Dayvien, Isabel, Victoria, and Sierra are off to college in London and also to make new adventures. What happens when they meet One Direction ? Will one of the boys catch them if they fall? Find out in Irresistible!


10. Heart breakers

~Victoria P.O.V.~

I'm really happy for Dee and Niall even though I had to get Niall to get the guts and ask Dee out on a date. But, Harry is still going out with that stupid Andrea. I thought to myself while sitting on the couch alone in the house because, the other girls were hungry. I heard banging on the door I slowly got up afraid it was a murder so I grabbed an umbrella and kept walking to the door while the banging was still going. "Oi Victoria open up please." I heard a husky voice instantly I knew it was Harry but, it sounded like he was crying? I opened the door and Harry had big red puffy eyes and tear stains. "Whats wrong?' I said pulling him into a hug. "Andrea broke up with me and as management heared it  they told me it would be a good idea to date Taylor Swift because we are both A list celebrities and bring more publicity to One Direction." He explained still sobbing my heart felt like it was being stabbed. " I'm sorry Harry I wish I can make it better." I said trying to calm his breathing down. We sat there and talked for what seemed like hours, Until Harry got a call from.. Andrea Harry put it on speaker  "What do you want!?" he snapped "Well I was thinking that I want you back.' she said I chuckled a bit and they started to fight so I went into the kitchen and made my self a sandwich "Harry do you want a sandwich?!" I yelled but realized it was a mistake because Andrea started going off on him and hung up. Soon there was banging on the door (yes she knew where we lived because she came with Harry). I opened it and I felt a pain in my mouth and tasted blood and that's when I got up and punched her straight up in the nose and tackled her and started to throw punches at her face and soon she was unconscious I won. We left her there until she woke up and made her leave. Harry soon had to leave to go on a "date" with Taylor. 

~Isabel's P.O.V~
I have been having a blast with Liam he is just so sweet easy to talk to and so outgoing. I wait for him to make the first move wait.. Isabel what are you thinking?!? he probably still has feelings for Danielle still. At that thought I knew I had no chance.

~Sierra's P.O.V~
I was still full from when we ate and suddenly I heard footsteps running up the stairs and whoosh my door swung open "what?! the hecks wrong with you??!" I yelled annoyed and looked to see who disrupted me and it was Louis. "ME YOU DINNER TONIGHT 7:30!?" he asked "Yeahh... sure" and with that he left out the door. What the heck I thought. Then other footsteps came into the room and I saw that it was the girls "We heard and here to get you ready because, you only have 2 hours." Dee said breathless taking a puff of her inhaler. they went through my drawers and closet and did my make up and everything and within 2 hours I looked like this: I was amazed on how good they were at this stuff. I walked down the stairs and saw Louis in this:  wow I thought he looked so handsome. He took my hand and we skipped out the door and walked to the park where he led me to this:   was  so surprised It looked so so beautiful. And this was going to be a night to remember

A/N:No hate on Taylor Swift just part of the story. bye! stay strong and beautiful

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