Frost Giants Among Us

This is all based on the movies of Thor, Avengers, Iron Man, etc. there are going to be some characters from the comics in this and some made up ones,too.

This is about a girl named Luna. She has a normal life and loves it. She's 17 and lives with her mom, dad, and big sister. One day, during a battle, she finds out that she and her sister are adopted. Not only is Luna adopted, but she is also a frost giant that is betrothed to Loki Laufeyson and her sister is Luna's lady-in-waiting. What will happen when S. H. I. E. L. D. finds out? And what will Luna do about her betrothed?

This is in Luna's and Loki's POV along with some tidbits from Enchantress.

Real quick, sorry for any mistakes and as for pail and pale, it keeps changing on me. Sorry!


5. Chapter 5


Fury had asked about what Hill was talking about so we told him. All about how we found out that we were adopted. It took all of 30 minutes to explain. When we reached the knocking out of Alice, she slapped me again.

I sorta deserved it.

Anyway, Fury seemed at odds. He seemed to not know what to think so Tammy and I changed to show that we were telling the truth. When Jane saw us she stepped back and gasped.

Since Fury had no reason to keep us away from our holiday he sighed and allowed us to leave. Fury did, however, assign us guards. There was a teen, about 16 named Peter Parker. He had light brown hair, an innocent face and had dark chocolate brown eyes. There was also a man named Clint, or Hawkeye. He was about 20 with light, almost blonde, brown hair cut short. His face showed experience and showed he was able to make the hard choices.

We headed towards Jane's place. It was a laboratory. That's where we were going to sleep, she slept in a little tiny RV. It barely fit one person comfortably.

The next day dawned with Clint at watch, mostly watching us and for enemies. We headed out in the late afternoon to the middle of the desert. There, Jane was going to watch the stars, probably looking for her boyfriend who turned out to be Thor. I learned that from Clint.

When night fell I saw billions of stars. There were more than I thought was possible and the moon was huge and bright enough to light our path. I loved the sight. The air cooled quickly to a comfortable temperature.

It was around 11 when we heard the first of the cars. At first we thought that they might be lost, Clint was on edge still.

"Excuse me," said one of the drivers. He was a tall man, but I could only see a shadow of him. Tammy and I got down from the top of the truck where we were laying with Alice.

"Do you know where the interstate is by chance," the driver asked.

Jane looked up from her charts. "No, sorry. I have a terrible sense of direction," she told him.

"Any of you gents know." The fact that Jane had a 'bad' sense of direction (she actually had a great sense of direction) seemed to amuse the man. The evidence was in his voice.

Peter shook his head. Clint answered. "It should be about three miles Southwest of here."

"Thanks," the driver said. He said something into a walkie-talkie in another language. I think it was Russian or something.

I watched as, simultaneously, all the men in the trucks got out. They turned on the headlights of the trucks. The men were all clad in black military armor. Not even their eyes showed, they wore huge, reflective black glasses.

I couldn't help it, I started to hum 'I wear my sunglasses at night'. It's a good song.

"Wait," Alice yelled. Everyone turned to look at her. "Where all all the women, these people are only men."

"SEXIST PIGS," screamed Tammy.

"That isn't the biggest problem right now," I said. Crap!!

"Back off," Clint said. He raised his bow and arrow at them.

One of the men stepped forward and expertly took the bow. It as twisted out of Clint's hand.

Out of nowhere some sort of web like substance came flying at them. It hit them but did nothing.

The men pulled machine guns out. "Hand over the frost giants and you may live," said the same man that was talking before said.

"This would be a wonderful time for you guys to go blue," Jane whispered.

"We are in the middle of a desert," Tammy started.

"In the middle of summer," I put in.

"It just a little-"

"Tad bit-"

"Too hot," Tammy and I yelled as one.

The men surrounded us.

Clint swore, louder and nastier than IM ever did.



I watched men step out of the black vehicles. They talked for a minute. Then the Hawkeye mortal drew his weapon. For some reason he was protecting the frost giants.

His bow was snatched away. The other male mortal threw something. It hit the mark yet did nothing.

Luna and Tamyra yelled at the older female mortal. It was too hot for them to change. The men pulled out weapons and surrounded them.

I had to do something quick. I started chanting a spell that would bring Luna and Tamyra to Jotunheim, along with anyone within a fifty feet radius around them.



We were in serous trouble. That's when I heard the chanting, not from anyone here, but in my head. I had this huge instinct to chant with it and I did.



I started chanting and somehow Luna decided to chant in time with me. She knew the words that she had never heard spoken. This was good, the energy needed for the spell was enormous and I'm not sure I had that kind of power after watching them for all that time.



The chanting got faster and faster. No one was paying any attention to what I was saying. The men were less than twenty feet from us and raising their weapons.

"Last chance, give us the giants," the man said.

Just after he finished speaking, there was a sound of shattering glass, only a thousand times louder. Then blue daggers pierced the sky and fell around us all. It was in a perfect circle about 100 feet down the middle.

Then we all felt a huge pull from at the middle of our abdomen and were pulled through a gleaming tunnel.

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