Frost Giants Among Us

This is all based on the movies of Thor, Avengers, Iron Man, etc. there are going to be some characters from the comics in this and some made up ones,too.

This is about a girl named Luna. She has a normal life and loves it. She's 17 and lives with her mom, dad, and big sister. One day, during a battle, she finds out that she and her sister are adopted. Not only is Luna adopted, but she is also a frost giant that is betrothed to Loki Laufeyson and her sister is Luna's lady-in-waiting. What will happen when S. H. I. E. L. D. finds out? And what will Luna do about her betrothed?

This is in Luna's and Loki's POV along with some tidbits from Enchantress.

Real quick, sorry for any mistakes and as for pail and pale, it keeps changing on me. Sorry!


3. Chapter 3


When I got back to Jotunheim I searched for Enchantress. She was in a room spying on Thor for me.

She had golden blonde hair, a short green dress on and an emerald crown. Her eyes were seaweed green and thin and long. Her face was beautiful but dangerous all in an oval shape.

"Enchantress, I have a new job for you." She didn't even look at me.

"This takes priority over Thor." This got her attention and Enchantress turned, dissolved the green scrying sphere.

"What is it my king," she asked. Her voice was sickly sweet.

"I found something on Middgard that I want you to investigate."

"It must be important to get me away from finding the mortal woman that your brother is in love with," Enchantress said.

My eyes flashed warningly at her. "He is not my brother," was the only reply she got.

"Of course."

"There are two frost giants on Earth. They have been raised as mortals. Today we met and they found out about their true history." Enchantress turned when I paused.

"I want you to find out who they are and why they are on Earth."

"This is more important why," Enchantress asked.

I stepped forward. "You do not question my commands. You do as I say. Do I make myself clear," I asked threateningly.

Enchantress swallowed nervously. "Now get to it." I left her to her job. I do not care for subjects who questioned their king.

I went and roamed around my palace. It was an hour before Enchantress came and found me. She took less time on the task than I thought she would. It was time to find out about these frost giants.



Loki left me after he gave me the new job. I had to find out about some small frost giants that were living on Middgard.

Ah, but so was my life to please my love. I cannot remember falling in love with my king. At first I joined him to find and kill the tramp Thor had fallen in love with. Then after a while, I noticed I no longer cared about Thor and wanted to make Loki happy.

My king must have a plan for the little giants.

I looked for them and found them. Their history was getting interesting, but I dared not go on. My king would hate it if I had satisfied my curiosity before satisfying his.

I called Loki to me. I could not wait to see how happy he was going to be.



I walk into the room with Enchantress. She showed me the history of the two young women.

The one with all red hair, named Luna, was a member of the high royalty. She had been betrothed to the only son of Laufey when she was born. She was my betrothed.

The one with red then black hair was named Tamyra, was Luna's lady-in-waiting and her second cousin. They were to be kept together, as was the custom of the frost giants.


*Author's Note*

I'm not sure what their customs are. I am making this up, don't take my word on it. Sorry for the interruption. Now back to the story.



Then, they both disappeared from Jotunheim. No one knew where they went and they were presumed dead.

As their history started to unfold, Enchantress tended up. It was unusual to see any emotion from her.

I sent her back to spying on Thor for me. I, meanwhile, went to think by myself.

After a while I came to the conclusion that I needed to keep an eye on the two. I used my magic, not wanting to have a second hand review of the proceedings.

Luna and Tamyra started to experiment with their powers. Luna was the best with magic while Tamyra was better with attack and defense magic. 

The two had help with their practice by a mortal. The same mortal that was with them when I visited. The two mastered their powers within the month. That is when they started to get into trouble.

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