an angels voice

July never talkd, never. Her parernts always thought she couldn't even tough the doctors told them there is no physical reason why she couldn't talk. What her parents don't know is that July can talk, the problem is, she doesn't want to. She's always in the back of the class, no one gives something about her, she's like invisible. The only reason preople talk to her is to bully her. It's like she doesn't exist, untill one day, a new boy is added to the class, he notcices her. His name is Liam Payne. Is he able to make her live her life, or will she stay in the dark pit out of fear?


8. epilogue

I finished school without problem, I actually got some friends, people finally understood me and that made me happy. After a few years me and Liam bought an appartement togegther, we are very happy. I'm so lucky to have met Liam, he popped my bubble, kicked all my walls in. He is the best that ever happened to me. Now I'm a singer, yes, a singer, Liam always said I have a nice voice so this I what I decided to do with my life. Liam now works in a factury building airplanes, something he really wanted to do, but what he also likes is singing with me. Sometimes I still have some troubles with new people, I will never be a social wonder, but I learn and grow evertday. I must be the luckiest girl in earth to find a perfect man like Liam.



writersnote: I just want to say everyone is unique and no one should be judged, you never know how that person is feeling. Everyone deserves a chanche to be loved. Love and care about people and they will love you back :)

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