Frost Giants Among Us

This is all based on the movies of Thor, Avengers, Iron Man, etc. there are going to be some characters from the comics in this and some made up ones,too.

This is about a girl named Luna. She has a normal life and loves it. She's 17 and lives with her mom, dad, and big sister. One day, during a battle, she finds out that she and her sister are adopted. Not only is Luna adopted, but she is also a frost giant that is betrothed to Loki Laufeyson and her sister is Luna's lady-in-waiting. What will happen when S. H. I. E. L. D. finds out? And what will Luna do about her betrothed?

This is in Luna's and Loki's POV along with some tidbits from Enchantress.

Real quick, sorry for any mistakes and as for pail and pale, it keeps changing on me. Sorry!


10. Chapter 10


I came into my room from the library like I had been doing for almost two weeks. Loki met me there sometimes and gave me suggestions on what to read. I asked him once what happened to the man in armor had gone, Loki told me he died on the second night. Most times I just sat there reading.

Tammy was sitting on my bed looking at me with fire in her eyes. On her lap, open, was The Collection Of The Nobles In Recent History. I hadn't known that she was reading it.

"When were you going to tell me," Tammy asked.

Everyone else was sitting on the couch, Alice and Peter were sitting on the love seat, trying to discreetly hold hands. It had been about a week since they started dating. It was sweet. Oh, and I found out Peter was Spider-Man.

"Tell you what," I asked, getting nervous. Was there something I didn't tell them?

"What about your betrothal and who you betrothed is," suggested Loki.

My face paled to a white touched blue. I was getting nervous at that thought. Tammy was reading the same book that told me I was betrothed.

"That you were... BETROTHED TO LOKI!!!" Everyone looked at me as Tammy stood up, shocked, all but Clint that is.

"Your WHAT," screamed Alice.

"Calm down, Alice. We don't want to draw unwanted attention," Jane said.

"She's right," Peter whispered to Alice.

"YOU SHOULD HAVE TOLD US," screamed Tammy.

"Why can she yell," Alice all but yelled.

"Would you want to tell her to shut up," Peter asked her.

I was looking at the floor now. "I kinda forgot," I said truthfully.

"BULL," Tammy yelled.

"You could have told us when you stormed off that day," Clint said. "That is why you left, isn't it?"

I glared at him to shut up.


"How long have you thought I knew," I asked. I mean really.

"A week," Tammy said. I gave her a questioning look. "That's when you stopped reading that thing," she said with a flick of the wrist towards the book. I had read every part of that book almost seven times, committing most of it to memory.

"Why didn't you tell us," Tammy asked in a resigned voice. She sank back down on my bed.

"You would have reacted like this," I told her.

"You didn't have to keep it from us," Alice yelled.

"Yes, I did. You would have had a conniption. It's not like I sneak off to see and talk to him at all hours of the night," I said.

"That's not strictly true," Loki pipped into my head.

"Yes it is, I don't come to you to talk, we just talk," I replied.

He laughed at that and continued listening with out talking.

"Luna, are you sure your okay," Jane asked. "I mean, you aren't going to get depressed about being promised to a man who wants to enslave the entire world, are you?"

I sighed. I had completely forgot that. I didn't want to think about it.

"I won't, Tamyra and Alice would never let me," I said.

Tammy looked up when I said her full name. I very rarely said it and I think the last time I said it, we were having a huge fight over something.

Tammy looked at me. I just looked down in a deep blush that no one saw. I had been talking with Loki too much.

I went and sat on the bed. Then I fell on my back.

"Your not going to talk about how nice I am," Loki asked in a mock hurt voice.

"Of course, and afterwards I'll tell them that we have a telepathic link," I said sarcastically. This got me another laugh. I smiled at it.

"He isn't that bad," I said to no one and very quietly.

"What," Peter asked.

"She said that he wasn't that bad," Clint told him.

"Who," asked Jane.

"Loki most likely," Clint replied with steel in his voice. He still held a deep grudge.

"He hates you," I told Loki.

"Yes," he said.

"How do you know," Tammy asked.

"I have talked to him," I said.

"When," shrieked Alice, shocked.

"I don't know, every once in a while in passing," I said.

"What," Tammy screamed.

"It can hardly be helped. This is his home," I replied.

"Then how come we've never seen him," Alice asked.

I was surprised at that. "Maybe he avoids you guys. Tammy and Clint did try to kill him."

"That's not the reason. They seem to yell a lot," Loki said.

I couldn't help it, I laughed out loud. The others looked at me. "Sorry, I just thought of something funny," I said as I caught my breath.

The group looked at me and stared for a while. I got glares from everyone. "What did you think of," Tammy asked.

"You wouldn't want to know," I replied. She gave me a you'd-better-tell-me-look. "I thought that Loki didn't want to see you because you tried to kill him, but because you are loud."

They glared at me more. "Not big on humor, are they," said Loki.

"They can be so funny, milk comes out of someone's nose, I guess that just aren't in a kidding mood."

"I don't want you alone with him any more," Tammy said. Jane and Alice quickly agreed.

"Does that mean your going to follow me around all day? It's not like we plot when and where we meet up and exchange love notes or anything," I said.

"Yes, either I will or Clint or Alice," she told me.

"What about Jane and Peter," I asked her.

"No, you could send them away." To my surprise Jane agreed. Peter did also, after a look from Alice that is.

"I don't believe this! Just because we talked in passing I'm being babysat," I yelled. "It's not like I've devoted my whole life to him or anything!"

"It doesn't matter, he could hurt you if you refuse to marry him when he says you must," Jane said. Ugh, she was taking their side as if I was some love struck teenager!

"That's a bit hurtful, don't you think," Loki said.

"Not now," I snapped at him. Aloud I yelled "I do not need a babysitter!"

"Yes you do," Tammy yelled back.

I didn't  argue after that, I merely walked out of the room and down the hall. I ignored the shouts of Tammy to come back and no one else could yell at me in public.

I heard footsteps coming and following me. I kept going and turned. I lost whoever was following me at after a few minutes. I decided to go and sit in my favorite thinking place, where I had gone the first time I had stormed off.

I sat in my chair and stared out the window. Loki came in soon after and we sat there in a comfortable silence for a while.

"I'm sorry for causing you trouble," he told me out loud.

"You didn't. I did it to myself. If only I could keep my mouth shut," I said.

"No, you did what you thought was right, Luna."

Loki sat on the arm of my chair and listened to me as I ranted about how unfair it was. Tammy raced in as I said my good-byes to Loki. She burst in as Loki was making for the door.

"Hello, Tamyra. Good-bye Luna," he said formally.

"What was he doing here," she asked me. "What were you doing here," she yelled at Loki.

"Nothing, I through so that I could get somewhere, this is the fastest route," he said. "I do not have to explain myself to you and do not yell at me again."

He left. "We said hello and then good-bye, that's all Tammy," I said. She let it go at that.



It was odd being yelled to explain myself to another. I have not done that since I was not trying to kill Thor.

Tamyra was talking to Luna, not yelling. "You have to understand, I'm just trying to protect you," she said.

"I can take care of myself," Luna replied, irritated. "But, yeah, I understand."

"So you'll let us follow you around?"

"It's not like I have much of a choice."

"No, no you don't."

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