Dayvien, Isabel, Victoria, and Sierra are off to college in London and also to make new adventures. What happens when they meet One Direction ? Will one of the boys catch them if they fall? Find out in Irresistible!


20. leave.

~Isabel's P.O.V.~ Louis got home last week and now the boys are getting ready for there tour in  about  2 months so they are pretty occupied while me, Dee, Victoria, and Sierra are at school which BTW ends in a month. Weird right? well we all got a 6 month school scholarship which means whatever major we are in we will complete a full degree in 6 months! so yeah that's pretty awesome. But, Sierra has been bugging me so much lately, whenever she says something rude to me I freaking tell her something back. Whenever she tells Dee something I get to freaking angry at her and tell her to stop because I know that Dee is just to nice to say anything. Sierra hasn't said  anything to Victoria so I guess that's good. I dunno I just cant deal with her anymore! and she doesn't act like this when the boys are around ..... weird. I sat in  my room just thinking about things and what has happened recently. Martty has been texting Zayn alot since she had left and got a phone I mean they are just friends right? I cant be jealous because, I got Liam who is an amazing boyfriend! its just like I said before that I got a soft spot for Zayn. I should just shut up already. I heard the door slam "UGH!" I heard someone yell, I turned around to see Dee with tears. " Dee! what wrong?"I asked  Dee: Sierra! s-s-she said that Niall doesn't love me and only wants me because he feels bad for me. she cried even more Me: what the heck is wrong with her?! I yelled He does love you Dee trust me you can see it in his eyes whenever he looks at you. Dee: Really?  thank you Isabel but, I just cant believe how mean she has gotten lately I'm sick of her! Me: Me too Dee, me too.  Me: Dee why are you still crying? Dee: Because, the thought of Niall never loving me back as much as I love him breaks me to pieces. Me: shh its okay he loves you okay? and good news is that hes gunna be here in an hour! Dee: haha thank you Isabel hey wheres Victoria? Me:  She went and took Loki for a walk. Dee: ohhhh Me: yeah well I got to go talk to Sierra and get her straight. and with that I went out of the room. and went down stairs into the living room where Sierra was watching Duck Dynasty.  Me: HEY! I stood in front of the tv. Sierra: What the heck I'm watching that! Me: So you can watch it later! Sierra: Whats your problem anyways she said rolling her eyes. Me: Whats my problem?! my problem is that you made Dee cry because you told her a lie!!! Sierra: Pshh whatever shes just being a crybaby I was kidding.  Me: and you call telling your BEST FRIEND that the love of her life doesn't love her back a joke? what if I told you Louis doesn't love you huh? Sierra: Well go ahead! its not like I love him! Me: I stood there stunned at what she just said. I thought she really liked him but I guess not... "Leave" I said calmly Sierra: Excuse me?  unknown: SHE SAID LEAVE!!! Me:  and a bag got thrown at her I turned around to see and angry Dee? Sierra: Who do you think you are huh? telling me what to do! Dee: I'm Dayvien Martinez that who and I'm telling you to get out of my house!  And with that Dee jumped on Sierra and started to beat her. "What is going on here?" I heard someone say it was Niall. in a few seconds Niall and Louis pulled Dee and Sierra away from each other.  Dee: I said leave my house!! Sierra: This isn't your house! Dee: wrong! it is not your house ANYMORE so get out!! and with that Sierra got out of Louis grip grabed the bag went to her room and in like a minute she came out. Dee glared at her.  Louis: babe please don't leave babe I love you. Sierra: well I certainly dont love you so let me go. and she slammed the door. ~Louis P.O.V.~ she doesn't love me. she doesn't love me. she doesn't love me that's all that kept playing through my head. I felt my eyes fill with tears I ran to the bathroom. I cryed and cryed. I cant believe she doesn't love me...
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