Dayvien, Isabel, Victoria, and Sierra are off to college in London and also to make new adventures. What happens when they meet One Direction ? Will one of the boys catch them if they fall? Find out in Irresistible!


11. Never

~Victoria's P.O.V.~ It has been 2 months that Harry and Taylor have been "Dating"and me and the girls have started Uni and taking early graduation classes. And just watching Harry and Taylor being all lovable makes me so mad inside but, I keep my cool for Harry's sake but, honestly I'm not buying Taylor's "oh-I'm-your-friend-" act nope not going to take it one bit. Right now I'm at Harry's house(flat) with Taylor. "Victoria can you come with me to the kitchen real quick." Taylor asked "Yeah...I guess" I said walking towards the kitchen. "Listen I now you don't like me." Taylor said "Of course I do!" I replied lieing. "Cut the act Victoria I know and Harry is like in love with you I can tell but, I WILL make sure you guys will never be together I mean I'm more succeful, powerful than you'll ever be and who do you think Harry will choose ME who has millions of money or you who doesn't have any of that." she spat at me I wanted to cry but I kept it all in until I saw Harry in back of Taylor looking madder than ever he had his fisted clunched and turning white. "Get out!" Harry said saying through his teeth "What ?" Taylor said "You heard me ." he said. "I heard what you said to Victoria the girl I LOVE ." he said and I looked at him wide eyed it was true he loved me. "I was just joking honey now lets just go sit and watch tv." she said calmly. "OH I KNOW YOU WERE'NT JOKING TAYLOR WE ARE OVER AND HONESTLY IF I WERE TO CHOOSE I WOULD CHOOSE VICTORIA BECAUSE, SHE IS BETTER THAN YOU'LL EVER BE, YOU'L L ALWAYS JUST BE A B-." Harry got cut off by Taylor slapping him in the face and with that she walked out . I helped Harry cool down but, he just stormed off to his room.
~Harry's P.O.V~ 
I stormed to my room slamming the door what was I thinking Victoria will never love me never ever. Ugh why is my life so frustrating. Victoria  came in "Are you okay?" she asked "No" I snapped "just vent okay?" "NO I WILL NOT "VENT" VICTORIA I JUST BROKE UP WITH TAYLOR AND MANAGMENT WILL BE COMPLANING TO ME ITS ALL YOUR FAULT!!!!" I yelled at her instantly regretting what I had just said. "WELL I'M SORRY THAT YOU FELL IN LOVE WITH ME HARRY AND TO SAY IT ALL MY FAULT WHEN I DID'NT DO ANYTHING BUT, TRY TO BE NICE ALRIGHT!!!!" she yelled back. "JUST GET OUT!!!!" I yelled back "FINE... HARRY DON'T EVER TALK TO ME AGAIN NEVER BECAUSE, NOW I OFFICALY HATE YOU HARRY STYLES!!!!!!" and with that she left the house. I felt heartbroken on what I just did to the girl I love why did I make her hate me. 
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