will love last

oliva met niall as a kid and they were best friends right before niall left he confessed his love for her and she did the same but when they meet up again will the love they had for eachother last


1. Flashback

Olivas POV


  "Oliva i never ever thought i would work up the nerve to tell you this but ever sense 6th grade i've liked you alot" Niall said to me as we walked home from his last day of school here."Me to" i said to Niall with that he gave me one of his famous Horan hugs."I'll miss you Nialler" i said tears in my eyes "I'll miss you too" i said and walked away

----------------------------------------------------------------END OF FLASHBACK-------------------------

Please don't go i said sitting up in my bed with tears in my eyes."Are you ok" my best freind Mikayla said "ya just another Niall dream" i said getting up out of bed "oh ok"she said.I walked down stairs into the kitchen "hi Mrs.Breen" I said to Mikaylas mom.You might be wondering why i live with my friend well the answer to that is my mom died of cancer two months ago and after that my dad just left me there."Hi" she said back "are you ok i heard you crying" she said "ya i'm alright just a dream"i said and went to take a shower.After my shower i dried my long dirty blonde hair and put it up in a messy bun,Then i put on a pair of green skinny jeans and a light pink Aero shirt.Me and Mikayla walked to school as usual when i got there josh came up to me and said "Hi" "hi" josh i said.Josh is that guy that flirts with every girl in the school.I really half to go bye josh and with that i went to class

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