will love last

oliva met niall as a kid and they were best friends right before niall left he confessed his love for her and she did the same but when they meet up again will the love they had for eachother last


3. I missed you

Liams POV

  At lunch me and Louis tolld Niall about Oliva and how we sawl her this morning "YAY so my little olive is here" He said and started looking around the room for her."Its been two years sense i sawl her" he said quietly and next thing i knew he said "OLIVA" and got up and ran over and hugged her

 Olivas POV

  Nialler i screamed as he hugged me "I missed you so much" he said in my ear "i missed you to" i said "you look even better now then you did then" he said "you too" i said "hey do you wanna hang out after school like old times" He said "Of corse" i said i missed you so much



 sorry for the short chapter guys i hope you like my chapter so far if you guys could comment what you want to happen between Mikayla and Liam that would be awsome i love yall so much thx for the support i will try to update as soon as possible love yall

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