Frost Giants Among Us

This is all based on the movies of Thor, Avengers, Iron Man, etc. there are going to be some characters from the comics in this and some made up ones,too.

This is about a girl named Luna. She has a normal life and loves it. She's 17 and lives with her mom, dad, and big sister. One day, during a battle, she finds out that she and her sister are adopted. Not only is Luna adopted, but she is also a frost giant that is betrothed to Loki Laufeyson and her sister is Luna's lady-in-waiting. What will happen when S. H. I. E. L. D. finds out? And what will Luna do about her betrothed?

This is in Luna's and Loki's POV along with some tidbits from Enchantress.

Real quick, sorry for any mistakes and as for pail and pale, it keeps changing on me. Sorry!


21. Chapter 21


Fury came in to talk with me at one point, he said that we were going to be able to go home. It had been three days since they had gotten me out of the desert. Everyone was relieved about it, Tammy most of all.

"I'm going back to Jotunheim," I told her in mind speech one night.

"I'm coming with," she said.

"Alice wants to come," I said.

"Whoever wants to come back can, I won't force anyone." The discussion ended.

Two days later, I was saying good-bye to my mom and dad. I would visit (hopefully) soon. We left for a clearing in the woods about a mile out of town, the same one we were at when we came back from Jotunheim. Before we had left, I quickly got my diploma from graduating high school, I wasn't allowed to leave without one. (I didn't use magic because I had gotten all the requirements.)

Alice was indeed coming with us, as was Clint and Peter. Fury was nowhere to be seen. Thor was there, but he was not pleased about how they were coming to be slaves. Alice, was hurt by how they were called slaves so she decided that they were never going to be a slaves, they were unpaid servants.

"That's the same thing," Thor told her.

"IT IS NOT," and Alice started explaining the differences between unpaid servants and slaves. This lasted about 15 minutes.

At last she settled down (I may or may not have used my magic). I asked Loki if he was ready an we began to chant with each other.

As the last sound came out of my mouth, we all felt the now familiar tug of our stomachs. The world flashed by and we were instantly back on Jotunheim, Tammy and I already blue.

Loki was nowhere to be seen, but I could feel him. He was behind that same mound of snow. I raced behind there and hugged him tight. He held me just as tight. He then asked me through mind speech a yes or no question, the answer was yes.

The next day Tammy and I were in my room getting ready for my marriage ceremony. Tammy was happy for me, even if she wasn't the biggest Loki fan.

My hair was tied back and curled. I'm still not sure how that happened, but it did. I was wearing a floor length pale frost giant blue dress with a sweetheart neckline with two shoulder sleeves. There was one slit up to my knee on the left side of the dress. It was the traditional frost giant wedding dress.

I walked out to Loki, who was wearing his Asgardian armor with a few touches, instead of gold and green it was blue and green. He looked very good.

Keeping to tradition, only Tammy, Enchantress and the unpaid servants were there. Last night Loki explained what was going to happen. I would walk to him and lay my left hand on his left hand. Then we were to rap our hands together with the darkest blue silk that I had ever seen. Then we kiss and we were married.

It happened just like he explained and Loki went out and showed our bound hands to the frost giants, we were wed. Now Tammy was going to get my room after I moved into Loki's. I couldn't stop smiling for the rest of the day.



THAT SHOULD BE ME!!! I screamed in my head as my Loki started to rap his hand in the silk and tie it to that b-tch's hand. He looked dashing and she look nice, I have to admit.

I kept a cool and clam exterter as a furious storm raged inside of me. I wanted to go and kill that Luna on stage for how she was manipulating my love. She had no right to be there!!!

Then and there I vowed that I would kill her at the first opportunity. She may be able to escape from mortals, but she will not escape from me! 


*Author's note*

I do not know how frost giants marry or if they even do, so be clear of that. Also, there are a few things that I have changes in this movella. One is that in frost giant form Loki had electricity blue eyes instead of red. This is because he is royal, I say they change even if they actually don't. He still has green eyes when he's in his normal form (not blue). I think that's it and his is the end of this book. I hope you all enjoyed! And sorry for any errors.

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