Dayvien, Isabel, Victoria, and Sierra are off to college in London and also to make new adventures. What happens when they meet One Direction ? Will one of the boys catch them if they fall? Find out in Irresistible!


22. Yes!!, wait what?!?

The final chapter - 6months later-  so not that much happened over the course of 6 months other than Louis and Eleanor. Zayn and Perrie began dating again. Martty is Zayns best friend Victoria and Harry are well lets just say they are very loud at night (; Isabel and Liam are like the best! As for me and Niall..... Well we are absolutly perfect! Well nof too perfect because perfect is boring. So in a month the boys are going to their Where We Are tour so me and the girls decided to make a special dinner for them. OH! yeah your probably wondering what hapoened with her, well at one of me and nialls date nights she shot a gun towards my chest but, she aimed terribly and shot my arm so now i got this scar on it she also got arrested and stuffs. So back to the present........ Victoria came into the kitchen crying loudly. "Hey whats wrong babe?" El asked. "I-Im pregnet!!" She cried more. "Holy shnizzles you prego!" I said in an excited " o my!" Perrie said. "Harry is going to hate me! " no he isnt Vikky calm down." Isabel said patting her back. "Now we will tell em tonight alright! Now you dee get baking and you guys lets cook!" El said lightening the mood alittle. I started to bake my beautiful cake , which was of all of us on a cake and yeah... Just as the food was about ready me and the girls turned off the stoves and oven covered the food and went uostairs to get ready. We all got done within a hour and we all had dresses and heels on with make up. We went down stairs and set up the food on the table and waited about 20 min until the boys rang the door bell. I ran to the door and said come in blah blah blah, Niall gave me a kiss on the nose hehe ^-^. -Harrys P.O.V.-  "wait guys before we eat we need to tell ya guys something." Victoria said with her voice shaking. "Okay well guys. Harry I-Im pregnet.." she said startin to tear up. I went up to her and smile. "Imma be a father, I live you so much Victoria." I said kissing her. She pulled away and asked "your not mad?" "Of course not!!" And we all sat at the tabel. -Niall's P.O.V.-  Holy sh** Ive never been this nervouse in me life breathe Niall BREATHE!!  -Liams P.O.V.-  AHHH I dont think I can do this ahhh!"!! -Dee's P.O.V.- "Isabel come with me to the kitchen to carry the cake." I said "alright" we both walked to the kitchen. We balanced it into the dinning room and the talking stopped and it was dim. We walked to the table and I noticed Niall wasnt at the table. Neither was Liam. They probably are gunna play a prank on Louis again .-.  - Dee's & Isabel's P.O.V.-  I heard a cough in back of me and me and Dee/Isabel turned and Niall/Liam were on his knee with a tiny box in hand.  Liam first Isabel I love you so much, you are my best friend and the most amazing girlfriend ever! The first time I saw you I fell for those multi coloured eyes quickly. Will you marry me? Nialls  Dee I love you so so much a-and umm.... Damn it I forgot my speech! Umm... Will ya marry me?  Answer : YES!!! I jumped on Liam/ Niall and kissed him. Then I heard a gunshot. -Dee's P.O..V. - I heard a gun shot and a pain through my stomache then someone call my name "DEEE!!!!! WAKKKE UUPPP." i opened my eyes to see Isabel on my stomach "wake up were here!." she said jumping on my stomache. "Where are we?" I asked. "In LA to see 1D duh!" She said. Then it hit me it was all a dream.
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