Dayvien, Isabel, Victoria, and Sierra are off to college in London and also to make new adventures. What happens when they meet One Direction ? Will one of the boys catch them if they fall? Find out in Irresistible!


8. Carrots, Phone Calls, Jealousy OH! my

~Sierra's P.O.V.~  "CARROTS!!" This dude wearing a jumper yelled out, I just smirked pretending not to care. " Oh yeah BTW my name is Louis Tomlinson." He said saying BTW in a very girlie tone , then winked at me and kissing my hand. "Well my name is Hernandez, Sierra Hernandez." I said trying to imitate James Bond. "Good imitation and a beautiful name for a beautiful girl." He said "Whoa we got a flirt over here!" I yelled out pointing to Louis. "Hey I am not a flirt I just picked those lines from movies duh." He stated and made a silly face. "Well then Mr. Tomlinson two can play at that game." I said making a even funnier face. "Wow! I think I just got beat and its even worse is that I was beat by a girl!" Louis said astonished. And with that I busted out laughing (I misunderstood these guys so much). " So Ms. Hernandez would you like to go Lazar Quest with me today?" Louis asked going down onto one knee as if he was proposing. "Why yes I would love to go to Lazar Quest." I said putting my hand to my heart following the act. "Hey do you think he looks mad?" Louis asked pointing to a guy with black hair and a varsity jacket. "Yeah he looks either really miserable or heartbroken. Why? " I said " Because, hes one of my best mates eh I'll talk to him later... I did't realized till now that you have a American accent." He said "Mum thanks I guess." I said sounding pretty awkward. I never really liked One Direction just 'cause people ruined it for me but, clearly I should have given them at least a chance and better yet I think I might like Louis but, the others must not know or they'll be all "I told you that you would like one of them.". 
~Louis P.O.V.~
why the he'll did I just yell carrots ?! I dont even like them.
~Victoria's P.O.V~

I looked at plate of food and decided to eat some. A few seconds past and I hear "El lo!" in a husky voice , I turned around and saw Harry "Hi!" I replied trying not to fan-girl. I heard his phone ring "Do you mind?" He asked politely pointing to his still ringing phone
" Not at all " I said with a smile. He picked up the phone: "Hey babe." He said clearly sounding annoyed. When I heard him say babe my heart shattered into a million pieces. Because, now I'll never have a chance with him. "I can't babe I'm with a friend." "Yeah I know we haven't been hanging out much maybe I'll take you shopping later?" " Better yet I'll buy you that purse you have been asking me to buy." I can hear her voice on the other end say YESS!! what do you think "Okay babe .. Bye.". He hung up the phone ; He looked like his life had been sucked out of him just by that one phone call. "Are you okay?" I asked " Yeah I'm fine." he said faking a smile, I knew those words "I'm fine" Dee used to say that all the time back in high school because, a guy broke her heart. "Liar" I said blankly. "What?" He asked " Your a liar saying I'm fine but, that's a lie that everyone tells so please whats wrong." I finished all in one breath. "I wish she would see me for me not just Harry Styles from One Direction." He said sounding frustrated. "Shh it's okay." I cooed him pulling him into a hug. "Why are you doing this?" He asked pulling away and making look into his beautiful eyes. "Because, Harry I think of you as a friend and I care for my friends.oh and by the way I'm Victoria. " I said with a smile but, soon faded realizing I just friend zoned him I'm so stupid. 

~Niall's P.OV.~ 

I ate cheesecake with Dee and might add she has a HUGE appetite. "Do you want some coke?" She asked , I looked at her wide eyed thinking she has drugs. She saw my expression and spoke out rather quickly " Oh no no no! not drugs! I mean like do you want some of my sprite." "OH no thank you... Why do you call soda coke?" I asked " Well back in New Mexico everyone calls soda coke." she said using air quotes when she said soda. "So do you want to go now?" I asked " yeah lets go." she said getting up "Oh wait lets me go to get the boys and you get your friends." I said " Kay." she said skipping towards a girl with curly hair talking to Harry. I went to Zayn and I saw that he was mad.. weird. "Hey mate whats wrong?" I asked " Liam and that girl hes with and I know I haven't met her but, I do fancy her already." He said his voice getting louder off of anger. "oh I see wait what about Perri and you?" I asked confused " She broke up with me this morning." He said his voice sounding more soft. "I'm sorry.' I aid sympathetically. "Its fine' "Alright well we are heading to Lazar Quest wanna come?" I asked "yeah why not." he got up. Soon we all got together and walked to our destination. I walked by Dee and brushed my hand next to hers .. I really wanted to hold her hand but, I knew she wouldn't fancy me back. "Is Dee your real name?"  I asked "No its just my nickname my real name is Dayvien Martinez but, people just call me either Dee or Lou.' She said smiling "Who called me?" Louis asked. "No one Louis .. Lou is Dee's nickname too.' I said to him pointing to Dee "Oh my sweet carrots my mini me!!" He yelled and went up to Dee and hugged her. I just laughed and nodded my head. We are going to have the summer of our lives I thought.  Bye!! See you laterz!!! stay strong and beautiful always & forever 
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