Sunset Cliff

(For the new competition, A Hidden Power) This story doesn't really have a set.......plot, I am going to make it up as it goes. Nothing is planed to happen, usually I have a general Idea, but not today. So, if you hate it and think it is bad let me know, ok?


5. Tunnels And Voices And Questions

I set her down and stroke her back, behind her wings. She purrs lightly. I stop and reach for my bag, and fire shoots from her nose. "Ah!" I say and pull my hand back. I tap her on the nose. "No, Par, bad, no, you don't blow fire at me!" She knows I'm scolding her so she sulks. "Oh, come here, I have meat pie." I pull out the rest of the pie and wave it at her.

(A meat pie is like a chicken pot pie but smaller and easier to travel with and it last longer, also it can be a small meat patty, like a burger patty. The patty version is the one spoken of in here.)

She comes over and sniffs it. She blows a bit of fire at it, cooking it a little and then she snaps it out of my hand. She swallows it quickly. I, on the other hand, have no food. I sigh, she needs it more than I do. I take out my canteen and drink some. I poor a little into the palm of my hand for her. She drinks it gratefully.

I look at the glowing egg remains and scoop them up, taking smallish pieces to use for light, stowing the rest in my pack. I wonder if I can eat the goo?

I roll up my bed and put it on top of the egg, keep it safe.

I stand and look down at Par. Her little spikes are glowing faintly. She turns to look at them and then starts trying to catch them. I laugh quietly. "Par, come on, lets find your father, heh?"

Par whistles and fallows me down the long, dark tunnel. I run my hand over the wall......

Weird.....The wall feels smooth.....I reach out for the other one, but can't reach it. I look over and can't see it. I walk over until I can. Looking back I can only see Par glowing lightly over by were I was. Weirder, this is a huge tunnel.

I shrug and walk over to Par. "Know any tunes, Parry?" I ask the mini dragon. She looks at me and whistles a tune I was whistling the other day. I laugh. "Good girl, here, come here." I bend over and set her on my shoulder.

She snorts some smoke out her nose, into my hair. "Oh, thank you Par. So, any idea where we are going?" She tilts her head and whistles a low note and it echo's back to her.

Another bark-whistle sound. But not from Par.....A voice invades my head. 'You bring a fire-breather here?' it asks deeply.

"Um, well, I was sent to find her father, The Last Dragon....."

It laughs, a barking noise that turns to wheezing. 'Human boy, you are mistaken, Ultima Pristis is not the last, final dragon, he is merely the final fire-breather. I am a wind blow. Big difference. Soon, my last egg will be here, just as you bring her to him. The last final, water dragon got his son a while ago. The Earth Mover's son was given to her a day or so ago. Mine will come soon, so soon.....Your little red one is the final female too. She has to survive to get all dragons to survive...'

His deep, raspy bark-mind speak fades. "Wait! I-I-I had a dream the other night. Saying her father wasn't the last and it was a younger voice. I almost fell from a cliff but.....I woke up." I say, hoping to gain advice from this deep voice.

'Dream, you say? Hmm, interesting. The baby's can't dream walk until they are older and can control their powers. Stay clear minded, human boy. Keep your little Par safe and work with the other Dragon-Chosen.'

"Dragon chosen? What-"

'No, go. I answer no more questions'

His voice fades from my mind for the last time. I look over at Par, on my shoulder. "Well, lets head on down, then." He head stays tilted for a while. Like she is listening. Then she looks at me and whispers a whine. "Hmm?" I ask and glance at her.

She flutters her mini wings and jumps from my shoulder, she glides to the ground, safe. Watching her, I ponder the dragon's words. Other people with the eggs? Clear minded? Only female? Dragons of different.....elements? species? types? kinds? can mate?

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