1D imagine

this is my first movella i hope you like it comment your name what you loom like your age and the boy love yall!!!


3. casey and niall

i walked in to my dance class and there was my amazing boyfriend Niall horan"hey babe"he said"hey"i said jumping on him to kiss him after our long kiss i had to go and do my routine.All the girls in my class are snobs exept for my friend Sarah she was nice.I did my routine and walked out and there was Niall on one knee with a little purple velvet box i started to tear up"Casey will you make me the happiest guy in the world and do me the hounor of being my wife"YES" i screamed and jumped into his arms 3 YEARS LATER Me and Niall are at home Married and have our new born Twins Luke and Sophie man i love life so much right now
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