Dayvien, Isabel, Victoria, and Sierra are off to college in London and also to make new adventures. What happens when they meet One Direction ? Will one of the boys catch them if they fall? Find out in Irresistible!


12. o my carrots

~Mirka's P.O.V~ 
I just got out of the plane and heading torwards Isabel, Dee, Victoria,and Sierra's house yes I know where they live because, Dee told me their address incase I choose to come visit. I looked out of the taxi window and saw the London lights wow! I thought. I must of dozed off because, the driver was waking me up. Once I did I got my stuff and knocked on the door , it was only 8:oo P.M. so they should be awake. I saw the door open and I was instantly being tackled on the floor I growned in pain once I got up and I had been tackled by Dee (she was always so agressive even in basketball). "HI MIRKA!!" she said "Hey Dee" I replied "Come on in." she said waving her hand in the house. "MIRKA!!!" the girls yelled and came and yelled at me. "Oh my carrots we have to take her to meet the boys! tomarrow!" Sierra said. Since when does she say "Oh my carrots?" oh well I thought. "What boys?" I asked Victoria's face fell I'll talk to her later. "One Direction!" Isabel,Sierra, Dee, and Victoria said Oh god they turned Sierra . "Yah" I said "Wait Sierra since when do you like them you used to hate them?"I asked she blushed "well her and Louis are dating for like a month." Isabel said I gasped "you didn't tell me for a month?!?" I said offended. "Well Dee has been dating Niall for 3 months." Sierra said crossing her arms "Expain now Martinez!" I said sternly. "Well I didn't think it was important and the time change and stuff." She said using her hands to talk. I just glared at her. We just sat there catching upalll night until it got 12 and we decided to go to bed but, I wasnt used to the time change so I didnt sleep much. 
~Liam's P.O.V~ 
Me and Isabel are doing great but, I'm scared if I ask her out she'll reject me. My thoughts got interupted by Zayn waling into my room, he hasnt talk to me very much lately. "Hey whats up mate?" I said sitting up from my bed "Look  I really like Isabel and I know you do too but, I WILL get her to be mine got it?" and with that he walked out of my room before I can reply. Now if I ask Isabel I'll lose Zayn as a mate. I felt my phone vibrate and it read: Hey LiLi can we come over tm me and the girls want you guys to meet our best friend Mirka?
I replied: yeah that will be awesome! okay bye see you tm xx (: 
and with that I fell into a deep sleep.

~Dee's P.O.V.~
I woke up and started to get ready and in about 2 hours I was finished: The Doors are one of my favorite bands! and I really like that song people are strange. Anyways I went downstairs to invade the fridge and suprisingly I was the only one awake but, once I was done every one came down the stairs ready in these:, http://www.polyv... shoes: ,, www.polyvore... They ate for what was left and we headed off to the boy's house. Once we were there we just walked in and the boys were wrestling. Sierra coughed and they stopped Niall came to me and pecked me on the nose and Louis took Sierra over his shoulder and threw her on the couch. "Guys this is Mirka." Isabel said pointing to her they all said hi and we started convosations. 

~Isabel's P.O.V~ 
While everyone was talking Liam took me to his room and we just stood there in an akaward silence until he said "willyougoonadatewithme?" It took me some time to understand that but I realized he just asked me out and I replied with a yes. And thats when we walked back to the group.

~Victoria's P.O.V~  
I didn't want to be here not with Harry yes I'm still amd at him for blaming me I mean rally? who does that. I looked up from my hands and Harry gave me a Im- sorry look but I didn't buy it so I rolled my eyes. He walked up to me and led me outside "Let go of me Harry." I snapped "No Victoria you need to listen to what I have to say." Fine." I snapped again gosh why am I actting like this oh yeah because, of him. "Look I'm sorry for blaming you and I truly do love you Victoria." he said "Whatever I'm not dealing with you." I said walking away but, I got pulled and my lips smashed into his I was shocked but relaxed in seconds. "Victoria will you do the honor of being mine?" he said touching his forehead to mine. "Yes." I said. 
~Dee's P.O.V.~ 
"Darlin'!"Niall said "what my lovley baby penguin."Wanna go with me back home so you can meet my mum cause she has been dieing to meet you please?" I froze he wants me to I nodded and I heard my ringtone from the counter and the caller was from home, "Hello?".

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