Sunset Cliff

(For the new competition, A Hidden Power) This story doesn't really have a set.......plot, I am going to make it up as it goes. Nothing is planed to happen, usually I have a general Idea, but not today. So, if you hate it and think it is bad let me know, ok?


3. Caves and Dark Entrances And Par

I jerk awake and gasp for breath. Falling, again. I look around and see that I have rolled off my bed mat and that Par has been uncovered. I let out my breath. "Well, good morning Par. We'll set off in a bit."

I eat my bread and apple slowly and listen. I need to refill my canteen. I hear the slightest whisper of a river not to far off. I stand and head that way. I make it to the river in good time. I wash my hands and face then fill my canteen. I stand and listen. The few trees around me are silent.

I don't like it.

I turn and head back to my small camp site. I pack-up quickly, humming a short tune to myself as I work.

I pick up Par and put her in the bag. I start up the steep hill.

I walk all day. I get tired but don't stop. I have to return this egg, I don't know where my urgency came from but it did come.

In the distance I see a large wall of stone extending into the abyss of sky. A large dark hole in the side of it. An entrance to a cave.

Outside the cave I stop. The pack is vibrating and the sun is almost down. I take the egg out and hold it, it glows again in my hands, and vibrates. "Shh, Par, hush. Calm down, we will go into the cave tomorrow. I hope." At my promise of tomorrow Par calms down to a low hum and stops vibrating.

I sit down and sigh. I pull out my bed-roll and lay down on it. I sleep in the middle of the path.


In the morning I blink open my eyes and yawn. I grumble and roll over, off the bedroll.

I pack up quickly and have a apple for breakfast. Still hungry I pick up my pack and head into the cave. I can't see anything, but a reddish tinges. I realize it is Par, in her egg. I pull out the egg and use it as a light so I can see.

The tunnel goes on for miles. All downhill. I sigh. "Par, looks down hill from here, don't it?" I ask. She glows in response.

I walk and walk and walk. Finally, I need to stop. I'm not tired but hungry. I look threw my pack and find one meat pie and a apple. I eat the apple and half the meat pie. I roll out my bed roll and cover up Par. I yawn. "See you in a bit, Par." I fall asleep thinking of home.


I sit up, gasping. I can't breath. I look around, it is all dark. "Par?" I ask. A little noise answers me. I look around and see eyes looking back. Red eyes. I look to were the egg was. It is cracked and empty, but for some goo.

The baby dragon launches itself at my chest. "Oomph." I say as it tackles me back. I pick it up. It is so small. "Par?" I ask and get a bark-like noise for confirmation. Great, I am now the proud mama to a fire breathing baby dragon. I set Par on the ground. "Ok, Par, stay their. I want to check some stuff." I reach for my pack and look for a flash light. Nothing. "Shit. I need light." A low whistle sounds from Par and the egg remains glow. "Ok, thank you Par. Now, don't get angry with me, I want to look you over." Nods agreement and sits down.

I pat it's head and notice it's little wings. They are small and red, like the rest of her. Wait. I pick her up and turn her around. I lift her small spiked tail up and check gender. She barks her disagreement with my form of knowing if she is a she or he, Par is a female.

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