Dayvien, Isabel, Victoria, and Sierra are off to college in London and also to make new adventures. What happens when they meet One Direction ? Will one of the boys catch them if they fall? Find out in Irresistible!


9. Guts

~Dee's P.O.V.~ 
It's been a month since we met One Direction and me and Niall have not stop texting. I want to tell him I like him but I don't know if he will feel the same way. 
Buzz Buzz my phone buzzed notifying me that I had a new message
 To: Dee ^. From: Baby Penguin
Wanna hang out with me today? xx(:

To:Baby Penguin 
yeah of course! see you in and hour? (:

To: Dee^. From: Baby Penguin  
okay see you then bye! 

And with that I quickly jumped into the shower (Did I mention we got a house.. no well we did) and dressed into and got ready in 45 minutes and so I decided to tell the girls I was going to Niall's to hang out with him. "Hey guys... I'm going to Niall's so yeah..." I trailed off "Ooh going to Niallers are we?"Sierra said devilishly  "we? um no me haha yeah I'm going to hang out with him why?" I asked "Nothing special just you guys have been hanging and texting alot this past month." Isabel said "Well you shouldn't be talking 'cause you have been the same thing but, with Liam." I said crossing my arms and she just blushed and before Sierra can say anything I simply said " you Sierra and Louis would make a great couple and Victoria how are you holding up on Harry?" Sierra started protesting "NO! Jimmy protested" she said I looked at her wide eyed she said a quote from the factor video diaries. "Anyways Victoria?" I asked  " Eh I just wish Harry would notice that I'd be a way better girlfriend that that snobby son of a b-." I cut her off by saying "Language and I'm sorry if I were cupid I would shoot an arrow and make you guys a couple." "thanks" she half smiled " Well gots to go bye!" Bye!" they all replied. On my ride to Niall's I was singing Little Things because, I just can relate to it. Anyways I called Niall to let him know I was outside and when I pulled up he was standing there smiling. "Hey!" I ran up to him and gave him a hug "I haven't seen you in soo long." I said still hugging him "Oi Dee I missed you too even though its been a day since we saw each other." he said clearly out of breath "True." I replied. Most of the time me and Niall just ate and played 21 questions. It was 12:13 A.M. and we were watching the seed of chucky I love watching scary movies. My eyes became droopy " Tired love?" Niall asked I just nodded " you can sleep here if you like?" "Okay I said laying next to him buring my face into his chest.
~Next Morning~

I woke up on a bed and that's when I remembered I slept over Niall's last night. I turned to my side and it was empty wheres Niall? I thought then, I saw a note on his guitar:  Dear Dee, 
         By the time you wake up I'll be gone but, I want you to dress fancy tonight because, I have a sup rise for you (: oh yeah be ready by 6:00. Sincerely, Niall xx 
  it was 2:34 and so I thought I should just watch TV to kill time after about an hour  of TV I drifted off too a deep dreamless sleep. I woke up in a panic thinking I missed 6:00 but, I looked at my phone and it said 4:25. I went to my car to go get ready. Once I arrived at my house and literally jumped out and took a shower and got dressed and did my hair like this: I cant get contacts because, my insurance can't cover them so I have to wear my glasses. The girls came home from seemed like eatting (son of a guns ate without me). "Hey Dee how come you didn't come home last night huh?" Isabel said wiggling her eyebrows seriously she has been hanging out with Liam too much. "It was late and I got sleepy and so Niall offered for me to stay." I said. "Why are dressed so Que fancy?" Sierra asked "Because, Niall told me that he has a surprise for me later and to dress fancy." I explained again. "Oh yeah I remember Niall told us." Victoria said "Ohh cool." I just stood there awkwardly. I looked at the time and it read : 5:58. And at that time I heard a honk and I looked outside and saw this :
I was so strucked and Niall came out looking like
He walked up to me "Dee will you go on a date with me?"
He asked "Of course I would." I replied looking into his unforgettable eyes. He led me into the limo and inside looked like this: wow Niall you didn't have to  do all of this" I said amazed " Of course I did"  It was a short ride to the restaurant and as soon as we got out I looked up to see we were at Nandos. We went inside and no one was there except there was a single table in the middle set up so nicely "Here you are Love." Niall broke the silence and my heart fluttered when he said my name. We ate a lot I should add. "Your probably wondering why I brought you here huh?" he asked "mmm Kinda" responding truly "Well I brought  you here because, this is were we first met and this is were I ask you will you be my girlfriend?" he asked nervously "Yes!" I said so happy he finally asked and then thats when he took me to a studio and he sang to me truly,madly, deeply. I was on the edge of tears when he finished. "Did you like it? " "No I loved it !!" "Great" he aid "Can I sing a song?" I asked " Of Course Darlin'." He replied and with that I went in there and sang skyscraper by Demi Lovato When I finished Niall's mouth dropped "Close your mouth flies with get in there." I said into the mic."You were incredible!!" he said I simply blushed "thanks". "What else can you do?" Niall asked " I can dance, play piano and guitar, and play basketball." I said "But, you will never see me dance you hear?" I pointed at him "Why?" He whined "Because, I dont want you to." and with that we left to go back to the house "Thank you Niall that was amaZAYN!" "Well then goodnight Darlin'." "Goodnight Nialler." and with that I experienced my first kiss and I felt it all fireworks and bombs going off.  Bye!! See you laterz!!! stay strong and beautiful always & forever 
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