an angels voice

July never talkd, never. Her parernts always thought she couldn't even tough the doctors told them there is no physical reason why she couldn't talk. What her parents don't know is that July can talk, the problem is, she doesn't want to. She's always in the back of the class, no one gives something about her, she's like invisible. The only reason preople talk to her is to bully her. It's like she doesn't exist, untill one day, a new boy is added to the class, he notcices her. His name is Liam Payne. Is he able to make her live her life, or will she stay in the dark pit out of fear?


3. the new kid

I sat in my usual spot in the class, alone at a double desk, like at it always has been. 'Guys, you will get a new classmate.' Misses Wilson said. The door opened and a boy walked in, he had brown curly hair and a nice smile. 'Students, this is Liam Payne. You can pick a plce mister Payne.' Liam scanned the room and then looked at the empty spot next to me. Please don't sit here, please don't sit here, was all I could think of, but he did. 'Hi, I'm Liam.' He said. He tried to make eyecontact but looking people in the eyes is something I avoid. 'And you are?' He tried make a conversation. 'Shadow doesn't talk, you better ignore her, she's a wierdo.' Nathaly grinned. 'Shadow?' Liam repeated. 'Her name is July, but she's a freak, so we call her Shadow.' Kailey added. 'Can't she talk?' Liam asked confused. 'She can, but she doesn't want to, yeah she's wierd.' Nathaly said. Liam looked back at me. 'You don't want to talk? Then their must be a reason.' I stared at the paper on my desk. 'Please let this class end. I prayed. I was saved by the teacher starting his lesson.


I sat on the grassfield, like always, my earphones in, staring at the grass. I startled because I didn't hear anyone coming. Liam stood in front of me and smiled. 'Can I sit here?' He asked. I nodded slowly. I lowered the volume of my music. 'You sit here alone so I thought...maybe I should give you some company.' 'Leave that freak alone Liam and come sit with us!' Emmely shouted. Liam doens't know he would propably get bullied if he keeps hanging around me and he's sweet and quite handsome, I don't want him to get bullied. 'Liam turned back to me and smiled. ' don't want to talk, umh...that's not going to be easy...' I looked at him, why does he car? why does he even talk to me, no one has ever been nice to me. I didn't know how to react, so I just faced the grass. Lial gentely puled the headphones out of my ears, I packed up from the sudden contact. 'I'm sorry, I didn't mean to scare you. 'There is something, something about you that facinates me, you are so different from other.' Liam had a soft and sweet voice, for the first time in a long time I actually listened to someone. 'I really question myself why you don't want to speak.' I looked up and met his eyes for just a second, then quickly looked down again. I was so uncomfortable, I didn't know how to react, not at all. I was used to be alone, and now a boy who doesn't know me at all comes to me and tries to have a conversation, it's new. Liam grabbed into his packpack and took a notebook and a pen out. 'Do you want to write down what you want to say?' Liam asked. My eyes widened. Oh please let the break be over soon. I took the notebook and the pen and stared at it. 'Well...I'm Liam, as you know...And I got three sisters, do you have any borthers or sister?'  I quickly sribbeled on the paper. 'No.' It said. Liam askes some others quesrions with yes or no answers, it wans't a real concersation, but for me it was something new, an open door. 


I walked to the bikestalls and waited there. Liam walked to me. He smiled bright, like always. 'Waiting?' I nodded slowly. 'It's busy huh.' Together we waited untill everyone was gone, then we both took our bike. 'See you tomorrow.' Liam said. I didn't answer, and I thought he didn't expect an answer. What was happening? I headed home and after dinner walked upstairs. I sat on my bed, thinking about today, thinking about what happened. Someone talked to me, and it was wierd, it was new. I laid back and sighed, as soon as he accepts I will never talk back he will see me like a wierde, like a freak, like a shadow, just like everyone els. That thought made me sad. Why am I so different from others, why? I put my headphones in but for the first time, music didn't help, all I could think of is Liam. He's nice, and he actually tried to talk to me, but I can't changen no one can change me, I'm invisible, I'm a shadow. 

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