Dayvien, Isabel, Victoria, and Sierra are off to college in London and also to make new adventures. What happens when they meet One Direction ? Will one of the boys catch them if they fall? Find out in Irresistible!


5. Trip to Nandos

Me and my best friends are currently on our way to London, England!!!!! We origanlly came from Albuquerque, New Mexico. Right now I'm the only one awake and hungry. -.- 

~Few Hours Later~ "Wake Up!" I yelled at Isabel, Victoria, and Sierra. "Ughhhh" they all groaned " Why?" Sierra asked " Because, we arrived in London!" I replied cheerfully. As soon as I said London Victoria and Isabel jumped from their seats. " I can't bieleve  we are now living in here" Victoria said clearly still half asleep. As we got off the plane we wen to pick up our millions and millions of luggage and called a cab. Once the cab came we stuffed our stuff in there and got in, we told the driver to take us to a nice hotel. As we got our room and settled down there was a silence. "So what now?" Isabel asked breaking the silence " We feast" I spoke up, we all busted up in laughter " But, it's 2.A.M." Isabel said. I began to fake cry into my hands " Hey I GOT CHIPS!" Sierra said happily, I charged towards her , took the chips and ate them. " Okay Okay guys lets go to sleep now ." Isabel said very respectfully. "Okay goodnight!" I yelled jummping into my bed. 'Goodnight" the girls said in usion. 
~ Next Morning~ 
I heard people talking and thats when I thought I should probably get up. I looked at the clock on the nightstand and it read "12:33 P.M." "Shoot" I thought to mummerd to myself and I and told the girls that we should go eat out to lunch. I got ready into this: As I walked into the main room I saw the girls in these:,, " We are ready!!" Sierra said very energeticly. And at that moment my tummy growled " Lets go get you some food love." Victoria said. " Since when do you say Love?"  I asked with a chuckle "Since we moved here so as of last night." she replied with her million dollar smile. I headed to the door and yelled " LETS GO EAT!". we soon were out of the building. "Where are we going to eat?" Sierra asked "I Dunno" I replied, as if on cue we turn the corner to see a resturaunt called " Nandos". "Here We Shall Feast!" Isabel said raising her arm as if she was declaring war. "Yes!" I followed with the act. As we walked in we were guided to a booth. The waiter handed us our menus and took our drink orders and of course it was hard because we all said coke which no one know what we were talking about. A few minutes later I hear the host say "Oh yes sir we have been expecting you." "Who could that be?" I questioned myself. I can hear them walking torward where our booth was. I looked back to see who it was and it was One Direction, I turned back around as fast as I could and gave the girls the "look-whos behind me" look. Isabel squinted her eyes and got a huge smile on her face. Sierra looked up and then back to her menu, while Victoria over there started laughing. They walked by us and Harry gave Victoria a wink which of course she gave one back what a flirt. The waiter came over and took our orders. A lot of minutes past then, I looked over at the boys (their table was right next to ours) and I saw Niall looking at me and thats when our food came, he had a suprised face probably it's because, either my hairs messed up or the size of my meal. Minutes passed though it seemed like seconds I was the first one to finish eatting then Sierra and Isabel. Victoria didnt even touch her food because, she was to busy looking at Harry. Once again I found myself looking at Niall; he smiled at me which made me blush which was rare because, I never blush weird o.O anyways I turned away so he wouldnt see. I looked at my empty plate and thats when I saw a figure coming closer on the side of my eyesight, I turned to see Niall " um can I have your n-n-number?" he said looking like he was about to faint. " um Yeah sure" I replied and he seemed relaxed. He handed me his from and I dialed my number and put my contact as "  Dee! ^.". Then I handed him my phone and he put his name as " Baby Penguin " I sightly blushed at the heart. I looked towards Sierra and I saw Louis trying to speak to Sierra but, failed miserably until he yelled "CARROTS!!!", Sierra looked up at him and smirked. I just laughed at the. Then Liam looked like a nervous wreck because, he was "trying" to talk to Isabel, I found it quiet funny actrually. " Soo do you wanna come with us to lazertag?" Niall asked scratching behind his neck. "Yeah sounds awesome!" I said. "Great!' He replied, "Soooo want some dessert?" I asked " What kind?" " Strawberry Cheesecake!" I said very exited "Yeah Ill have some haha." I signaled the waiter, Once she came I said my order and she took off so deliver it. 

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