Sunset Cliff

(For the new competition, A Hidden Power) This story doesn't really have a set.......plot, I am going to make it up as it goes. Nothing is planed to happen, usually I have a general Idea, but not today. So, if you hate it and think it is bad let me know, ok?


7. Dragon's Death

He started at that. He shook his head. "No, I am no dragon-keeper. Par can leave if she wants, she could kill me. I was the one who happened to take her egg, but only because I want wings. And you keep calling me human. I'm not human, I'm Kelp."

You, boy, are a dragon-keeper, and Custos Draco are human and only human. Since you don't have wings you are human. That is why you would have never gotten a name, you would have been killed. That is the reason Avia sent you with Par. And because she never had wings either. She was my Keeper. And Par could not leave you, it is against Law. You will not have the wings you think of, never, it is against Law. Par will be your wings. Now.

You must stay here, with Par, for a while, until the final Custos Draco has been taught and you will all meet up and travel back to your kelpie compound.

Boy, Draco, I am to die tonight, Law dictates it, Avia will live for a while more, only to teach you Custos Draco what you need to know. About two months is all Avia has left. You will be in charge of the Keepers in the end, they might doubt you but don't let them. Lead them with confidence. You are the leader of Keepers. Par is the leader of Dragons.

The fire dragon is the leader and their keeper is the leader. Only one female dragon, and she is the leader. That will cause trouble. They will attack her and try to kill you, if only to mate her. It happened to Aria. Her human was killed not to long after we were working together. Grace. Earth's Keeper was the one to kill her, Ming or something. He was mad that Grace would not sleep with him, he broke her and then killed her. I ended up attacking Aria as Ming attacked Grace. I was the wildest of them all and when I smelled her blood and heard her crys I lost it and attacked Aria. The result of that was Par and Roc, the new water dragon.

Roc is fierce and short tempered, and so is his human. Watch them. Your dragon takes on your personality and ideas.

Trank, the new Earth dragon is calm and relaxed but can kill. His human is very tranquil and hated having this sprung on him.

Venn, the Air dragon is a loner, and will fly high above you just to be away from you, his human, Jade, will like you easily. She is your best chance at leadership.

The dragon lest out a breath. He settles closer and breaths a warm breath on Draco's face.

You have my blessing.

He sits up and looks at the now setting sun. He sighs and looks down at Draco and Par.

My time comes. Be careful. Take care of each other. My time is here, good bye, Draco. Go with A Dragon and A Dragon's Blessing. Venire cum dracone et draco benedictionem. Benedictionem ductor tuus, Draco, esset dux.
The old dragon took one last look at the sun, then the sea and then.....he fell into the waves of the blue ocean.

Draco and Par run to the edge of the cliff and look over. The Old Dragon had disappeared into the ocean. "So, Par, it is just the two of us for a while, eh?"

Par nodded.

"Can you understand me?" She nodded again.

"Do you know how a dragon dies?" She nods and Draco hears her voice faintly, like bells in the distance on the breeze. A Dragon must die by the opposite of elements, Fire by Water, Water by Fire, Earth by Air, Air by Earth.

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