an angels voice

July never talkd, never. Her parernts always thought she couldn't even tough the doctors told them there is no physical reason why she couldn't talk. What her parents don't know is that July can talk, the problem is, she doesn't want to. She's always in the back of the class, no one gives something about her, she's like invisible. The only reason preople talk to her is to bully her. It's like she doesn't exist, untill one day, a new boy is added to the class, he notcices her. His name is Liam Payne. Is he able to make her live her life, or will she stay in the dark pit out of fear?


2. the girl in the back

Mathclass, the class I hate the most. But there is one lucky side: the teacher never ask me questions, all because they think I can't speak. I'm in the back of the class, in the corner, just writing in my workbook and listening to the teacher, no one looks back. During break I just sit in on the grassfield, thinking and thinking and thinking. I live in my own fantasy world, no one can read my mind, is my own place. Other girls do drugs or cut themself, I just go into my mind, my favorite place. My other outlet is music, even tough I never sang, I like listening to it, I walk around with my headphones and it's like I'm in another world, the world of music. 


When I walk trough the hallway to get my stuff out of my locker, people bump in on me, saying things like 'I'm sorry, I didn't see you.' Ofcourse they saw me, they just don't care. I don't care either, I'm just waiting for something to happen, something nice, something that changes me, because I'm invisible, because I'm afraid to show myself to the world. I just sat on the grassfield, striking trough the grass with my fingertips. I took my iphone out of my backpack and put the earphones in my ears, the music loud. No one bothers me, and I like that. I laid down, facing the sky. The cloud make nice figures, the sun is shining bright on my face. Spring is a beautiful season. I'm getting my summerfreckels, my brown wavy hair is getting lighter. Where am I waiting for? Will something happen? I closed my eyes and drifted of to something that feels like halfsleeping, a save place to run away from the real world. But when I opened my eyes again, I saw eveyone was gone. 'Shit...I'm late for class again. Because of the loud music, I didn't here the singal. This had happed before, hopefully it doens't put me into trouble one time. I took the headphones out of my ears and together with my iphone I put it my backpack, I tossed it over my shoulder and ran the the classroom. When I walked in, the teacher said nothing, the students didn't even look up, I just took my place in the back of the class, in the corner, like always.


Finally the schoolday was over, together with the other students I walked to get my bike. I waited untill I was the last one, jumped on my bike, and headed of. No one ever asks why I wait. When I come home I awlays get the same questions from my parents. 'How was your day sweety?' My mum asks me. 'How are you now?' My dad asks me. And everytime they are dissapointed when  they don't get an answer. After dinner I ran upstairs to my room, close the door and tos myself on the bed, to listen to my music or make my homework, my grades are good, no need to worry for that. I can still here the doctor say: 'She's smart, I don't understand why she's still not talking.' I was five when he said that. I laid on my back, looking at the ceiling, music in my ears, closed eyes, in my own fanasy, no one can bother me there, no one can hurt me there, I'm save.




this was kind of despressing and boring but it will get better :)

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