Niall's Gift

My name is Niall Horan. I'm an Irish lad, from Mullingar, a few years back I auditioned for the x factor, Simon Cowell put me, and four other guys into a group together, and we became one direction, we came in third on the x factor, and we're currently working on our third album. I might be just like you. Except from the time I was very young, I knew that I could talk to the dead. Earthbound spirits, my grandfather called them, the ones who have not crossed over yet because they have unfinished business with the living and they come to me for help. To tell you my story, I have to tell you theirs.


1. Niall can what?

A/N: I got this idea from the show Ghost Whisperer, and all ghosts/spirits that will be mentioned throughout  the story are completely made up. 


"You can what…?" Zayn questioned, sitting opposite from me, at a table in a near by coffee shop.

"Shh.. Please don't tell the others!"

"Niall.. Thats insane! You can't talk to the dead! Thats impossible!"

"Zayn. I'm not lying. Ever since I was very young, I've been able to see spirits. It's not like I chose to see them.. It's in my blood. Zayn you have to believe me!"

There was a short pause. I could tell Zayn was trying to think of what to say next. I know I was telling him quite a lot. I know it's kind of creepy and all. But I thought Zayn would be able to handle it. I have kept my gift a secret for way too long. I couldn't keep it bottled up any longer, I had to tell someone. Especially that I'm spending all my time with the boys. It's best that at lease one of them know the truth. I believed I was close enough with Zayn, to be able to trust he wouldn't tell anyone.

"Well.. Are their any ghosts here now?" Zayn finally spoke.

"Spirits Zayn.. Spirits.. saying ghosts kinda freaks me out.."

"But saying spirits doesn't..?"

"It's complicated.. And yeah.. Theres an older woman standing behind the guy with the laptop. I'm guessing it's his mother or something.." I said as I pointed to a guy on the other side of the shop.

"You're bluffing mate. Theres no way you can see spirits! You know you almost had me there for a second." I really thought that there was a chance Zayn would actually believe me.

"No, Zayn.. I'm being serious! Why on earth would I lie about being a freak!"

"Niall.. You're not a freak. You're just a really bad liar."

"Zayn. Trust me.. I'm not lying.. Just please. Try to believe me. And promise me, that you won't mention this to the others. I don't want them to know yet. I will tell them eventually."

"Fine.." Zayn sighed. I could tell that he was really considering believing me.

"So, you actually believe me?"

"Yeah, I guess I do."

"Thanks." I said with a smile.

I was glad, that Zayn said that he'd try to accept my gift. I've only ever told one person before. My ex Girlfriend, Maria. When I told her, she couldn't believe it. She refused to believe it. She broke up with me right after I told her, she said that I wouldn't go anywhere in life, because I was too 'different', and  too 'weird'  for her to be seen with. I haven't seen her since that day.

But now that I'm in One Direction, I hope things will go better for me, and hopefully I'll make it through this whole experience without Harry, Liam, and Louis finding out. I just want to sing, I don't want to deal with spirits asking me for guidance every five minutes. That's why it's best that only Zayn knows.

"So should we get to rehearsal? The boys are going to start wondering where we are?" I let out a sigh.

Zayn nodded as he took one last sip of his coffee, and through it into the waste bin. 

"What if 'spirits' follow us to rehearsal?" Zayn laughed putting emphasis on the word 'spirits'.

"Shut up Zayn." I said as we left the coffee shop, proceeding to rehearsals.

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