an angels voice

July never talkd, never. Her parernts always thought she couldn't even tough the doctors told them there is no physical reason why she couldn't talk. What her parents don't know is that July can talk, the problem is, she doesn't want to. She's always in the back of the class, no one gives something about her, she's like invisible. The only reason preople talk to her is to bully her. It's like she doesn't exist, untill one day, a new boy is added to the class, he notcices her. His name is Liam Payne. Is he able to make her live her life, or will she stay in the dark pit out of fear?


7. strong together

 I put my bike in the stall and saw Liam walking in. I inmidiatly waved at him he responded by calling my name.'July!' He gave me a hug, a special feeling I'm still not used to. Together we walked to the hallway. 'Hi wierdo.' Shirley greeted me. I couldn't resist but raise my middlefinger, she was speecheless. 'Yeah, don't let them ran over you.' Liam sheered and he put his hand on my back and took my to the class. Liam normally doesn't like brutal things like showing your middlefinger, but sometimes people are asking for it, and he knows it.


Every wednesday we went to the basketballfield to hang out, and everyday we were in school together. When I walked into the classroom I decided not to sit in the back, no, I sat in the front, and like always Liam sat beside me. When people started to gossip about me I gave them a dirty look and they quit. I smiled and worked. The only thing I didn't do yet was talking, but that was just to hard to think of, I was almost eighteen and never said a world in my whole life. People started to notice me more, they actually said things to me. They quit with calling me shadow, I was now July and I was proud of it.


We laid together in the long grass of the meadow, it was night and we were watching the sky who was filled with bright stars. 'Those stars are beautiful.' Liam said. He was right. Liam was always there for me, he changed me, he changed me for the best, I started to live, thanks to him. There was only one thing I didn't do yet, something that I had to do. I grabbed all my courrage and poked Liam. He turned to his side and I did the same, so we were facing eachother. I hesitated for a second but then did what i didn't do in eighteen years. 'Those are beautiful stars' I said. Liam's eyes widened. 'You got a beautiful voice.' he said. I chuckled, I just heard my voice for the first time. 'You are an amazing person July, now show the world you are.' Liam said. I smiled. 'I will show them.' I said. Liam stood up and gave me his hand, he pulled me on my feeth. 'Jump on my back.' 'What?' 'Trust me.' I did and he started to run, my hair flapped in the wind. He ran untill he fell over a roch and we both londed in the soft grass. I laughed and laughed, Liam was laughing with me. 'I love you laugh, and ... I love you.' I smiled. 'I love you to.' I said. I realised it was fun to talk, I could finally express myself, and I'll show the others, I'll show them them the real me, not the shadow.


I walked to the schoolhallway with Liam like usual, ofcourse Shirley wanted to greet. 'Hi hi wierdo, how is everything?' I walked up to her. 'I'm fine, how are you?' She stood there, with big eyes, stopped speaking. 'Yes I talk.' I added. Some people joined like I was an attraction or something.'So shadow can talk?' Brian mocked. 'Yes I can.' 'But you are still a wierdo.' 'I am a wierdo? You are the one pulling people down to make yourself feel better, what is your talent? Hurting people? Now get up and do something usefull with your life.' Now everyone was watching, some of them were sheering. 'C'mon July, let's go to class.' Liam said as he took me hand. 


'Does someone want to read this text?' Misses hill asked. 'She wasn't looking at me, she never does. 'Me!' I shouted. The class stared at me, inclusive misses Hill. 'Wel...euhm...okay, you may read misses Young. The whole class listened to me reading a text about the history of the big ben. It wasn't the text that facinated them, it was the fact that I was the one who was reading it what facinated them. 


We were about the change class, when in the middle of the hallway, Liam took my hand and stopped me. 'I want to say something.' He said, he intertwined his fingers with mind and did the same with my other hand. 'I love you July Young, I loved you from the beginning, I knew you were special and I should never give up on you.' I smiled so bright. He leaned closer and when I knew what was going on my heart skipped a beart. I closed my eyes and the next moment our lips touched. Sparks all over my body. 'I heard stunned reactions. When we seperated our lips I laid my forehead on Liams, our hands still intertwined. 'I love you Liam Payne, thanks for popping bubble, you don't know how much you mean to me.'


I opened the door of my house and my parents where sitting on the couch, watching tv. As soon as they noticed I walked in, they looked at me. 'Hi mum, Hi dad!' I sheered. They looked at me like I was a unicorn or something. 'Sweety!' my mum yelled, oh my god.' She stood up and hugged me. 'Do you know how happy I am to finally here you voice?!' I giggled. My dad hugged me to. Yes my life changed, for the best!

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