch i had with oliva and when i got there i told her niall s here i know she said after music we all went to lunch.

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