Dayvien, Isabel, Victoria, and Sierra are off to college in London and also to make new adventures. What happens when they meet One Direction ? Will one of the boys catch them if they fall? Find out in Irresistible!


15. Long Sleep

~Niall's P.O.V.~

"DEE!!!!!!!!!!!" I yelled out catching up to her because a car was coming her way but, then she stopped in the middle of the road. I called her name once, again and she turned around and that's when the car hit her I rushed to her side. She was full of blood and I told the driver to call 911. "N-n-Niall i-if I d-d-on't make it I w-w-want you-u to k-know I l-l-love y-ou." she said gaining her breath "I love you too Dayvien! please stay with me please I want to spend the rest of my life with you just please don't leave me." I said starting to cry please don't leave. "shhh N-niall I won't leave you I will always be in your heart." she said wiping my tear and pointing to my heart. I cried more "I love you Ilove you so so much!" I said finally the ambulance arrived and took her away in a bed. "Please let me come with her." I told the guy. "Whats your relation?" he asked "I'm her boyfriend just please. He nodded. I went inside and held Dee's hand while, they were putting a breathing mask on her. I dialed Liam's number and it started to ring.

~Liam's P.O.V.~ 
I was on my way to go get Isabel so we could go on our first date!! I was so nervous I really wanted to impress her and amaze her. Until I heard my phone ring "I'm a barbie girl in a barbie world li-" Louis I goaned. "Whats up Niall?" I asked "D-dee got hit by a-a-a c-car I need you guys and the girls to come to the hospital." He said crying into the phone. "Kay we will be right there mate bye." "Bye". I hit the petal to rush to the girl's house. Once I got there I ran inside "What the heck Liam?!?! whats going on?!?!" Sierra of course yelled at me "Dee got hit by a car we NEED to go to the hospital NOW!!!!" I said to her, Isabel, and Victoria. "What?!?!" Isabel said tears already starting to form "Just get in the car ." I said we all ran to the car. And I started calling the others. They said that they were going to meet us at the hospital. The girls are crying in te back honestly I wanna cry too but, I wanna be strong for Isabel. We arrived at the hospital and we rushed through the doors "Hey um.. I need to see Dayvien Martinez?" I said to the lady "I'm sorry sir she's not ready for visitors just yet you'll have to wait in the room." she said to me I nodded and walked into the waiting room. I saw Niall and he look like a wreck. "What happened mate?" I asked "She was dancing then singing then the car came.." he said really sadly. 

~Niall's P.O.V.~
I sat in the waiting room praying to god my princess is okay. I'm happy that the boys and the girls came. I haven't stopped crying since she got hit. The doctor finally came in I literally jumped out of my seat. "Okay who's here for Dayvien Martinez?" the doctor asked we rose our hands like we were in school. "Oh wow then I have good and some bad." He said my face fell. "Okay the bad news first." Sierra said. "Okay well the bad news is that she is in a coma." he said "no" I whispered. 

~Isabel's P.O.V~
I was sobbing dry tears in the waiting room when the doctor said the news. This would have never happened if Niall wouldnt have went after her or cheated on her. I got up from my chair walking towards Niall " YOU STUIPED A** IF YOU WOUNLD HAVE NOT CHEATED OR WENT AFTER DEE SHE WOULDNT BE HERE SO THEREFORE ITS ALL YOU'R FAULT I HOPE SHE NEVER FORGIVES YOU FOR WHAT YOU HAVE DONE!!!" I yelled at him he started to cry more I was going to say some more but the girls held me back and told me to shut up. I got up and  went to find the doctor , once I found him I tapped him his shoulder "Yes may I help you ?" He asked "Yes um.. when can I see Dayvien?" I said pointing to her room. "You can see her in about 30 minutes when visiting hours start." " Okay thank you." I said and returned to the
 group. I started to feel bad about what I had said to Niall earlier I know he loves her and she loves him. "Good news we can see her in 30 minutes." I said cheerfully "Thank god I was starting to think that the walls were caving in on us." Sierra said relived "Right with you babe!" Louis replied and kissed her nose. I saw Niall still crying and repeating to himself "Its all my fault", I walked over to him "No its not." he looked up at me "What?" He said his voice cracking. "Its not fault Niall Im sorry for what I said Its not your fault." I said "Its okay Isabel." He replied. I loooked at my phone 5 more min. For those 5 minutes there was a really long silence. Liam got up and said it was time and we all bunched up and went to Dee's room. Niall quickly went to her side and held her hand.

~Dee's P.O.V~

I heard voices of Sierra and Louis? I think Im not sure all I know is that I wanna open my eyes and move. I tried to open my eyes why cant I open them .. I tried again Ugh why can't I open my two eyes. Lets move my limbs I tried moving my hand ugh!. Then suddenly all I could see is darkness then, a dream came along ... I was trying to make out what was going on but, then I realized it wasnt a dream it was the memorie of me getting hit. Once I saw the car I yelled at myself to move but, I didn't. Niall was there telling me not to leave and crying. This broke my heart to peices I soon started to cry myself. Then all the sudden it changed to Isabel yelling at Niall telling him it all his fault. Wait I don't remember this Then it change again to all of the group in a hospital room and me on the bed with Niall holding my hand. I heard him whispering into my ear "I love you so much please wake up." Then it changed and now its all black.  

~ 2 weeks later~
~Niall's P.O.V.~

Dee still hasnt woken up, I havent left this room since two weeks ago, of course I took showers but, I haven't left. "I know I've said this alot but, I want to hear your laugh, see your smile, hold your hand , and most of all kiss you please please wake up."

~Dee's P.O.V.~ 

I heard Niall say all that stuff, I want to wake up but, I don't know. I'm going to try again .. I moved my hand torwards Niall's hand I did it yes!. Now just to open these eyes, I used all my heart to do it for Niall and soon enough I saw a bright light and white walls, my vision started to even out. I turned my head to see Niall's eyes meet mine. "Dee I missed you so much!" He exclaimed and covered me in his kisses. I missed you to my fat penguin. As if on cue the whole group came in and attacked me. "Oww!" I said "Sorry Dee." Sierra said "Wheres Mirka?" I asked "She had to go back home for studies and to see her boyfriend." Victoria said. "Boyfriend?" I asked "Yeah she wanted to tell all of us" Victoria replied "Ohh well when do I get outta here?" I said "Let me go ask." Louis said and walked out we only waited a few seconds until he came back with a smile on his face. "The doctor said you can leave as soon as possible." He said exitedly."yess finally I get to leave!" I said taking all the stuff off of me until I got to my IV, a nurse came to take it out. Once I was all done Isabel brought me these clothes:

then we finally went home.

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